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E&T news weekly #60 – we choose our favourite engineering and technology news stories from the week

Ooh, la la. Back from its French-style, month-long August holiday, our weekly news picks yawns, stretches and comes to life once more. 1,035 more words


BTPT: #Bizarre, #pointless #technologies: #smart umbrella, electronic fly swatter, G+Didi washing machine, calming wristband

By Rebecca Northfield

With the wind and the rain beating down our summer happiness, I begin to reminisce on the beautiful, albeit brief, warm weather we had and the joy it brought me. 1,062 more words

Engineering And Technology Magazine

#DrinkableBook could save lives by purifying water page by page - an annotated infographic

Each pull-out page of the “Drinkable Book” contains nanoparticles of silver that can kill waterborne bacteria and purify up to 100 litres of water. In trials, the paper successfully removed more than 99 per cent of bacteria. 42 more words


Connected homes become the next #IoT and #wearables domestic battleground - an annotated infographic

The “Internet of Things” is the next major technology battle, pitting the likes of Google’s Nest against Apple’s HomeKit for dominance of the smart home. 111 more words


Google's Alphabet complicates the simplification - an annotated infographic

Google has restructured to create a new holding company called Alphabet, separating its core web advertising business from newer ventures like driverless cars.

The planned structure resembles that employed by General Electric, with a central unit handling corporate-wide activities such as finance and relatively independent business units focused on specific areas. 103 more words


Japan’s nuclear industry set for revival after #Fukushima - an annotated infographic

Japan is preparing to restart its fleet of mothballed nuclear reactors under a new safety regime introduced in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima accident. 82 more words


Lexus Slide hoverboard demonstrated on video - an annotated infographic

Lexus is fine-tuning its levitating skateboard, the Lexus Hoverboard, in Barcelona, and has released a video showcasing the full scale of the device’s abilities.

The smoke-emitting hoverboard, relying on superconducting magnets cooled to minus 197 degrees Celsius with liquid nitrogen, could be seen put to test by accomplished skateboarders in a palm tree dotted skateboard park. 39 more words