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Monday 1 May- English 9

Friday #29 is posted in Classroom. It’s the Work Cited (so far) for your project.

Pds 1&4- Gallery Walk. Take 10 minutes to finish your work from Friday. 47 more words

English 9

Friday 28 April- English 9

Pds 1&4- Lenses! Continued.
Today we will be applying our study of literary lenses by working with the poem “Oranges” by Gary Soto. The assignment sheet is here… 36 more words

English 9

Thursday 27 April- English 9

Pds 1&4- Literary Lenses–>

Lenses- Imagine putting on blue tinted glasses. How would that change what you see? How about if you put on glasses that only have a tiny window to see out of? 98 more words

English 9

Wednesday 26 April- English 9

Today is a work day. My suggestion is that you spent the class period finding your short nonfiction pieces, writing about them, and starting on this week’s Friday writing.

English 9

Tuesday 25 April- English 9

Pds 1&4- Lord of the Flies–> Literary term- An allegory is a story with more than one level of meaning—a literal level and one or more symbolic levels. 173 more words

English 9

Monday 24 April- English 9

All classes! Friday #28 is posted in Classroom.

Pds 1&4- Continue with Flies. You need to have chapters 3&4 read for class tomorrow.

Pd 2- Continue with Mango.

Pd 8- Continue with Night.

English 9

Friday 21 April- English 9

Pds 1&4- Lord of the Flies
Start with a clip from the TV series LOST.

Character foils- In literature, a foil is a character that shows qualities that are in… 180 more words

English 9