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Wednesday 1 June- English 9

Today you will practice your scenes. First, assign parts. Then begin reading your lines. Think carefully about how to say your lines, where to stand and how to sound convincing. 10 more words

English 9 Overview May 31 - June 3

Monday 5/30


Tuesday 5/31

  1. E.W. 
  2. Go over answers to worksheet
  3. Read Act 3, Scenes 1 and 2
  4. HMWK: Study for Act 1 and 2 Summative Quiz…
  5. 33 more words
4th Period

Tuesday 31 May- English 9

Make a graphic of some kind which visually represents the four plots of Midsummer. Your graphic must show the characters, conflict, and resolution of the conflict. 71 more words

Friday 27 May- English 9

  1. Work on Friday #28. This needs to be more than one paragraph. Think about adding more evidence and explanation to your writing.

  2. Acting scenes. You have been assigned a scene and a group.

  3. 18 more words

A Question of Worldviews

If you are writing an autobiography, a good question to ask yourself is, “Should I include a short summary of my worldview near the beginning of my book?” This question is a difficult one because the right answer can vary drastically from person to person. 311 more words

English 9

Thursday 26 May- English 9

30 years ago yesterday an event to raise money for homelessness and hunger took place. Hands Across America was an ambitious attempt to form a human chain across the country. 57 more words

Wednesday 25 May- English 9

Today we read Act IV. It’s a short act that focuses on fixing the problems created in previous acts.

We will start with a high school production… 11 more words