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English bit: How do you say in English "estoy hasta arriba de trabajo"?

We’re releasing a new section called “Wednesday’s expression” with this snowy bit. Learn to say “estoy hasta arriba” and find yourself in the snowy mountains :)

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English bit: How do you say in English "es una pasada de...?

We’re going to Evora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Portugal. It’s also famous for its items made of cork. Learn some expressions with the word “cork”.

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University Versus College - The Ongoing Debate

So today for English class, I answer the question: Should grade 12 University level English be a requirement for entry into all university programs?

To answer simply: 551 more words

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Folds of Laughter

One corner up then one corner down.
Snip, cut, tape, fold.
We’re making paper fly.
A cockpit and wings and a tiny tailgate.
Little by little a picture emerges, 30 more words


Completely Unreliable: Time to Play

This is the third entry on using Sam Barlow’s Her Story video game to study unreliable narrators in my 9th grade English class. The first entry can be read… 2,131 more words

Game Based Learning

Sonnet 18...

Isn’t it funny how mankind studies itself?

And looks to olden texts with a pickaxe in hand,
Cherishing the poet’s words like rare, fragile pearls. 48 more words


About a Ring

A few days ago, I reached a milestone that was almost unbelievable for me. I was typing on my computer, just as I am doing now, and I looked down at my hands and at my wedding ring, and wondered when I will have lost enough weight to take it off. 177 more words