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I just want people to feel small, insignificant and worthless

For Engineered Garments heads the Bedford jacket is a classic. A smart reworking of what a modern blazer should be. For everyone else, it looks like a blazer. 208 more words


Engineered Garments Activecloth Aviator Jacket

My Engineered Garments Activecloth Aviator Jacket arrived from The Bureau a couple of weeks ago and to say I’m satisfied with my purchase is an understatement. 364 more words


Definitely leaving with something

I never just ‘try stuff on’. People do that though right? They go to a store, try some stuff on, then put it back and leave. 162 more words


The unfuckwithable is asking my wallet to dance

As the season rolls on I end up rewinding on stuff I’d previously dismissed. Shit I’d originally thought either straight-up wack, or just unfuckwithable, begins to get it’s hooks into me. 235 more words


Engineered Garments Bedford Jacket

The Bedford jacket is one of my favourite EG pieces. A staple of the collection, this versatile jacket appears season after season, always looking good and versatile enough to go with pretty much anything. 101 more words

Mens Fashion

James Dean Day Dreams

After browsing around the internet for recent emerging street trends, I was surprised by what caught my eye. Wait, no I wasn’t…it was boys (lets be real, boys always catch my eye) but more specifically, what these well dressed men were wearing. 256 more words


You can launch a magazine, but if it’s just full of web-level content and articles that can be read in less than an average toilet break, what’s the point? 517 more words