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Out and about: E&T’s pick of #technology #events in May

Activities for all ages taking place during May. As always, check in advance with the organiser’s website for current details about start time, and whether there’s any charge or need to register. 1,252 more words


Big Ben falls silent - Great Clock undergoing repairs - an annotated infographic

The famous chimes of Big Ben are to fall silent after 157 years of nearly unbroken service.

The Great Clock of the Palace of Westminster in London needs urgent repairs as part of a £30m project to prevent its mechanism from failing. 58 more words


E&T news weekly #92 – we choose our favourite engineering and technology news stories from the week

Friday 29 April 2016

 Jack Loughran, news reporter
Driverless vehicles worry Brits as UK automotive sector soars

This poll showing that most Briton’s are concerned about driverless vehicles shows why you should never let the public make decisions about subjects they don’t fully understand (*cough* EU referendum *cough*). 1,832 more words


Transit of Mercury - tiny planet to cross the face of the Sun on 9 May - an annotated infographic

Something yonder this way comes – the planet Mercury. The tiniest and innermostiest planet in our solar system (the one closest to the Sun and the one probably exclaiming every day, “Coo, it’s a bit hot again today, eh?”) will pass between Earth and the Sun on 9 May 2016. 46 more words


New Safe Containment steel dome to seal off radiation @Chernobyl - an annotated infographic

The Chernobyl reactor – scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster in 1986, 30 years ago – is now being entombed in a giant steel shelter. 42 more words


One in the eye for Islamic State as Syria's Palmyra Arch is recreated using 3D technology - an annotated infographic

A replica of the 2,000-year-old Arch of Triumph in Palmyra, pointlessly destroyed in 2015 by Islamic State fighters in Syria, has been erected in London’s Trafalgar Square. 55 more words