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In ten years...

In ten years I want to have gotten my bachelor’s degree in architecture or some type of engineering. I want to have a job as an architect or as an engineer at John Deere. 14 more words

Mr. McKay's Class



It is my second time to join the softball team in our community. The experienced was really amazing. Meeting new people and be able to get some exercise is my reason why I joined the league. 6 more words


Engineer Your Life

I’m feeling a little drained and dry recently. I just can’t get motivated for anything. Work has been hectic. I’m making my final push toward an October graduation. 222 more words


The Legacy of Eratosthenes

There’s always a tendency to discredit knowledge and geniuses from the past.  We have access to an abundance of scientific information and data today, and it’s very easy to pass judgment.  468 more words


Blood-repellent materials: A new approach to medical implants

Medical implants like stents, catheters and tubing introduce risk for blood clotting and infection — a perpetual problem for many patients. Colorado State University engineers offer a potential solution: A specially grown, “superhemophobic” titanium surface that’s extremely repellent to blood. 389 more words

Some Nice Words by Jenya Doudareva

“Something’s happened”
I overheard

As I noted the people were rushing away
Trying not to look nervous (were they instructed?)
Trying to move delicately and politely, 181 more words