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Daft Things I've Seen Being Said Online By Racists (An Ongoing Record)

There’s little need to show the English Defence League up as idiots – they manage it perfectly well all by themselves. Just watch a bunch of them talk amongst themselves for a while. 172 more words


Is there any truth in what the EDL say? None whatsoever, it seems

EDL claim: Refugees are taking up state-provided homes, while ex-servicemen are left on the streets.

The truth:

– Anyone presenting to the council as needing housing will be given priority need if they are homeless or living in unsafe conditions, if they are vulnerable because of mental or physical illness, if they have dependants to care for and if they are at risk of harm for any other reason. 1,242 more words

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CAUTION: Common Sense Ahead

Unless you’ve been living in a cave you’ll be aware of the current Refugee Crisis dominating the world’s news. If you have social media (and again not cave dwelling), you’ll have also been privy to two very different responses to this crisis. 1,553 more words

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EDL Supporter Allegedly Dropped Bag Of Dog Poo Through Muslim Neighbour’s Letterbox

EDL News reports on an alleged religious hate crime incident involving an English Defence League (EDL) supporter in Essex who boasted of posting a bag of dog excrement through a Muslim neighbour’s letterbox on Facebook. 278 more words


Facebook's Community Standards - racism fine, breastfeeding bad?

WARNING: this post contains racist, violent and unpleasant comments taken directly from Facebook. They are real people’s comments, and they’re not nice to see. Luckily they’re not the norm, but from a small and nasty section of society known as the English Defence League. 573 more words

The News And Other Rantings

Talking with the EDL - some lessons in nonsense and bigotry

I spent some time on the English Defence League’s Facebook pages this week. Last Saturday, they held a march in our town – luckily pretty under-attended, but it was still unpleasant to see. 4,624 more words

The News And Other Rantings