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Podcast Recommendation

Check out one of my favorite English-learning podcasts, High Level Listening! 37 more words


The long and short of O

Let’s move on down the alphabet, make way for the letter O. Got it? Oh yes.

As with all vowels letter O has several pronunciations. Today we’ll look at short /ɒ/ as in clock or orange, and long /əʊ/ as in go and old. 532 more words

English As A Foreign Language

Photo Challenge: Transient

via Photo Challenge: Transient

I don’t have a photo I’ve taken for this word.  Someday.  Yet for right now the word can be discussed.

Transient population.   134 more words


A Funny Misunderstanding

Chinese have difficulty distinguishing the difference between “eh” as in “eh?” and “a” as in “apple”. They also have trouble in pronouncing it properly. This has lead to a funny misunderstanding. 295 more words

Daily Prompt: Meddle

via Daily Prompt: Meddle

Don’t meddle in other people’s affairs.  Don’t meddle in something that isn’t your business.  Don’t be a meddler.  Don’t meddle in politics. 81 more words


Daily Prompt: Create

via Daily Prompt: Create

Create.  This word can open floodgates.  Everything we see and touch and is created and has been created from something else and/or by someone else unless we began the process somehow.   110 more words


How to manage your students, without saying a word

One of the biggest factors of having a good class is how you, as the teacher, can effectively manage the classroom. Also called classroom management. Classroom management is where new teachers struggle to adapt because a lot of teacher training today is focused on how to teach vocabulary, grammar, and writing but doesn’t dive deep enough into the art of actually having the students under control. 663 more words