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E&T news weekly #57 – we choose our favourite engineering and technology news stories from the week

Friday July 3 2015
 Dickon Ross, editor in chief
Electric double decker bus to be trialled in London

Two stories about London buses this week point to how engineering and technology will change city living for the better over coming decades. 1,232 more words


Japan's Robot Hotel: "Welcome Human, how may I serve you?" - an annotated infographic

Have you ever had a problem with your hotel service? Unclean sheets? Lost your room key? Unaccommodating hotel staff? The Henn-na Hotel in Japan, set to open in July, wants you to have a comfortable and relaxing stay with the help of friendly service robots, who are there to serve you. 103 more words


.@Terminator is back with #TerminatorGenisys - an annotated infographic

If there’s one concept that’s tricky to master, it’s time travel. Monkeying around with the past and the future sure can play havoc with your average cinema-goers grasp of plot. 158 more words


#AppleMusic goes live 'worldwide' - internet goes 'bananas' - an annotated infographic

Apple… Music… Apple Music… All the ways you love music. All in one place… empty statements… Beats 1… Zane Lowe… Pharrell exclusives… blah blah blah… social media meltdown… waffle waffle… overbearing sense of smug self-congratulation… it’s only an (expensive) streaming music service… yada yada yada… it’s about money, not music… Taylor Swift… incandescent rage… and relax. 12 more words


#SolarImpulse flies again, from Japan to Hawaii - an annotated infographic

As Great Britain basks in glorious sunshine, our summer having finally got its act together for a few consecutive days at least, it seems an apposite time to hear once again about the solar-powered plane attempting to circumnavigate the globe, powered by nothing more than the warming, energising rays of our distant but radiant star friend, the Sun. 91 more words


Tennis court playing surfaces vs. playing styles, ahead of #Wimbledon2015 - an annotated infographic

As the champagne is chilled, the strawberries de-punneted and the cream lightly whipped, so the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club at Wimbledon prepares for its annual fortnight of ball-bashing, net-thwacking and patriotic flag-waving. 62 more words


E&T news weekly #56 - we choose our favourite engineering and technology news stories from the week

Friday June 26 2015
 Alex Kalinauckas, assistant features editor
‘Overalls’ image still persists, say female engineers

Three high-profile female motorsport engineers have called for a change to the image of the industry so people don’t think of overalls when discussing engineering. 1,275 more words