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From both a symbolic and a functional standpoint it's a failure

If you’re reading this on a mobile,  the above gif almost certainly won’t load. If you’re reading on a desk top, the above gif almost certainly won’t load. 245 more words

Engineered Garments

It's the fucking sales bruh

Pre-sales, 30% offs and full on sale SALES. It’s the fucking sales bruh. Thems happening now. So get involved and if you’re gonna get involved, get involved at… 316 more words


I just want people to feel small, insignificant and worthless

For Engineered Garments heads the Bedford jacket is a classic. A smart reworking of what a modern blazer should be. For everyone else, it looks like a blazer. 208 more words


Engineered Garments Activecloth Aviator Jacket

My Engineered Garments Activecloth Aviator Jacket arrived from The Bureau a couple of weeks ago and to say I’m satisfied with my purchase is an understatement. 364 more words


Definitely leaving with something

I never just ‘try stuff on’. People do that though right? They go to a store, try some stuff on, then put it back and leave. 162 more words


The unfuckwithable is asking my wallet to dance

As the season rolls on I end up rewinding on stuff I’d previously dismissed. Shit I’d originally thought either straight-up wack, or just unfuckwithable, begins to get it’s hooks into me. 235 more words


Engineered Garments Bedford Jacket

The Bedford jacket is one of my favourite EG pieces. A staple of the collection, this versatile jacket appears season after season, always looking good and versatile enough to go with pretty much anything. 101 more words

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