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Book review: Mainlines and sidetracks mapped in ‘Europe by Rail’

E&T features editor and columnist Vitali Vitaliev put the latest version of a guide to Europe’s rail routes to the test on a recent trip to Switzerland. 710 more words


Win! Book review and giveaway: War and Technology A Very Short Introduction – Alex Roland

By Jade Fell 

‘Humans were born armed’ is the premise to the next of our Very Short Introduction series of reviews, War and Technology, which seeks to trace the combined history of, you guess it – war and technology. 558 more words


Book review: Head in the Cloud: The Power of Knowledge in the Age of Google – William Poundstone

It is often cited that we are living in an information age. Gone are the days of trawling through text books and library archives to find the material to complete your latest homework assignment. 604 more words


Book review: This Book Thinks You're A Scientist

By Louise Fox

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a child, excited by science for the first time again? Well now you can with the science museum’s newest release ‘This Book Thinks You’re A Scientist’. 414 more words


Smoking vs Vaping - the good and the bad - two contrasting infographics

According to our good friends at journalistic.org, smoking costs the UK’s economy £12.9billion a year. That’s a staggering 11-figure sum (12, 900, 000, 000)! 147 more words


Gigantic Stratolaunch satellite-launching aircraft - an annotated infographic

The Stratolaunch air-launch platform – the largest aircraft ever to be built – is aiming to begin ferrying rockets to space by the end of the decade. 32 more words


Touchdown in Abu Dhabi as @SolarImpulse completes round the world flight - an annotated infographic

Solar Impulse 2, the plane powered only by energy from the Sun, has completed its 15-month mission to circumnavigate the world.

Landing in Abu Dhabi yesterday – where it first took off in March 2015 – the plane finally completed its epic 25,000-mile record-breaking journey. 42 more words