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The unwinnable war

As if my sterile attempts to write the important south east London novel weren’t already enough to pulp my confidence. Now I have to go and look at… 177 more words

Engineered Garments

You'd tell me if I was too cool wouldn't you?

What happens when the impossible cool becomes possible? Popular Instagram page The Impossible Cool documents fleeting moments in history, when certain celebrities, totally and completely embodied the very notion of cool. 102 more words

Engineered Garments

Non-existent, yet somehow vital

If you’re a blazerman and you don’t own an Engineered Garments Loiter you are not a blazerman. I don’t know how much stock you place in being able to refer to yourself as a blazerman? 247 more words


Indifferent to the accepted rules

I saw this new Engineered Garments vest over at The Bureau a couple of days ago. I thought it looked okay. Then I saw the above image on the… 224 more words

The Bureau

A bourgeois S&M introductory pack

Given the grotesque behaviour of the NRA and the current US political incumbency, spotlighting a “holster bag” is arguably a little insensitive. Indeed, with its lightweight cotton make up and selection of contemporary colour-ways, this is ideal TJ Hooker beachwear. 238 more words

Engineered Garments

Ploughing into the back of a Megabus

Motorbikes were cool when you were young. Then at some point you discover they’re involved in a large percentage of road traffic accidents. And you imagine it’d be difficult to get to the disco with both legs in traction and your brain in a sling.  239 more words

The Bureau

Jamiroquai via Blossom

Still waiting for The Bureau to launch its new site and accompanying Engineered Garments stock? I’ve been refreshing their site for weeks. No joy. I am writing this on Sunday 18th, what’s the betting it goes live before I’ve even finished this post? 231 more words

Engineered Garments