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girl crush: montana lower

she’s an engineer and model, spreads art and love, and so much more; making her our girl crush. 1,101 more words


Babies can learn that hard work pays off

A new study from MIT reveals that babies as young as 15 months can learn to follow this advice. The researchers found that babies who watched an adult struggle at two different tasks before succeeding tried harder at their own difficult task, compared to babies who saw an adult succeed effortlessly. 761 more words

Solving the Easter Island population puzzle

Easter Island, known as Rapa Nui by its inhabitants, has been surrounded in mystery ever since the Europeans first landed in 1722. Early visitors estimated a population of just 1,500-3,000, which seemed at odds with the nearly nine hundred giant statues dotted around the Island. 517 more words

Discovering design fundamentals in Jim Krause's "Lessons in typography" book cover

Designer: Jim Krause

Lessons in Typography: Must-know typographic principles presented …

A book about design fundamentals, and identifying and using typefaces.


In his graphic, Krause uses the colors blue and orange to contrast and grab the readers attention. 492 more words

Tea Time with Stephen Robb

Stephen Robb of Robb Props and Cosplay is known for his impressively complex builds. Using a variety of materials and skill sets, he has pulled your sci-fi and fantasy favorites into reality. 736 more words


Pankaj Saharia : Three Reasons to Consider Structural Engineering as a Care

Pankaj Saharia knows that a career in structural engineering is rewarding for a variety of reasons. With a focus on creating safe and sustainable structures, it’s important that those considering the field are devoted to long-lasting impact, considering the following benefits. 24 more words

Project Manager

Information Creates Innovation

After few weeks, I have learnt about the interaction between human and information.  69 more words