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Language Learning - English #1 – Introduction

American Standard English and Hawaiian Creole English (HCE) are my two native languages. Growing up, it was hard to distinguish one from the other because as I understood it, it was one in the same. 317 more words


Due January 23

Watch the short video, “How to Create a Works Cited“. On your own blog, make a list of all the information you’ll need for a Works Cited entry. 79 more words

English Composition

Due January 18

Re-read the essay “Let Prisoners Take College Courses,” by John Lennon. Print the essay out and bring a hard copy to class.

Watch the video “ 100 more words

English Composition

January 16

Read and vote for one of the following two essays:

English Composition

Helpful Links

Hi, all!

Here’s the information I promised I’d put up.

  • How to do block quotes: 
  • How to add the Bible to your Works Cited: 
  • 25 more words
English Composition

Due December 5

Your half draft is due. Make sure to have it printed and go far enough before class that you are on time to class!

Other important dates: 10 more words

English Composition

Due November 30

Please read “Annoying Ways People Use Sources,” available under the “Readings” tab. Identify two “annoying ways to use a source” that you think you may have been guilty of in the past. 77 more words

English Composition