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Meet Hannah: Clinic Team Member!

What inspired you to major in engineering?

I wanted a career where I could use my skills in math and the arts to create and build things that could positively impact the world.

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Bitcoin, Blockchain und Bücher

Die Themen Blockchain im Allgemeinen und Bitcoin im Speziellen habe ich lange vor mich hergeschoben. Sporadisch habe ich zwar Vorträge besucht (vor gut zwei Jahren die Vorträge von… 457 more words


The Marshmallow Challenge

Here is the challenge…


20 sticks of spaghetti

1 metre of tape

1 metre of string

1 marshmallow

In a group of 4 people you have 18 minutes to make the tallest freestanding structure you can. 1,111 more words

We Are Photographers

Cool Mechanical Engineering China photos

A couple of nice mechanical engineering china images I found:

Image from web page 615 of “Railway mechanical engineer” (1916)

Image by Net Archive Book Pictures… 826 more words

Photon Phonon Material Formation

In crystals it is possible to excite the lattice into creating phonons by exposing it to different frequency photons. This light and matter interaction is very useful and would find a wide rang of applications if it could be mastered. 136 more words

Quantum Physics

On Seeing "Eiffel's Bridge" in Arequipa

In my next life (unless I come back as a toad!) I will be an engineer: either structural or mechanical, I’m not sure which. This I believe because I am drawn to making things, to fixing things, to replacing things that lack with things that provide. 1,236 more words


R&D and Product Design

It is not uncommon people get confused about R&D and product design. Even some senior management officers get confused about these two activities. In this post, I will explain my perception about these two functions with my work experience. 522 more words