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Engineered Garments AW15 Highland Parka's

Every winter season sees EG release new versions of their Highland Parka, and every year they piss all over the competition. But this season, Daiki and his band of contemporary brothers have really pushed the boat out. 114 more words


T-Shirt Tuesday: Introducing the Flannel Smock

Is it outerwear? Is it knitwear? Is it a t-shirt? Christ knows, but it’s called a Smock.

So what actually is a smock? Well according to the Wikipedia people a smock may refer to one or all of the following; … 168 more words


Looking for a game changer?

Take a look at the above images. This is why menswear can be so interesting. See the waistcoat he’s wearing on the left? Well on the right, that’s the same waistcoat, but unfolded. 181 more words

Engineered Garments

Costs around 47 quid more than you might expect

This is the perfect example of a thing that is, by any practical measure, pretty worthless, but I would give at least 76% of my ass to own. 151 more words

Engineered Garments

Clobber Post No.20: The Bureau, Belfast

My name’s Barney Moore and I’m obsessed with clothes. There. I said it.

If I wanted to recover from my addiction, by all accounts I’d be well on my way by now. 283 more words

Clobber Post

This is the reckoning

If you’d told me last week I’d be getting excited by an olive and brown garment, I would have quite politely punched you in the face. 217 more words


I dunno who's still in this game?

How much is the absolute most you’ll drop on a shirt? If you’re a regular here, I imagine £100 is significant, but doable. What about £200? 227 more words