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Prince's Trust: Day 16 (Wednesday 19th April 2017)

Hey everybody!

It’s a very short blog post from me today.

This morning we were doing folder work. I’m not going to go into detail about that because I don’t want to bore you. 141 more words


Working with Engineers

I worked in the Engineering Writing Center (EWC) at Utah State University (USU). The EWC had just opened, and there was a bit of a learning curve, both for the Writing Consultants and the students. 400 more words


a modern ratrace

As I’m writing this I am strikingly connected. I’m obviously writing online (who the hell still writes locally only to publish later?), while 8tracks is blaring some random platinum playlist through the TV all while I am still casually drifting off to Facebook or Instagram on my mobile. 677 more words


Life among the code people: js

jay giron

little bird sang in my ear this morning:

“`talk to any every mofo out there, get better at talk the talk, get the gig, then worry about the walk the walk :grinning:“` 158 more words


My First Blog Post

To all my readers (currently zero), I apologize for the quality of the posts. I am an engineering major, not an english major. I think this post is supposed to be the about me post and the introduction to the blog post. 434 more words