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Green: ESL Teacher Info, Part III of III.

When you are teaching, remember to

  • be a in a great mood, all the time
  • keep the partying down and the drinking to a minimum…
  • 230 more words
Green: ESL Teacher Info.

The Nutcracker - A Playscript for children

Characters: Two Storytellers, Clara, Godfather, Nutcracker Toy, Three Mice, Mouse King, Six Soldiers, Sugarplum Fairy, Arabian Princesses, Chinese Tea Dancers and Flower Ballerinas.
Storyteller 1: Once upon a time there lived a girl called Clara. 631 more words

Drama For Children

Taciturn (TAH-sih-turn), adjective

a person of few words

Her grandfather was a taciturn man but he showed his love by reading to her.


close – curt – mute – speechless… 45 more words


Equivocate(ee-KWIV-uh-kate), verb

To change one’s mind frequently, to be unable to stick to one opinion

He equivocates on a vacation spot after every person tells him about his vacation. 88 more words


May vs. Might

In casual usage, people interchange may and might. However, there is a slight difference that is useful to know.

May means something is more likely to happen. 268 more words

Copy Editing

Nettle (NET-uhl), verb

To provoke or irritate

Siblings seem to enjoy nettling each other; they find the thing that annoys the other the most and do it as often a possible. 88 more words


Zephyr (ZEFF-uhr), noun

A gentle breeze

“Now Spring restores the balmy heat, now Zephyr’s sweet breezes calm the rage of the equinoctial sky.”
Catullus quotes (Roman poet 84-54 BC) 108 more words