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Due September 21

Write your first research report, about a source you have found (or will find) about your topic. Print out the research report and turn it in. 62 more words

English Composition

Due September 19

Read “Evaluating Internet Research Sources”, available on the “Readings” tab of the course website. (Mouse over “English Composition” to see the “Readings” tab).

Also, use your research questions to find at least two potentially helpful sources (as in, they answer one of the research questions we developed). 107 more words

English Composition

Due Sept 14

Finish reading Chapter 1 in You Are What You Love, fill out the reading report, and bring it to class. If you’ve lost your reading report, there’s another under “Course Documents.”

English Composition

The Gift of Presence: A Portrait of My Mentor

This is the third paper for the semester, a “portrait of a mentor” in which students will describe their mentor and try to narrate an event or experience that shows why their mentor is so special to them. 635 more words

College Composition

Due September 12

Finish your summary. Make sure you run Spellcheck & Grammar check, and check your work against the rubric and original document to make sure that the summary is as accurate as possible. 106 more words

English Composition

Due Sept 7

Write a rough draft of your summary of your section’s article. Remember that your summary should be one paragraph long and focus on restating the main ideas & supporting points in your own words; don’t get into the weeds & add lots of specific details. 50 more words

English Composition

First Edition of Teach. Write. Now Available

The first edition of Teach. Write. is now available! I still think I am a little bit crazy to try to publish a literary journal, but the idea of celebrating the creative writing of composition teachers is close to my heart because I know how much struggling to be a professional writer has helped me understand my students’ struggles with writing. 133 more words