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Stronger hearts make women outlive men India

Men have shorter lives than women because they are

more prone to heart disease, claims a new study that found
significant differences in life expectancies between the sexes… 322 more words


Proposed law set to allow abortion up to 24 weeks

Fresh fears about risks to women’s health by allowing Ayush doctors to conduct abortion and ambiguity on the proposed extension of gestation period may force the government to keep the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) amendment bill out of Parliament in the upcoming monsoon session. 498 more words


Now, make sense of your dog’s woof

North Carolina State University scientists have developed a technology designed to improve communication between dogs and humans.

A joint project between the computer science and electrical and computer engineering departments and the College of Veterinary Medicine has developed the technology designed to improve communication between dogs and humans. 520 more words

Story of an Indian who switched his Engineering career to become a Football Coach

All of us were born to dream big. Although this is true, most of us have given up on our dreams and are now living someone else’s dreams. 799 more words


A New Way to Look at MOFs

An international collaboration of scientists led by Omar Yaghi, a renowned chemist with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), has developed a technique they dubbed “gas adsorption crystallography” that provides a new way to study the process by which metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) – 3D crystals with extraordinarily large internal surface areas – are able to store immense volumes of gases such a carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane. 674 more words


Cellular mechanism for transporting calcium in the formation of dental enamel cells

A team of researchers led by Rodrigo Lacruz, MSc, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology at NYU College of Dentistry, … 740 more words