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Chaps chaps?

Regulars will know of my appreciation of all things Engineered Garments – Daiki Suzuki’s study in the retooling of Americana and workwear. Each collection offers a fresh deep dive into obscuro fabrics, occasionally eccentric cuts and a relentless exploration of layering. 201 more words


All shapes of exciting

The following tells the ‘story’ of me wanting a bacon sandwich and then going to have a bacon sandwich. As narratives go, I’ll admit, it’s weak. 126 more words

Engineered Garments

Not sure it's ever been proven to be a bad thing

Sensibly, the aggressive cold is the fashion world’s cue to fling flimsy pastels at you. You’ve got enough grey wool for now – the thinking goes – so start dreaming about sunshine, start telling everyone how much you fucking love Mojitos and start buying flimsy pastel dudeswear. 149 more words


An editorial, apparently

So here’s me in what they call in the fashion game, ‘an editorial’. As far as I can make out ‘an editorial’ basically comprises shots of the subject staring out of shot and squinting, a bit like they’re thinking deep thoughts. 144 more words

Engineered Garments

Engineered Garments into Paris will go

I was in Paris last week. Bit of a vay-kay. Bit of time away from the computer screen. A bit of time to drink miniature lukewarm coffees beneath sullen skies. 226 more words


Engineered Garments AW15 Highland Parka's

Every winter season sees EG release new versions of their Highland Parka, and every year they piss all over the competition. But this season, Daiki and his band of contemporary brothers have really pushed the boat out. 114 more words


T-Shirt Tuesday: Introducing the Flannel Smock

Is it outerwear? Is it knitwear? Is it a t-shirt? Christ knows, but it’s called a Smock.

So what actually is a smock? Well according to the Wikipedia people a smock may refer to one or all of the following; … 168 more words