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I'm a fucking mess, my love

I miss you.
Oh god,
How I miss you.
It hurts so bad, that
I don’t even physically hurt
I tell myself I’m over it. 71 more words

English Class

Melting & Knitting

Today I finally got to teach another class! After being sick last week and having snow this week, I was ready to see my students again. 177 more words

My outline is wrong. All wrong. Throw it out, start over.

I’ll bet you never thought that.  Heck, most of you don’t outline. That’s English class stuff, no application to the real world.

It’s okay, I agree. 303 more words

Guts Of Writing

What High School English Taught Me

I remember the good ol’ days of memorizing vocab words that I could barely pronounce, let alone understand, until the point that I hated them with a fiery passion. 446 more words


Harry Potter:Sorcerer's Stone-Spoiler

Harry Potter: Sorcerer’s Stone is the first movie in the series. This enticing series is based off the book series by J.K Rowling. The movie starts off with Harry Potter ( Daniel Radcliffe), as an infant, being dropped off at his aunt and uncles house. 265 more words

Maru-chan is Great!- An English Class Party

“Oh, Maru-chan!”

All of the people including me were surprised and watched the two men who were glad to see each other again. That happened during the English class party on December 9th. 400 more words


Winter is Coming...again

So, in a fit of déjà vu, I am writing this while waiting for a snowstorm that is expected to start sometime this afternoon. This storm effectively killed my plans to go to Amman and get my lens dropped off at a repair center. 933 more words