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Due April 17

Read “Skeptics May Object” (sent to you via email). On your blog, answer the following questions:

  1. What is meant by an objection to your paper? Explain what this is in your own words?
  2. 53 more words
English Composition

Due April 5

Read Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, on organizing your paper. (Hyperlink embedded in the name).

On your blog, describe how Monroe’s Motivated Sequence is similar to, and different from, the A-Ha! 66 more words

English Composition

Due March 27

We’ll work on your definition paper in class on Tuesday (that way, we can take a little pressure off for Easter Break). To prepare

English Composition

Due March 22

You will receive a handout via email on writing definitions. Read it, then answer this prompt on your blog: 

What kinds of words should you define for your reader? 183 more words

English Composition

Due March 20

First, and most important, you should keep researching! Read and record your sources. Doing a little research over a long period of time is the most effective way to research. 223 more words

English Composition

Due March 15

Your finalized topic is due. While you’re free to change your topic, it’s inadvisable to do so the further we get into the project, so settle on something you like. 99 more words

English Composition

Due March 13

By the time you come back from Spring Break, you should have some idea of what you want your next paper to be about. We’ve talked about the next paper a lot; drawing on those conversations, answer these questions, using this prompt: 84 more words

English Composition