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Levels of Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is a key academic skill. To comprehend a reading text means to understand what the author was trying to communicate and to share the author’s intentions along with, if possible, your own perspective on the text. 556 more words


Videogame Stories: Jak and Daxter

“Jak and Daxter” was a PS2 series created and developed by “Naughty Dog” and by that time it was a very risky and a very challenging project for the developers at the time as the project was ambitious due to the game handling an conected open world with no “game loading” between areas. 707 more words


The Jungle Book (2016): My thoughts and trailer

With Disney’s new move to remake animated movies into Live-action, there is one project I’m actually looking forward to seeing next year, too bad it was moved to next year instead of seeing it this past October. 288 more words


Jokes In English Age

Learn English with Jokes;

A judge asked a woman her age.

“Thirty,” she replied.

“You’ve given that age in this court for the last three years.” 18 more words

English Language

Learn English With Jokes

Learn English with jokes


“What is alimony, ma?”

“It is a man’s cash surrender value.”

English Language

[L語] English Word: Epidermis

One English word found while doing the Oxford dictionary English spelling challenge.

Ex. Hair grows from the epidermis.

(en): outer layer of celles on an organism… 7 more words


Idea 208: Poem a day

I’m trying to find as many ways as possible to slip little ‘extra bits’ of learning into the school day wherever I can, as I’m aware of how powerful it is for children’s long-term retention if I am able to reinforce and embed what what we’ve been studying on a daily/weekly basis. 178 more words