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@MavTonesProductions producer Antone "DVM" Amalbert aka 'Tone' gives you something to listen to "In Between" time!!

We know that most of our fans wanted more from “The Renaissance, Vol. 1”. But remember it was just Vol. 1!!

As we continue to work on our next volume of great production, Antone aka ‘Tone’ has decided to release a small taste of what’s to come. 43 more words


The Final Station - First Impressions

I started my playthrough of The Final Station last night. So far, I’m intrigued. Beyond some text size issues on the PS4, the core gameplay loop is most excellent. 69 more words


Stock Training!!!

I think I’ve been here for 3 weeks but I’m not sure haha the time is flying. So yesterday I had Stock Training. Basically if you have ever worked retail you understand that a big part of stock is keeping enough product on the shelves. 160 more words

Dogs understand both vocabulary and intonation of human speech

Dogs have the ability to distinguish vocabulary words and the intonation of human speech through brain regions similar to those that humans use, a new study reports. 304 more words

Fair or unfair? Facial cues influence how social exclusion is judged

People are often excluded from social groups. As researchers from the University of Basel report,  whether uninvolved observers find this acceptable or not may depend on the facial appearances of those excluded. 462 more words

New research reveals cancers need a 'perfect storm' of conditions to develop

Scientists have demonstrated for the first time the ‘perfect storm’ of conditions that cells need to start forming cancer, helping to explain why some organs are more susceptible to developing the disease. 478 more words

Milky Way had a blowout bash 6 million years ago

The center of the Milky Way galaxy is currently a quiet place where a supermassive black hole slumbers, only occasionally slurping small sips of hydrogen gas. 515 more words