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Finding a Topic and Purpose in Writing/Speaking

Although not exactly the same writing and public speaking having many things in common. This is especially true during preparation for a paper or presentation. The goal here is not really to compare and contrast writing and public speaking but to point out tools that can be used in both disciplines. 449 more words


Using “Very much”, “Some” and Any"

Using “Very much”, “Some” and Any”

Some and Any

Today I would like share my insight about “Very much”, “Some” and “Any” to my pupils. 180 more words


For Yours

For every carbon copy of yourself you bring into this world,

you must remind them of their task. For they were not just born for the fun of it, 216 more words

Words Unheard

Friday, October 9th, 2015


  • Can two siblings have different cultural identities? Why or why not?

Learning Targets

  • I can practice analyzing evidence using Say, Show, Matter.
  • I can use evidence to compare and contrast characters in a text.
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English 2

Suspence Final Revision

“Get on the floor! And threw your phones in the bag!” said the man with the skull mask over his head and the gun waving in the air. 1,404 more words

Final Projects

A Dose of Vitamin "V"

Have you noticed there’s something here? Well, if you are a reader of my blog you know what it was hahaha! Anyways, I have been again in a hiatus with my entries for our vitamins. 299 more words


Thursday, October 8th, 2015


  • Write TWO possible themes for your Lit Circle book. Remember that a theme is a message suggested by a text about life or about the world.
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English 2