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The GRE | 3 reasons to why you should question the hurdle before you jump it

I am currently, against every rational and critical-thinking neuron in my brain, studying for the GRE.

Simply put, the purpose of taking the General Revised Exam is to demonstrate your… 948 more words


DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

I played both games last year but totally forgot to talk about them. Interesting that I just now remembered I hadn’t done it because I saw Danganronpa is coming to Steam (I wish it was coming to more than Steam but my dislike for Steam isn’t important). 339 more words


Man and Animal – All Washed Up?

The story of Noah and the Flood is about God’s attempt to ‘cleanse the earth’ of all living things because they were too wicked. God created a worldwide flood to punish mankind for being sinful. 458 more words

English 2

English 2 - Friday, February 12th

Test – Myth Unit: The Odyssey & “The Fenris Wolf.”  Indie read after test.

English 2

Disposable People Paper

Poverty in America
by Christian Edwards

A disposable part of the community is the poor. For the reason of they can’t care for themselves and people don’t want to waste their time or money to help the poor or is not known of how bad being poor is, so they are thrown away. 1,226 more words

Final Projects

Final draft Poverty in India

Poverty in India

            In the movie “Hotel Rwanda”, the director showed how African people are considered disposable because of their skin color. In the book “Death of a Salesman”, Wily was considered disposable because he was old and he could not contribute to society. 1,497 more words

English 2

Disposable people paper

I got interested in this topic because I feel like the poor are seen as disposable people. So in my writing I explain how they are seen as disposable. 1,619 more words

English 2