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Morning Prayer 5.25.16, The Venerable Bede, First to Document History, 730

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Mysterious Stonehenge

Driving through the Salisbury Plain with its yellow rapeseed was a very nice way to get to one my most anticipated experiences. Arriving at Stonehenge I however realized it was all so much different than what I had believed it to be. 324 more words


One more thing about Jews

As much as I resent the popular obsession with anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, unaccompanied as it is by any apparent commitment to investigating divisions in British society at large or solving the fundamental sources of its ills, and often pushed to the fore to the exclusion of more pressing issues because there is something of a sensationalist draw to discussing ISLAM or THE JEWS in Christian English society, I am nonetheless always enthused when progressive Jews and Muslims play the “I’m a Jew/Muslim” card against reactionary filth looking to peddle their particular chosen identity politics to advance their nakedly obvious agenda of fearmongering and division of British society. 351 more words


Interiors: The Saloon, Saltram House, Plympton, England.

This lavish interior is the epitome of late 18th century high society décor, especially in England. Looking at a room like this one instinctively imagines men in brocaded jackets, powdered wigs and buckle shoes, women in crinoline dresses with towering hairstyles and chalky makeup, and perhaps somebody playing a harpsichord. 318 more words

18th Century

Tue 5/24/16

Streatham, London, England–Some supermarkets in London are building residential housing above their stores (link goes to article).  Here is one example, Tesco in Streatham. 255 more words