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Mounting the aeroplane

Watch the video of us mounting the aeroplane on the whiffletree. It was a huge team effort so thanks to everyone who helped out!


Nanotechnology Could Reengineer Us In the Future. INFOGRAPHIC.

Nanotechnology is an important new area of research that promises significant advances in electronics, materials, biotechnology, alternative energy sources, and dozens of other applications. The graphic below illustrates, at a personal level, the potential impact on each of us. 30 more words


Grants awarded in September 2015 (over £10k)

Dr C Wu, Dr J M Mi, £19,761, EPSRC, Feasibility study of ultrasound-enhanced catalytic esterification of pyrolysis bio-oil

Mr W Musk, … 89 more words

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Neural Network Knowledge for Top Engineering Colleges in India Students

Neural network refers to a specific category of artificial intelligence that mainly attempts to intimate the actual way, in which human brain performs its functions. Instead of working as a digital model, that manipulates each type of computation into ones and zeros, neural network performs its functions by simply setting up connections in between different types of processing elements and the computer system equivalents to neurons. 133 more words


Motherboard Overview for Best Engineering Colleges in Jabalpur Aspirants

Are you interested in knowing about basic components present in any computer system? Do you want to pursue your B.E. or B. Tech with CS stream from… 195 more words


Specialties of Snappy Ubuntu Operating System to Know by IT Students

Snappy Ubuntu is a type of lightweight yet optimized version of the traditional Ubuntu and Linux-based operating system development mainly for cloud, mobile, containers, embedded systems and various other types of IoT or Internet of Things devices. 217 more words