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Apple's Secretive Car Project Reportedly Gets Top Engineer From Other Signature Products

CUPERTINO (KCBS) — Apple has reportedly put a new executive in charge of its automotive project who had a hand in the development of a number of signature Apple products, from the iMac to the MacBook Air to the iPad. 60 more words


My First WordPress Post...

Hi Readers of Internet Posts (RoIP’s),

It is me, Paul. I am one of those humans who has an enate interested and a kindling desire to one day break the shackles of my normality and go out into the world and live life for myself (at least financially). 246 more words


Career in small towns.....

Competition is universal and so is race to become a topper. But small towns have some unique issues except more electricity cuts than supply, unrepaired roads and dehydrated pots. 415 more words

Engineer finds a huge physics discovery in da Vinci's 'irrelevant scribbles'


I love this article. It suports the idea that knowledge is holistic and not compartmentalised into individual subjects. A scientist may be a gifted musician, a mathematician may have strong artistic talent, a cook may be a great philosopher. 59 more words

Ancient feces provides earliest evidence of infectious disease being carried on Silk Road

An ancient latrine near a desert in north-western China has revealed the first archaeological evidence that travellers along the Silk Road were responsible for the spread of infectious diseases along huge distances of the route 2,000 years ago. 560 more words


How humans and wild birds collaborate to get precious resources of honey and wax

By following honeyguides, a species of bird, people in Africa are able to locate bees’ nests to harvest honey. Research now reveals that humans use special calls to solicit the help of honeyguides and that honeyguides actively recruit appropriate human partners. 1,228 more words