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Wednesday 31 May- English 9

Pds. 1&4-
Work on Exam Slides
Work on Amazing Summer
Work on Friday #33

Pds. 2&8-
Work on video presentation
Work on Amazing Summer
Work on Friday #33

Tuesday 30 May- English 9

Pds 1&4- Go over exam project. This will involve MND and include a bit of creativity. You will choose TWO slides to present during the exam period next week. 61 more words

English 9

Turning in your project- English 9

  • Use the assignment link in Classroom. Delete the stuff that I wrote.

  • Make sure everything is on ONE document.

  • Anything that was on paper, take a picture and insert it in your document.

  • 44 more words
English 9

Week of 22 May- English 9

Monday- MND Act 4. Begin FW#32

Tuesday- MND Act 5

Wednesday- Figurative language activity

Thursday- Character foils and conflicts

Friday- Workday- Project Due– Please copy/paste all work onto the document in Classroom.

English 9

Week of 15 May- English 9

Monday- Continue working through MND Act 2. Friday #31 is posted in Classroom.

Tuesday- MND Act 3. This act includes the turning point, the place where the plot is the most hopelessly tangled. 21 more words

English 9

Nettle soup

My parents bhirt place Is Gegharkunik.They make nettle soup there .I think The best and the most  delicious nettle soup is made there .Because the   nettle is wild and it goes near the mountains  .Nettle soup is eaten  with garlic and macun.

My friend

I have a very good friend. His  name is Areg. Friends are very important in our life. I think one cannot live without friends. The most important thing for being good friends, to my mind, is to be ready to help one another in any situation, nevertheless how difficult it is, to support one another and to solve all the problems together. 54 more words