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Universidade Positivo e Universidade de Pisa

Na semana passada (29/06/15 à 03/07/15) o professor Glavio Paura coordenador do Curso de Engenharia de Produção da Universidade Positivo esteve representando as Engenharias da Universidade Positivo em visita a Universidade de Pisa na Itália. 288 more words


Emotional brains physically different from rational ones

 Researchers have found physical differences in the brains of people who respond emotionally to others’ feelings, compared to those who respond more rationally.

The study looked at whether people who have more brain cells in certain areas of the brain are better at different types of empathy. 268 more words


Style tips to beat monsoon woes

Don’t let the rainy season affect your desire to be stylish and fabulous. Opt for short dresses in light fabrics in bright colours to beat monsoon woes, says an expert.  236 more words

A team of researchers has found that young adults who eat more fermented foods have fewer social anxiety symptoms.

University of Maryland study found a link between pickled foods and social anxiety, noting that those that regularly ate pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut and more were found to have reduced “neuroticism,” the Independent reported. 55 more words


Facebook generation happier than teens a decade ago: Study

Young people are happier and healthier than their counterparts a decade ago as the so-called ‘Facebook generation’ is more physically active and less likely to drink or be bullied, according to a new study. 573 more words


Apple Pay vs Android Pay vs Samsung Pay vs PayPal

Big tech companies are competing to help you pay for a store purchase with your phone. Here are some options:Apple Pay  How it works: 485 more words


New Spread: Wrench in the Works

Once again, it is time for a new spread. Starting tomorrow with deal 321, we will look for the wrench in the works.

The Wrench in the Works Spread uses three cards from the whole deck, shuffled both ends up. 174 more words