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Tuesday, July 28th

THREE DAYS LEFT!!! Can you even believe it?!?!

Today we began our day by voting to write our Short Story unit test on Wednesday instead of Thursday, going over our homework, discussing Symbolism, and reading our third and final short story. 91 more words

Monday, July 27th


Today we began our short story unit by reading a great short story about a bank-robbing grandma (what a twist!), discussing plot graphs, and identifying theme. 57 more words

Friday, July 24th

Great job on your unit test today, guys! I warned you it would be hard! Make sure you are reviewing your vocab terms and cue cards on a regular basis. 41 more words

Thursday, July 23rd

Lots of homework today, guys, but I know you can do it! =)

Today we talked about personification, imagery, and created an economy poem out of a piece of classic literature. 45 more words

Wednesday, July 22nd

Only 7 more days of class left, guys! Keep up the good work!!

Today we defined similes and metaphors, watched a great video, wrote two practice poems, and caught up on missing assignments. 36 more words

Tuesday, July 21st

Less than two weeks left – it’s crunch time, guys! Make sure you are coming ON TIME and completing your assignments. Right now everyone is passing – let’s keep it that way!! 69 more words

Monday, July 20th

We are officially only two weeks away from the end!! Congrats!!

Today we started off with our Brown Paper Bag presentations, which went very well, and then we jumped into our Poetry unit. 75 more words