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#Exploding #Samsung #GalaxyNote7 battery issue - new lithium-ion non-exploding solution - an annotated infographic

Scientists have developed a lithium-ion battery that contains a fire-extinguishing element which is released if the battery overheats.

This could be crucial for all manner of applications: not just exploding smartphones, but also electric vehicles. 32 more words


How #smartphones are transforming personal #healthcare - an annotated infographic

More than 1.2 million people living in London are to be offered medical diagnosis using Babylon – an “artificial intelligence” (AI) app which gives patients access to a virtual health service in their pocket. 99 more words


Kablammo!! #Trump will have his finger on the #nuclear button - an annotated infographic

All of this would be funny if it weren’t actually true…

When Donald Trump becomes the next US President (yes, this is really happening, it’s not all a surrealist nightmare), he will immediately have access to, and sole launch authority for, all of America’s nuclear weapons. 134 more words


#Trump calls for new $4 billion Air Force One contract to be cancelled - an annotated infographic

In the wacky world of Donald Trump’s America, the approach to policy appears to lurch wildly from the reasonably sensible to the fundamentally insane. That, it appears, is the contrary nature of both The Donald’s broad, straight-talking appeal and the very real threat he poses in creating a Disunited States of America. 124 more words


Nominet and Microsoft to bring broadband to rural Africa - an annotated infographic

Nominet and Microsoft have announced a partnership to deliver broadband across the African continent, using Nominet’s TV white space database and dynamic spectrum-management technology, along with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, to bring low-cost terrestrial wireless broadband internet to remote and rural communities. 63 more words


#Trump rides the Beast all the way to the White House - @RealDonaldTrump gets a brand-new @Cadillac - an annotated infographic

Donald Trump will ride from his presidential inauguration in a brand new version of the current Cadillac-branded state limousine.

“The Beast” boasts all current hi-tech security features, along with technology upgrades. 9 more words


E&T #news weekly – we choose our favourite #engineering and #technology stories from the past week

Friday 16 September 2016

 Rebecca Northfield, assistant features editor
Monkeys transcribe Hamlet with new brain-reading tech

Researchers want to use this technology to eventually help people suffering with severe paralysis like good old Steve Hawking. 1,625 more words