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EU Commission- RoHS Exemptions Delayed Again

The current exemptions for Lead in work piece materials for our shops will remain in effect and will not expire until the EU Commission completes the current ongoing review of the applications. 451 more words

Front Office

Nothing Found

So.. oops. Sorry guys- I’ve not been so great at actually making any content here.

My bad.

So here is the start of something that might have some momentum(?)… but if all this suddenly disappears without a trace (as far as that can happen on the internet), know that I tried, got distracted and that you will find me, well, probably at the pub. 76 more words


Building Base and Other Updates

Good afternoon everyone!

I’m having myself a productive day and wanted to write a blog while I was at it. If you recall from my last couple of posts, I am currently building base before training for any more races. 624 more words


Lithium ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries


“What exactly makes the type of batteries in your phone so special?”

You are probably hearing about special “lithium ion batteries” being featured in devices everywhere. 188 more words


Four advancements in progress in Water Desalination Processes:

The fresh water source is one of the most important factor responsible for the economic advancement, social development and for the human survival. According to the… 1,348 more words

Cassini Spies Daphnis Making Waves

Now that Cassini is in its “ring-grazing orbits” phase, it has returned stunning new views of Daphnis and friends.

Source: Sky and Telescope 17 more words


Voodoo Manufacturing raises $1.4 million to make a factory full of 3D printers

Max Friefeld, Jonathan Schwartz, and Oliver Ortlieb aren’t just co-founders – they’re roommates. These three former Makerbot employees are working on creating Voodoo Manufacturing, an effort to “combine software and hardware to build a new-age robotic factory.” 313 more words