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Do We Seek Unnecessary Things?

Most people today buy a lot of stuff. Food, clothing, toys, cars, houses, even airplanes. The definition of ‘buy’ is “to acquire possession, ownership, or rights to the use of services by payment especially of money, to purchase”. 528 more words


The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards is the first novel in the Cat Who… series, written by Lilian Jackson Braun. It was her debut novel and quite captivating. 937 more words


Everything I Write Could Be Wrong and I'm Okay With That

As a poet teaching English composition, I often feel torn between two worlds: the creative, metaphorical, emotional world of poetry, and the more structured, objective, world of academic writing.   858 more words

Going Into Class Prepared (I hope) to Take Another Risk

This is a thought exercise I want  to attempt in class today.  The purpose is not to come to a conclusion about god, but to simply open up our thoughts about the relationship between things that are generally considered to be irreconcilable polar opposites, and to think how they can be more complex than we commonly think: religion/science, belief/doubt, good/evil.  169 more words

In Defense of the Informal Academic Essay

My college and graduate writing education was informal. In college, classes were generally small and the instructor would sit in a chair same as the rest of us and open up class with a question and for an hour and fifteen minutes we would banter back and forth about whatever we had read since the previous class. 959 more words

The Teacher, The Girl and The Evidence

I remember the first truly exceptional thing that I ever wrote. I was in Standard 6, 11 years old and in a proper-English speaking school. One day during the English lesson, the teacher walked into class with a stack of compositions that we had written a few days earlier. 1,693 more words

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Love & Hate: Cell Phones In The Classroom

“Someone look it up on their phone!” I holler while scribbling some notes on the dry-erase board. We are really getting somewhere now, and a quick denotative understanding of this 19th century word is necessary. 606 more words

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