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10 ways you can make your CAD models more FEA-friendly

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a key step in the design process. In fact, industry now commonly requires a calculation analysis sheet from design departments to approve the final virtual product. 1,050 more words


Dad keeps on asking me why did I even choose engineering when I am not even good in mathematics.

My answer

Bendable Smartphone and Smartwatch – Advancing Innovation

  • How will smartphones continue to grow in a stagnating market?
  • What innovations will be able to revolutionize the smartphone industry?
  • A company called Moxi Group is developing what might be the next generation of wearable technology.
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"[Project] I accidentally wrote a quasi-Newton (L-BFGS based) optimizer that could train neural networks using normal-sized minibatches."- Trending Discussion on Machine Learning Tips and Questions

Posted By crowsonkb. Detail: “Original Python code for image synthesis – lots of image-specific things here.Torch code that I tried training neural networks with – adapted from the Python code with help from optim/lbfgs.lua.It was originally for stylized image synthesis by inverting CNNs (neural style i.e. 392 more words


"Ray Kurzweil - We Should Live Forever"

Detail: “; -Posted by sasuke2490. Filed Under: Trending content on the future of the world.