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Black Writers Have Almost No Literary Support Groups (Podcast)

Whether you are a writer who’s already on your 3rd or 4th novel or a novice who’s still getting their feet wet in the big wide world of literature, it’s vital to your overall growth and evolution as a writer, on both the artistic and business side of literary composition, to find and interact with supportive groups consisting of other like-talented individuals. 479 more words
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Wordsmiths & Readers of Tarrant Meeting (7/1/17)

The theme for July’s W.R.T. meeting was “What Reading & Writing Can Do for Your Love Life.”
If you think how frequently you READ and WRITE doesn’t have anything to do with the success of your love life, boy, are you in a for a real shocker. 90 more words
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The text book for my class next year has arrived. I don’t think I have ever been so happy to receive a text book next year. 53 more words


AUM Composition 1


Block of magazines . Retrieved from http://www.magoda.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/block-of-magazines.jpg

Instructor: Marlen Elliot Harrison, MA, PhD
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New BeginningsĀ 

I am a graduate student studying English Literature and English Composition. A few weeks ago I received the news that I was selected to work as a teaching associate. 39 more words


Why It's Time To Stop Doubting Your Capabilities as a Writer

šŸ’ŒIf you’re doubting your capabilities as a writer, I want you, for a moment, to think about how long you’ve been doing it. Ā How long have you stuck with it, and how long have you been doing it pretty consistently?
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I'm a writer (Coursera assignment)

When do you think one has the right to say “I’m a writer”? Once they are published? Once they get paid for writing? Once they do it regularly? 412 more words