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Random Start: Denali - “Do Something”

I was listening to a glös track yesterday thinking what a shame it was that Maura and Keeley Davis, to the best of my knowledge, aren’t creating anything musically at the moment.

Random Start

Random Start: Criteria - “The Coincidence”

The internet suggested Criteria because I’m an Engine Down fan. Criteria’s alright, but it’s no Engine Down.

Random Start

a hardcore friday the 13th @ the gilman!

so its been a few weeks since this show, but I wanted to make sure to post a review, so better late than never! It had been quite some time since I had made it out to a show, & even longer since I had been to a good old fashioned hardcore punk show, & it felt great! 821 more words

:beast in peace

home to the holidays.

time to turn off  engines & decide
to trust you have exactly what you need,
that you’ve cut enough wood for the winter. 103 more words



it’s hard talking about love. people always talk about how they can’t define it, it’s a noble feat to live your life trying to. i want to be well-respected & loved. 196 more words



i will be attending the performance of sabertooth zombie @ thee parkside. show starts @ 8pm & costs $8, a/a bar with id. this will rock. 194 more words