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Converse announces collaborative One Star collection with Engineered Garments

Converse and Engineered Garments have come together to introduce a new collaborative line of One Star sneakers. Engineered Garments Creative Director and Founder, Daiki Suzuki issues a collection that reflects his personal journey and relationship with Converse and plays on his affinity to reinvent and reengineer, while keeping with the shoe’s iconic look.  341 more words


Socialise with Nepenthes Hakata

Not following Nepenthes Hakata on either Facebook or Instagram? Rectify that situation soldier. The Nepenthes digital store is great and all, but the social feeds of the specific shops are where the action is. 98 more words

Engineered Garments

Engineered Garments x Converse

Daiki Suzuki’s Engineered Garments has delivered quality clothing and accessories since 1999. Converse teams with the Japanese label for a collection of three monochrome First String One Star sneakers, each of which bears a unique logo from the Converse archives. 69 more words

Converse First String

Jorah Mormont on a bad day

At this point in the (discerning) menswear season, it can seem like an eternity before the pieces you glimpse (via curiously small images) on Japanese retail sites, turn up in UK stores. 223 more words

Engineered Garments

Really elevating the form

A bit spacey for Engineered Garments this. It’s got a bit of a Nostromo leisurewear feel. It’s those curvy tonal panels. Looks cosy though. Ideal if you happen to be prepping for a 50 year cryo-snooze. 185 more words

Engineered Garments

Why Denise?

DENISE“, he shouted. Then silence. Then, with a whisper, “Denise.” When he shouted, he crunched up his face as though wracked with torment, he held his fists aloft and glared to the clouds. 108 more words

Engineered Garments

I mean, this isn't 1997

Engineered Garments routinely interweave florid prints throughout the navys, greys and khakis of their workweary collections. Often the patterns are relatively muted, particularly within the Fall collections. 156 more words