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3 Simple Tips for Those Who're Bad at Planning

As I wrote in my blog recently, when it comes to accomplishing the truly fulfilling and meaningful goals in life, success DOES NOT happen by accident. 95 more words
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New experiences

When I was a kid I had a lot of interest for books and writing. In my hometown, every two years, a big book fair event happened and it was placed in the largest exhibition center in Latin America. 241 more words

English Composition

April 27

Your half-draft is due. Bring a copy to class. If you want me to glance through your half draft, bring a second copy. If you want me to give your work a longer review than during class, set up a time to meet with me one-on-one. 46 more words

English Composition

April 20

Come ready to write your paper for at least 30-40 minutes.

Ask 3-4 people about their rituals (preferably embodied, physical ones) that they use to grow closer to God; write these down somewhere you’ll remember and bring this back to class for discussion.

English Composition

April 18

View the short video “How to Write an Outline,” available here: 

In your homework notebook, tell how this video goes along with and/or adds onto what you learned in class. 44 more words

English Composition

April 11

We will be creating an outline of your ideas in class.

Before class, please find one quotation to support every point you’re going to make in the paper (refer to the handwritten outline you & I created in your proposal conference to know what points you’re making). 47 more words

English Composition

A review of READINGS book store

Readings is a unique bookstore, based in Gulberg, Lahore. Firstly, to talk about unique, why is the bookstore unique? Furthermore, the book store is unique because it is rather a library than a bookstore, with the racks that are put at a library, the same arrangement and organization of books found in a library. 147 more words

English Composition