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Wednesday 22 February- English 9

Pds 1&4–> Peer editing of the diction essay. You will need a partner for this. After you help each other with your essay, take time for revisions. 60 more words

English 9

Friday 17 February- English 9

Pds 1&4-
Introduce diction essay. Brainstorm organization and key pieces.
Use the rest of the hour to finish/turn in Friday #19.

Pds 2&8-
Review project requirements. 8 more words

Wednesday 15 February- English 9

First, create a document titled Brainstorm and share it with your team.  

Next, write at least 2 theme statements that you can prove from the Odyssey.   41 more words

English 9

Monday 13 February- English 9

Grades– On March 3, I will evaluate trend scores and close Friday writings 17, 18, 19, and 20. After this date, these assignments will NOT be accepted late or for revisions. 53 more words

Friday 10 February- English 9

Theme! Today we are talking about themes in The Odyssey. Start by listing several topics that Homer included in this piece. Now, for each topic, decide what his opinion on that topic was, which will get you towards theme. 54 more words

Poetry Cafe Assignment

Your Poetry Cafe assignment can be found under the “Poetry” menu. If you have any questions regarding this assignment please email me! lindsay.vallee@mpsd.ca

English 9

Friday 3 February- English 9

Learning Target- Students will identify how artists transform original source material into new works.

Lotus Eaters– Today we will look at Homer’s original text of Odysseus’ encounter with the Lotus Eaters (page 658 in purple books and page 13 in the white books). 107 more words

English 9