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Why Is Homeschooling Beneficial?

What are the benefits of homeschooling? Is it better than a public or private school? Do students perform better when homeschooled or sent to school? 554 more words

English Composition

The Best City in the World

My city is the best!

Everything is convenient. There are public transportation stations everywhere, so it’s easy to hop on a bus or train to get where you’re going. 227 more words

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The Drawbacks of Doing Your Own Laundry

Are your days tiring? Do you have a stressful job? Do you want to save time?

Doing your own laundry can take a long time. You have to wash, dry, and fold it, not to mention putting it away, hanging it up, or pressing it. 292 more words

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Why are Thunderstorms Dangerous?

Thunderstorms are dangerous! Perhaps you’ve been caught in the middle of one, or have watched from the safety of your home. You may know some of the dangers associated with thunderstorms. 344 more words

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Why Is School Necessary?

Imagine your future. You’ve got a great job that you love, a beautiful family, and everything you could possibly need or want. You’re very successful. 300 more words

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Blog 4: What to blog about?

A lot of blogs are talking about the grading system, so I thought I’d talk about something completely different.

A few weeks ago when we all split up into small groups, … 264 more words

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Hamburgers v. Hot Dogs

Imagine a fun family reunion held in a big park. Everyone’s having fun, playing games and catching up. Now it’s time to eat.

You have a choice. 96 more words

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