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Burnout Video Clips

Not nearly as eventful as one would hope.  Here’s two clips of two weak burnouts. The car definitely needs some tuning. Filmed by James Cho.


Chevy Nova Photoshoot with James Cho

My good friend James Cho recently came to visit for the afternoon. During his visit we took a joyride and he got some photos of my 1973 Chevy Nova around Richmond, VA.


What happens if you forget to change oil?

Most common oil change consists of removing the old lube from a vehicle’s engine and replacing it with well known, right type, new, fresh and highest quality oil only. 341 more words


LensDirt gives a realistic camera posteffect and is a nice and easy improvement to your scene.

How to…

  • calculate dot between Lightdirection and Viewdirection
  • saturate and sharpen the dot…
  • 96 more words

Transmission Components delhi india

Components of aTransmission

Torque Converter: This is a hydraulic fluid which helps in connecting the engine to the transmission. This helps the transmission  components to use the fluid which is produced by the torque. 226 more words


Transmission, Gears and Shafts India

Automatic Transmissions: How it works?

If you used to drive a car, you might be surely knowing that there are two types of transmissions in a vehicle i.e. 254 more words


Going on holidays to the USA is cheaper than paying freight (AKA, why I brought half an engine back from America in my luggage)

Living in Australia can be beaut, for around 10,421 reasons. However, it sucks The Big One when it comes to having to ship everything across the Pacific Ocean, because that is damn expensive. 697 more words