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Eminent Domain

by Kavya Dasari

Author’s Note: The following short story was inspired by a real story about a lady named Susette Kelo. She is known for the landmark case, Kelo v. 3,715 more words

First Year Writing Journal

There’s More To Love Than Kinsey: Bi-phobia and Erasure in the GSD Community

by Erin Lee

I had two bags that I had shoved in the corner of Sharon’s room the night I was dropped off for a sleepover. 1,755 more words

First Year Writing Journal

Social Justice: Writing for Our Cause

by Ty Watkins

Prior to starting this course, I believed I was a global citizen; someone who knew what was going on in the world and made conscious efforts to fight against the abuses of society. 1,014 more words

First Year Writing Journal

Of Sandwiches, Islamophobia, and Bill Maher: Being Muslim in America

by Mursal Noory

Recently on Bill Maher’s “Real Time,” there was a heated discussion when Maher and author Sam Harris voiced negative opinions on Islam.  Ben Affleck, another guest on the show, defended it.   1,541 more words

First Year Writing Journal

Reaching Equilibrium

by Ashley Biondo

Ah, the infamous high school chemistry lab, where teenage students anywhere between the ages of fourteen and eighteen convene in hopes of witnessing something reasonably interesting amidst an otherwise prosaic school day. 2,032 more words

First Year Writing Journal

Acronyms and the Latin: Ab Ovo

An acronym is a word formed from the first letters of each one of the words in a phrase.

Many Latin terms such as “ab ovo” may sound like acronyms, but they aren’t. 201 more words

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I don’t remember much about junior high school.  It’s probably a good thing.  Junior high kids aren’t known for mature behavior.

Substitute teachers as a general rule were forgettable.   237 more words