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Throwback Thursday -Swedish Signals, Tunnels and Meatballs

In 2013, I was lucky enough to win a bursary to attend the IRSE International Convention in Sweden and Denmark.  Applying for scholarships, bursaries and free spots at conventions/conferences/meetings is a brilliant way to travel without having to spend your boss’s training budget or your own cash and I would highly recommend it to your all! 956 more words


Engineering Management: Buildings 56 and 57 RMIT University Simulated Tender Bid Report

Client design brief for Minor Works/Refurbishment to Buildings 56 and 57 RMIT University has a program of minor and refurbishment projects scheduled for 2016 with a value of under $10,000,000 which have to be documented for competitive tendering by qualified contractors for the project. 348 more words


Red #morocco 

*نداء لكل المغاربة أيها المواطنين و المواطنات هناك تهديدا إرهابيا حقيقيا يستهدف المغرب و هذا يعود إلى تزايد المغاربة في صفوف تنظيم داعش حيث يتواجد به أزيد من 1222 مغربيا سواء بسوريا أو العراق ناهيك عن الأوربيين من أصل مغربي ليصل العدد إلى مابين 1500 و2000.


A Hi-Sec Mercenary's Perspective

Every so often revamp wardeccing discussions bust out. People post ideas, some good, some pants on head crazy. People throw epithets, some amusing, some banal. Eventually attention is diverted elsewhere, a year or so passes and the process repeats. 423 more words


New Milestone Reached

The fuselage has been re-assembled after painting and anodising.  Clecos are being replaced by rivets for a permanent assembly.  More pictures to come soon. 24 more words


Monkey Artist ...!!!

In 1964, a new avant-garde artist was introduced to the art scene in the Swedish city of Gōteborg. The fresh new artist was Pierre Brassau and his work received rave reviews from critics and art fans alike. 1,007 more words