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'The Fate of the Tearling' by Erika Johansen (2016)

“Hell? Hell is a fairy tale for the gullible, for what punishment could be worse than that we inflict upon ourselves? We burn so badly in this life that there can be nothing left.” – The Fate of the Tearling, p.

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Sad desk salad

The book’s description reads “As a writer for Chick Habit, an increasingly popular women’s website, Alex Lyons gets paid to be a bitch. She’s churning out several posts a day, and she saves her juiciest ones for blog prime time, when working women eat their sad desk salads in their offices. 572 more words

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'The Invasion of the Tearling' by Erika Johansen (2015)

“If we could be better people,” she would say, “if we could care about each other as much as we do about ourselves, think about it, Lily!

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Foreign Books in Hungary - as rare as sunshine during a Lapland winter

That Hungary does not like foreigners unless they are from desired countries (formerly known as prestigious), is an open fact. No one can kiss ass better than a Hungarian (and there are some contenders on the planet, my mother’s country of birth being one), and no one can show you their displeasure and dislike of a situation like one either. 509 more words

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'The Queen of the Tearling' by Erika Johansen (2014)

“Tear Queen, you’ll either be dead within a week or you’ll be the most fearsome ruler this kingdom has ever known. I see no middle ground.”

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The Summer of Serendipity

Ali McNamara’s The Summer of Serendipity is a cute romantic mystery novel. The story is about a property seeker Serendipity or Ren as she calls herself and Finn, a hotel manager.

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