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English 9 Homework March 25/26

Hello lovely English 9s,

For homework please complete your writing log with the following questions: 1. How do you self express? 2. Can you speak without written words? 31 more words

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What We're up to in English 9

The English 9s have finished writing their own short stories, which have been an enjoyment to read!

We’re now starting the novel Speak. Due to the realist nature of the novel, students have been participating in a lot of discussion connecting events in the novel to their own high school lives. 11 more words

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For Groups 9-1 & 10-3: Assessment #2 for the 4th Trimester 2014-2015

For this trimester you’ll be presenting a slideshow on the topic of Greek mythology.

Here are some tips to follow when planning your presentation:

  1. Write a script.
  2. 550 more words

English 9 Spring Break Homework

English 9s,

Please finish any outstanding homework you have. Finish the chapter questions for pages 60-107 (Day 2 F block) and read to page 107.

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English 9: Plunkitt

Plunkitt strongly believed that our patriotism mattered when it came to serving or country. If a man wanted a job but could care less about the good he was doing, but only cared about the money he was making. 71 more words

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English 9: Homework March 11/12

Read to page 73

Answer the pg 30-46 questions

Answer the four questions from the board: 1. How does Melinda fix up her closet? Why do you think she does this? 54 more words

English 9

Monday, March 9

Read to page 46, fill in more of your handouts, and take notes of the times Melinda says she is not able to speak. Write the quote and give the page number

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