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Homework, due Sept 27

You have your second research report due. For this one, I’d urge you to look for a source on a different aspect of your topic than your first one. 225 more words

English Composition

Homework, due Sept 22

Your first research report (a progress check assignment) is due in class. Although you originally had reading due, it has been postponed to allow you to concentrate on the research report.

English Composition

Sources to Avoid

I was Googling something for class on Tuesday & turned up this list of unreliable sources.

Doubtful News, a website devoted to exposing error in the media, lists sources that are so unquestionably doubtful that it doesn’t even feel the need to debunk what’s published there; we can just take it for granted that anything listed on these websites is not to be trusted. 21 more words

English Composition

(9/4/16) Wordsmiths & Readers of Tarrant

The oh-so-infamous WRITER’S BLOCK:


One minute you’re cruising along, cranking out intriguing narrative and sensational plotlines like a conveyer belt, and plowing through each chapter, and then, suddenly, the stream of innovative consciousness gets cut off abruptly, like someone cutting off a faucet. 157 more words

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Homework, due Sept 20

Using the research questions that we developed, find at least one source. Post a hyperlink to it, along with a one-sentence summary of its main idea, in the comments  138 more words

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Homework, due Sept 15

Your summary is due in class. Please make sure it

  • Has a Works Cited entry for the essay we are summarizing
  • Has a heading, including your name, my name, the course name, and the date (15 September 2016), along with your box number…
  • 66 more words
English Composition

Homework, due Sept 13

Finish your summary rough draft.

Bring to class 1) your summary rough draft, on your computer/tablet, 2) your copy of the Seagull Handbook, and 3) an easily accessible copy of the essay, which includes the author’s full name (if applicable), the title of the article, and the date it was published. 97 more words

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