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The Chamber Of Secrets

Harry is in his second year at Hogwarts. But with a new year comes new challenges. The classes a harder. Quiddicth is brutal, and there’s a rumor about the chamber of secrets. 49 more words

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The Deathly Hallows

Harry is on his journey to find all the horcruxes to defeat Voldemort. He also has the help of his friends Hermione  and Ron. After finding all but one horcrux they return to Hogwarts to fight the final against Voldemort.. 10 more words

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The Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter is living with his aunt, uncle, and his cousin. What he doesn’t know that he is the most famous child in wizard history.  After some freakish incidents and a trip to a deserted shack on an island. 19 more words

English Books

Summer Reading List

Summer to me is not only about lounging in the sun with my dog and drinking tea but mostly about spending time being engulfed by a good book. 734 more words

Bahan Bacaan Islamik Bahasa English Untuk Usia 4tahun -12tahun.

Salah satu cara untuk membantu si anak kuasai sesuatu bahasa ialah dengan membaca. Aktiviti membaca membantu anak mengetahui kosa kata baharu serta tatabahasa (grammar) yang betul. 101 more words


Official Guide to the TOEFL Test With CD-ROM, 4th Edition

This Official Guide to the TOEFL Test is the best, most reliable guide to the test that is used around the world to assess foreign applicants to U.S. 121 more words


The Long Haul

A family road trip is supposed to be fun….. unless your the Heffleys.The journey starts full of promise.,then quickly takes wrong turns. From fender benders, Gas station bathroom, a crazy seagull, and a runaway pig. 12 more words

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