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And she dreamt she could fly

I don’t know what it is about a hot air balloon that has always fascinated me? Maybe it’s because the whole idea seems very romantic, jumping into a basket and letting the wind carry you away… or maybe it’s just because they look cool? 285 more words


Touring the Concorde, Manchester Airport

Nick laughed as I ducked behind a statue of a pilot in all its multicoloured glory (for the kids, obvs) with Lewis saying, “You’re finally tall enough!” I jumped out from my perch as the staff came in and ushered everyone towards a media room, which in reality had a bunch of chairs set up facing a projector screen. 343 more words


I scream, You scream, We all scream for ice cream

Now to the unsuspecting eye Locks garage looks… well like a garage.  But to those of us who know its hidden secret are blessed with the chance to have the best £1 ice cream in the whole of England (well, in my opinion anyway) 190 more words


Eyda Booliska Ingiriiska Oo Kabo Loo Xidhi Doono Xiliyada Ay Baadhayaan Guryaha Muslimiinta

Eyda Tababaran ee Booliska Ingiriiska ayaa dhibaato kala kulantay kabaha loo sameeyay in loo xidho marka la baadhayo, guryaha dadka muslimiinta ah iyo Masaajidadda si loo ilaaliyo shucuurta Muslimiinta oo Eyda u aaminsan inay yihiin wax nijaas ah. 210 more words

Warar Iyo Dhacdooyin

Another evening in London

1st of July,

Even after almost 6 years, I am still amazed by the spirit of this city. There is always something new to discover, something you want to see again or just your own little pub around the corner. 122 more words


Take it to the (South) Bank

Today, I met up with Christine and Tom, the last of my Ontario connections to visit London during my sojourn. The weather and sightseeing gods were apparently with throughout, because we had a wonderful time, despite having nothing concrete planned other than a meeting place. 661 more words

Slaughterhouses in England obliged to have CCTVs

Presence of CCTV aims to strengthen laws against animal cruelty.

Slaughterhouses in all of England will be installed with CCTV as a part of a plan presented by environment secretary Michael Gove to support animal welfare. 211 more words

Good News