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Part 2: Liverpool and Chester

So- the day we left London was conveniently the exact same time as the London Tube strike.  Which meant all undergrounds (subways/metros) were closed from the employees striking, which then caused all taxis and buses to be insanely busy.  278 more words


Part 1 of Our Series of Forgotten Posts: London

Hello all! Considering we got back from our summer trip to Europe back in September, these next few blogs will be long overdue.  We got extremely busy over our last semester at school, and I just lost the time to update this every so often. 454 more words


Darwin Day

  Happy Darwin Day! I’m a fan of nerdy holidays and celebrating science. I’m especially fond of Darwin Day because of it’s focus on scientific exploration at an international level. 395 more words


Excuses Excuses...

So life took a massive turn, and I once again forgot about this blog.

I would say, “oh yes! I’ll keep up with it now that I’m done with school!” However, I think we all know where this would end up. 334 more words


February 13, 1862: Thaw Out the Holly

With the giving and getting of gifts growing to a crescendo in late December, it is to many a glass of cold water in the face when the merriment suddenly gives way to a bleak long winter with scarcely a box or a bow in sight. 247 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Author Profile: William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Tonight I’m off to an open-air performance of Macbeth, so what better time to post a profile of its writer?

Over the course of his career The Bard wrote or collaborated on over 30 plays (the usual count is 38, although the authorship of some is contested), 154 sonnets, two longer poems, and an uncertain number of other verses. 605 more words


28 Weeks Later (2007)


Summary: 28 Weeks Later picks up right where 28 Days Later left off. NATO has taken control of Great Britain and created a safe zone for those displaced by the Rage Virus to live. 518 more words

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