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Nerf official book

If you love nerf guns ( I do ) this the perfect book for you. It tells stats about guns, the history of guns, and a little story about it. 12 more words

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Artemis Fowl : The Arctic Incident

While Artemis is planning to save his father he needs help from a unlike ally. Captain Holly Short will help Artemis Fowl if helped them save Haven from Briar Cudgeon and Opal Koboi. 14 more words

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Will and his dad share an interest toward digging, but when Will’s dad disappears it’s up to Will to find his dad. With his friend Will finds strange things like the Styx who live underground , and also his brother. 28 more words

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Artemis Fowl

A young boy who had lost his dad or has he…

Artemis thinks his father is dead and so is the family’s fortune so he come’s up with a plan to get back the family’s fortune and maybe his dad and the scheme will involve hostages but not human , but fairies.

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