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Wednesday, September 28th, 2016


  • Read your lit circle book or work on your journal

Reminder: Lit circle 2 tomorrow, 9/29

Independent Work Instructions

  1. Complete Bluest Eye Writing Task…
  2. 26 more words

The Albigensians’ beliefs, the 13th century mendicant orders, and the Magna Carta

The Albigensians were a medieval group of people who had many beliefs similar to those of the previous Manicheans. They believed that there were two gods or spirits in the universe, one who was good and one who was evil. 519 more words

English 2

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


  • Read your lit circle book or work on your journal

Reminder: Lit circle 2 this Thursday, 9/29

Small Group Work

  1. Complete the quote analyses with your small group…
  2. 7 more words

The importance of the doctrine of hell to the martyrs

When the Roman empire told everyone in the empire to worship the emperor or their other gods, the early Christians refused to do so. Because of this, the Roman officials would execute many Christians who resisted these decrees. 488 more words

English 2

The road ahead

All I can see are portions of their heads.They turn,shake and lean to the next shoulder.Once in a while his hand comes up , combs her hair and goes behind the seat. 119 more words


Canadian refugee ‘model’ isn’t exportable


PUBLISHED Sept. 26, 2016

TORONTO—Immigration Minister John McCallum says the “Canadian model” to deal with refugees could be adopted elsewhere to solve problems in other countries. 663 more words


From writing to music

Art comes in many different forms. From time to time I enjoy shifting from one form to another and see what would come up. For quite the time I am working on a music project to create a song whose lyrics would be one of my poems, since I own a piano (music keyboard) and I though it would be a nice idea. 57 more words