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Thursday 8 December- English 9

Paragraph structure- The focus will be on finding a topic sentence and putting supporting details in logical order.

Unsmashing paragraphs- The focus with this activity is how to divide a huge chunk of text into paragraphs. 7 more words

English 9

Monday 5 December- English 9

We are in the lab to finish up rough drafts, which are due tomorrow. If you finish, double check that Friday #10 is complete and turned in. 64 more words

English 9

Friday 2 December- English 9

Honors pds 1&4- Introducing and using quotes in your paper. Activity and directions are in Classroom.

Regular pds 2&5- Going from notes to outline to body paragraphs. 18 more words

English 9

Thursday 1 December- English 9

Today you will be working on writing your body paragraphs. Here is a sample body paragraph with notes. You can also look at this video… 12 more words

English 9

Wednesday 30 November- English 9

Today you will be finishing up any last minute notes and outlining your topics before beginning to write your essay. This outline does not have to be a detailed thing; just bullet points so you know where you’re going. 21 more words

English 9

Poetry in Voice

Just a gentle reminder folks we are going to be reading out our poems next class. If you are someone who is feeling abnormally stressed about this please come see me! 24 more words

English 9

Tuesday 29 November- English 9

Google docs CAN do hanging indent. Here is a short video demonstration.

Introduce Friday #10. This is based on your choice book.

List of Sources/Bibliography was returned. 13 more words

English 9