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Upcoming Work

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here’s what’s due over the two weeks when you get back:

Over Thanksgiving: Talk to your friends/family members about your paper. Ask them to poke… 56 more words

English Composition

Use this grammar diagnostic test to target which lessons students must master.

Save class time and identify individual areas of weakness for remediation with Hawkes Learning’s free grammar diagnostic test! Click through a demonstration of the test at your own pace. 161 more words

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Outline Information

Your outline is due before your leave for Thanksgiving Break (by the night of November 17).  I’ve placed a sample outline & the outline directions under the Course Documents page, along with a video of me walking you through the sample outline.

English Composition

Due Nov 8-16

Your proposal conference is scheduled at some point during this time. I will email you at least the day before your conference to remind you. Don’t forget to email me your proposal by 5.00 PM the day before we’re scheduled to meet. 34 more words

English Composition

Due November 7

Read “Monroe’s Motivated Sequence,” available under the “Readings” tab. On your course blog, describe how it is similar to/different from the A-Ha! moment; based on these similarities/differences, what kinds of things can you say in your paper to make it more persuasive? 126 more words

English Composition

Due November 2

Your definition paper is due!

Read the handout on “Audience”. You will find this under the “Readings” tab of the course website.

Answer these two questions on your blog: 80 more words

English Composition

Due October 31

Your You Are What You Love reading report is due; read Chapters 3-4 and fill out the report on the Course Documents page.

We will have a “work day” for your definition paper. 33 more words

English Composition