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18 Techniques To Take Your Intermediate English To The Next Level

English is becoming a global language, a useful skill for anyone wanting to study or work across the world.  Once you have learnt the basics however progress can be slow, but there are many ways to turn your understanding into a fluency any native speaker would be proud of! 257 more words

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English Phrases Decoded: By The Skin Of Your Teeth

Have you ever done something, but only just?  There is a phrase for that – “by the skin off your teeth”.  This phrase is used when something is achieved, but only just in time. 59 more words

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Video: My Experience Teaching English in Cambodia

This is our first installment in the “My Experience” series, where we share stories told by first-time ESL teachers about what it was like when they first taught English abroad. 763 more words

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Teaching English Abroad Travel Checklist

You’ve gotten the training, you’ve applied for jobs, and you’ve landed a position teaching ESL abroad. With your departure date looming near, it’s time to prepare yourself for a new life in a foreign country. 266 more words

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To Infinitive And Beyond?

To infinitive or to zero infinitive, that is the question.

The to-infinitive means “to” + base.  For example;

  • to sit
  • to learn
  • to laugh

The zero-infinitive means just the base word.  14 more words

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What is the ESL (English as a Second Language) Literature Project?

Literature Device Glossary

D.E.E.D. Rubric Scoring Guide

What is Language Arts for ESL

The ESL Literature Project is a series of open source powerpoint mini-lessons that students and educators can download separately to improve their English comprehension and enhance their appreciation of literature.  112 more words

To vs For Quiz

This is your opportunity to test how well you know when to use which preposition. You may download the images and keep them for future reference. 17 more words

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