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Snap Judgement or Thoughtful Decision

Sometimes we get caught in situations that require snap judgments. Other times we have more time to plan out and execute our actions. So which ones are better and more logical? 734 more words


Emotionally Detached and Deeply Caring

Is it better to care deeply about something, or will we perform better if we remain emotionally detached? Some say that the people who detach themselves perform better, while others argue that caring deeply about something can drive us to achieve greater things. 605 more words


My Gender Story

The following essay is one that I wrote as an example to show my English Composition students.  The school wants me to teach from a textbook, and I do.   1,924 more words

Creative Writing Courses

Years ago there was a correspondence course that promised to teach you how to write and earn money from your writing. If you hadn’t covered your fees by the end of the course they guaranteed to repay them. 209 more words

How to structure your English Composition courses

I just read a really fun blog post on Inside Higher Ed about the structuring of English Composition I and II courses. While many colleges do seem to follow relatively similar paths, it’s very interesting to see different perspectives. 140 more words

General Education

Complaints, Anyone?

Complaining. Yes, we’ve all done it. Sometimes all we ever do is complain. But is it really worth it?

You’re tired. You’re sore. You’re irritated. You want something and you want it now. 497 more words


Too Much Emphasis?

In the world we live in, it’s very popular to say that we can support ourselves and don’t need anyone else in our lives. We think of ouselves as strong independent beings. 651 more words