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Sunny views of the Cotswolds

On nice, sunny days, I think there are very few things that can compare to walking in the Cotswolds. The countryside is so idyllic, I really believe a day spent frolicking around meadows and woods, and along gentle streams is good for the soul. 160 more words


It Was Cold!

A quick trip back in time to a very cold December morning out in local countryside.

Taken on the same day as THIS.

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Hadrian's Wall...still here!

BAM!  Here we are hangin’ out at Hadrian’s Wall near the border of England and Scotland in the center of Britain. . .wow, wow, wow!  This thing was built nearly nineteen hundred years ago to keep out the marauding barbaric Scottish tribes at the northern most point of the Roman Empire, and a lot of it is still here. 128 more words


Spring Greens...

Green is the colour of spring…..

Green that is at first nowhere to be seen…then wham! like an express train it is everywhere. It is also a special Tint (or may be Hue) of Green often called Spring Green. 214 more words


This England--

BOOM!  Here we are tooling around in England. . .bloody ‘ell!  Landed at Heathrow, grabbed a car, and headed north. . .didn’t even stop to spend any time in London because we want to get out of town and see if we can experience some of the rural and “real” England. 200 more words


The Things That Happen In Quiet Places

Strange things can happen in quiet places. Woodlands and forests are the perfect places to find the twist of a tree sculpture or strange fungi satelliting out of stumps. 97 more words


The bluebell woods

One of my favourite springtime traditions is to visit the woods when the bluebells are out. Around mid-April, I start to closely monitor the bluebells in our own garden. 184 more words