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The Place of Useful Learning

I might have borrowed the above strapline from my former university, but it seems a good way to describe Instituto Engrenar at the moment. Our growing offering to the community now includes teaching and training in welding and soldering, mathematics, English and, of course, the bible and discipleship. 473 more words


Haroun Blog Post #3: Chapter 9 to The End

My Thoughts:

Ta da! We have finally finished reading Haroun and the Sea of Stories (for the second time).  To be honest, I wasn’t exactly surprised by the end of the book and its happy ending.  928 more words


English bit: ¿Cómo dirías en inglés: "está a punto de acabárseme la paciencia"?

Un nuevo “English bit” te está esperando. Si no sabes cómo decir “estoy a punto de quedarme sin algo” o tienes dudas, dale a play y aprende algo nuevo y útil :)) 18 more words

English Bits

English bit: used to VS be used to

A new English bit is waiting for you!! Today we’ll see the difference between “used to and be used to” to talk about habits. It’s a common mistake, so play the video and use these structures correctly :))

English Bits

"English bits": your new channel to keep learning English

Today I want to present to you my new YouTube channel, apart from the travel one, that I opened to help everybody improve their English and keep learning idioms, interesting expressions, difference between similar words, correction of common mistakes, etc. 63 more words

English Bits

Haroun #2

The Monomyth

Being two thirds of the way through Haroun and the Sea of Stories, I am now able to identify more into the lense of the Hero’s Journey that I was not able to do in the first third of the book.  570 more words

Haroun And The Sea Of Stories