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Really specific

To go to the trouble of ordering a really specific pair of jogging bottoms all the way from Japan, I expect you’ve got to be a really specific type of dick.  128 more words

Engineered Garments

I prefer to play down the glamour of it all

I don’t talk too much about my career as one of this site’s most popular menswear models. Sure, there’s the travel. One day I’ll be in Peckham for a nine minute shoot in a brightly coloured doorway. 89 more words

Engineered Garments

A look inside: Nepenthes, NYC

So, Nepenthes, the umbrella brand for Engineered Garments, Needles, South2West8 and Rough & Tumble amongst others. For menswearmen, visiting the Nepenthes store in NYC is like discovering a cache of Nazi gold – minus the inconvenient moral quandary. 170 more words

Engineered Garments

A philosophical vagabond

Here I am looking like Rick Wakeman at a Slytherin house party. I expect your eye is drawn to my dramatic headpiece. And almost certainly you are wondering were you can obtain such a handsome garment? 230 more words

Engineered Garments

A look inside: Gentry, Brooklyn, NYC

If you’re ever looking to spot the absolutely stereotypical hipster in the wild (you know, the type  glossies commission cartoony illustrations of when they’re rolling out another style tribes feature) head to Williamsburg NYC. 190 more words

Engineered Garments

NEPENTHES 16秋冬季 - 燒焊面具都可以係潮物

作為Engineered Garments、Needles、SOUTH2 WEST8 等品牌嘅母品牌 NEPENTHES 16年春夏季設計大膽誇張,秋冬季就相對掂返地、調低啲。

新季系列lookbook造型由著名造型師 坂元真澄 負責配搭, 造型照繼續由長山和樹操刀。坂元真澄巧妙地用咗工業用燒焊面具加入去lookbook造型,除咗符合品牌一貫嘅復古工業風之外,效果仲出乎意料地令人眼前一亮;例如古銅色中帶點墨綠色嘅面具 襯上 Needles嘅淺灰色恤衫以及麻白色闊腳長褲 配上 Engineered Garments 嘅淺藍間馬甲同外套,再搭上NEPENTHES x Tricker’s 嘅多層黑色Brouge皮鞋。



"Whatever it is you're seeking won't come in the form you're expecting."

Over the past two or three years, I’ve drifted away from this materialistic approach that the whole menswear blogging scene sort of sent me and many others into. 199 more words

Engineered Garments