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Jesse Coulson: A Sneak Peak

 As promised, here is a sneak peak at our interview with Jesse Coulson, the former head of sport and rugby at Harrow, one of England’s top rugby private schools. 60 more words

Rugbys Heritage Explained

Rugby, according to myth and legend, was created by 16 year old William Webb-Ellis in Rugby School, a private boarding school in Warickshire. William was boarding at the school at the time and invented the sport when playing football. 88 more words

Privatised Players: The Breakdown

Since the birth of Rugby England’s team has been littered with those who have been privately educated. Here we will look at the most recent squad and where they all went to school.  177 more words

England's Private School Problem: An Introduction

‘England’s private school problem’ is a major multimedia project aiming to provide a detailed insight into why England rugby is dominated with private school players and also to take a deeper look into whether state school players get the same… 113 more words

Toffs v Taffs

According to legend the playing fields of Rugby School is where rugby was born. 16-year-old William Webb-Ellis its creator. He was a student at the boarding school, who with a fine disregard for the rules of football took the ball in his arms and ran with it. 788 more words