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Tuesday 13 October- English 9 (pd 2 only)

Today we will start reading our first class novel, The House on Mango Street. In this video, the author talks about the book and tells a bit of the background. 59 more words

Tuesday 13 October- English 9 (pds 4&8)

Pick up a copy of our new book, Of Mice and Men. I’ll need the book number off of the front cover.

Background information. We will start with… 72 more words

Monday 12 October- English 10/11, English 9

3-step answer to THEME question.
1. Identify the theme. Theme must be written as a complete sentence.

2. Explain how the conflicts and the character development help the reader understand theme. 17 more words

Friday 9 October- English 10/11, English 9

Have you turned in Friday #5?

Next, we will focus on theme. Mr. Sato has a video that brilliantly explains theme. Now, let’s take a… 63 more words

EN9 Oct 8 2015

Presentations are continuing… if you have not yet presented, please come prepared next class.

Next class we will return to various written work related to the theme “Identity”.

English 9

Thursday 8 October- English 10/11, English 9

Finish characterization assessment. If you don’t finish this during class, you will need to come in during lunch and/or study hall.

10 minutes to work on Friday #5! 88 more words

Wednesday 7 October- English 10/11, English 9

Assessment day! Today you will be completing the assessment on characterization. If you have not successfully completed the practice, you must do that first. 

Directions are in Classroom.