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Producing Microfluidic Emulsion Maker With 3D Printing

Microfluidics is the study of movement of liquids when contained in microscopic systems. Some previous posts I’ve written on microfluidics can be read here, … 348 more words


Avoid The Trap of a 'Perfect Stack'

Have you ever wondered why your organisation’s technology always seems to be held together with duct tape and prayers? Everyone in tech will no doubt be familiar of passing a group of developers and hearing murmured complaints about the poor quality of the stack, about the ‘foolish’ decision makers not prioritising a looming pile of technical debt. 891 more words


Advance MicroGrid Policy for Smaller Communities In The Works

SWANSEA, S.C. (AP) – A South Carolina lawmaker is proposing a way to help smaller power companies and utility customers as the state continu…


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Experience Study Abroad: Lancaster, England

Whether you come from near or far, college is definitely a time to grow as an individual, and discover many things, including things about yourself.  However, sometimes we may feel that attending college close to home doesn’t allow us the full experience of self discovery, mostly because we are still familiar with our surroundings, despite being in a university setting. 626 more words

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Radiant state, by Peter Higgins

This third novel of the “Wolfhound Century” trilogy manages to stand alone – as all good novels ought – and is entirely readable without first reading the other two. 194 more words


Immigrant women’s STEM skills untapped

If it makes sense for girls to enter programs in science, technology, engineering and math, then it makes even more sense to employ immigrant women who already have these skills. 475 more words