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Does the SNP and the Independence movement's ''Scottishness'' frighten people in the rest of the UK?

I was following a Twitter conversation the other day and it hit an interesting point.

I’ll explain what I mean but it does involve a bit of a read to get there so be warned… 1,061 more words


The Hell Hound Of Suffolk

In the ruins of Leiston Abbey, in Suffolk – England, archaeologists discovered the skeleton of a huge, massive canine-like creature that would have stood seven feet tall on its hind legs. 280 more words

Gods And Mythology

Episode 12 - Abbeytown, Cumbria

The western end of the border between England and Scotland is defined by the Solway Firth. This wide stretch of water points like an arrow towards Gretna Green, and it is the end point for a number of Scottish and English rivers. 3,673 more words


What is Music Education For?

Music education and those who operate within it can be broadly (lazily/stereotypically) split into two camps. Traditionalists: those who believe the score is paramount and that all music should be taught via it and Progressives: those that believe that music should be taught via sound first and that the traditional staff notation can come sometime after, if at all. 347 more words


Detour in the Other Place

“I wonder anybody does anything at Oxford but dream and remember, the place is so beautiful. One almost expects the people to sing instead of speaking.

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Postcards from...Roman Baths

A visit to Bath isn’t complete without a tour of the Roman Baths. Full of history and the place that gave the city its name, the Roman Baths are well worth taking the time to tour the complex. 384 more words