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Grammar in a Flash: Even vs. Even Though

It might seem like you could “even” and “even though” in similar situations…but you can’t! Check out these sample sentences below and try to figure out how each are used, then read on to find out if you’re right. 310 more words

Exciting News: A Better English Website for You!

I’m very excited to invite you to join me and subscribe to my new website, EnglishChallenges.com!

Remember, this is all for YOU, so feel free to comment on pictures and videos (links to social media below), and tell me what YOUR biggest English challenge is. 142 more words


Summer Reading Recommendations

Summer and reading go together!  Here are three recommendations if you are still looking for reading material to dive into before school begins again.

Dangerous Territory is our first recommendation.   654 more words

Christian Teaching

13 Things Teaching Assistants in Corsica Should Know

I’m going to take a break from my usual posts to drop some knowledge about the TAPIF program. If you have no intention of ever teaching abroad in France, I give you free license to skip this post. 2,568 more words


3 Limitations of Americans Giving Pronunciation Feedback

I used to get excited when I found out that a student of mine had an American English-speaking spouse. My initial thought (and maybe theirs too) was, “Oh, goody! 761 more words

Moving: 6 American English vocabulary words

Teacher Amanda is back after a brief hiatus (hī-AY-tes, meaning a pause or gap in a series)! The hiatus inspired today’s blog post: 6 American English vocabulary words/concepts related to moving. 380 more words

Advice for ESL Students

During my time as an ESL instructor and a teaching intern abroad I noticed a few things that made studying in a second language a little easier. 962 more words

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