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Engineering Failures - Part 2

You know, when Egon Spengler said that “simply turning (the Containment Unit) off would be like dropping a bomb on the city”, I never suspected that he was tactfully neglecting an even worse scenario. 28 more words


Who's on first, what's on second, and the transvestite's on third

Right before I left for London (the first time…not the second time.  The second time’s really blurry, because all I could think about was wanting to teleport and I don’t remember much else) my family watched the amazing Abbot and Costello “Who’s On First” skit.   893 more words


Engineering Infallability

Here’s a question for you.  Are engineers gods?

I ask this in the spirit that for many years doctors were regarded as deific, both in the honor and respect lauded and, in their supposed infallibility.  313 more words

Disaster Database Moves to Subscription

In reference to my March 5, 2010 post about the Disaster Database:

The creator and editor of that database Dr. Walter G. Green III has notified me that, due to the need for more sustainable maintenance and development of the database, he has moved it to a subscription model.  65 more words

Engineering Failures

Disaster Database Project

Frequently, engineering students are asked to write papers about famous (or infamous I should say) engineering failures or disasters – the Tacoma Narrows Bridge failure of 1940… 272 more words

Engineering Failures

Erosion Corrosion - Learning from Humber Estuary

Muhammad Abduh (abduh@reksolindo.co.id)

On 16 April 2001 a fire and explosion occurred at Humber Refinery following the catastrophic failure of an overhead gas pipe. Investigation was carried by The Competent Authority and the plant operator company by legislative mechanism under Control of Major Hazard (COMAH) Regulation 1999. 394 more words

Asset Integrity