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Holland Village Secondary English Tutorials at eduKate Marina Bay Tuition Centre

Conducting Holland Village tuition classes for English Tuition for Secondary School in Marina Bay, The Sail. Singapore MOE Syllabus GCE O level, IGCSE syllabus and IP Programme Holland Village English Tuition by Yuet Ling +65 82226327. 490 more words


Types of Reading in ESL

Reading for comprehension involves two forms of processing which are bottom-up and top-down. Bottom-up processing involves pulling letters together to make words, words to make sentences, etc. 447 more words


On Patience

I haven’t been writing lately. Not at all. Not about my lay-off or break up, not about newfound friends or newfound loves. Nothing. I can honestly say that I haven’t put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, in over two months–likely the longest stretch of time for me to never have written… ever. 410 more words

"Compare the ethical behavior of Zeus with the ethical teaching of Jesus."

When you think of Greek mythology, what do you think of? The gods, right? And who was the most famous and powerful god? Zeus. Today I’m going to compare Zeus’s ethical behavior to Jesus’s ethical teaching. 426 more words

English 2

 "How were adoption and inheritance related in Paul's thought?"

We are all sinners, thus separated from God. And he has adopted us by having Jesus die on the cross for our sins.  And when we accept that gift of forgiveness he adopts us into his family.  265 more words

English 2

The problem with subtitles

About a week ago or so, I went out with this girl who is extremely beautiful and of good taste. We were talking about what we like and one of the things we both like are the Studio Ghibli films and specially, those that are directed by Hayao Miyazaki. 465 more words


"Why were the Sadducees and the apostles unable to find a way to reconcile their rival opinions?"

The entire book of Acts focuses on stories. So in order to answer this question, I will follow the author of Acts’ example and show you a story. 307 more words

English 2