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I Am Here

by Brianna Walker
Faculty Instructor: Tina Iemma

       It was during a family dinner that I noticed her holding her stomach and walking around hunched over. … 1,379 more words

First Year Writing Journal

To the Runway and Beyond

by Kimberly Roach
Faculty Instructor: Sean Murray

           I was panicky from the moment I woke up that Sunday morning. Just two days before that morning,  I accepted an offer as a model for a fashion show. 1,620 more words

First Year Writing Journal

Feminism in Society Today

by Ellen Urtecho
Faculty Instructor: Tina Iemma

               Women can often disassociate themselves from the female gender because society has perceived feminism as something to be ashamed of. 1,631 more words

First Year Writing Journal

The Rich, the Famous, and the Rest of Us

by Kamille Austria
Faculty Instructor: Derek Owens

           Today’s society generally has quite a fascination with celebrities and their lives: whether that means we make sure to tune into whichever awards show red carpet event is happening live on E!  3,400 more words

First Year Writing Journal

A Word Nerd, A New Blog, and The Living Language


I hate it, they’d say.  It’s so confusing, and all the rules have exceptions.

On the second or third day of English comp, I asked my students to pull out their softcover dictionaries.  696 more words

Blogging 101

Why I Sing

by Angel Yang
Faculty Instructor: Bill Torgerson

           “For the first time in forever, there’ll be music, there’ll be LIGHHHHTTTTTT,” my roommate belted out.

My cue. “For the firs-” 1,115 more words

The Composition of Writing

by Katherine Huynh
Faculty Instructor: Bill Torgerson

       “Water (35L), Carbon (20kg), Ammonia (4L), Lime (1.5kg), Phosphorous (800g), Salt (250g), Saltpeter (100g), Sulfur (80g), Fluorine (7.5g), Iron (5g), Silicon (3g), and a small amount of 15 other elements. 1,675 more words

First Year Writing Journal