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EDL/PEGIDA Leader Tommy Robinson Talks About His Experiences In England's Islamized Prisons

Tommy Robinson, an outspoken opponent of the Islamization of England, has been imprisoned several times.  I feel quite comfortable in saying that he was a political prisoner.  170 more words


COMMENT: What rough beast slouches towards Birmingham? That’ll be Pegida - The Conversation

Pasted below is the opening of an article I wrote for The Conversation about the forthcoming PEGIDA rally in Birmingham.

The original can be found… 169 more words


Pegida coulda picked a better leader

It seems that Tommy Robinson, sometime leader of the ‘Imbibing brotherhood’ (AKA the English Defence League), might not make it to the inaugural Pegida UK piss up in Brum. 176 more words


Pegida Ireland Launch - defeating the fash with facts

On January the 29th, Identity Ireland invited English Defence League founder ‘Tommy Robinson’ to address their press conference. The press conference had a pre-planned turn out of well known… 1,865 more words

National Issues

EDL/NWI Doing what they do best

Here at EBF we abhor violence. So do most of our supporters. We always advocate peaceful protest as part of normal, representative democracy. But don’t be fooled. 362 more words


EDL shows its spiteful true colours

The English Defence League, under the auspices of its new, post-Tommy leadership has decided to target Preston, that well-known hotbed of Islamic extremism for its next demonstration. 336 more words


No speaky English then the establishment will take action

I decided to include this on my blog as it has a serious message on it and I would all to watch the youtube:

If people thought that a Labour Government was bad then obviously the lessons have not been learned anything as the likes of Thatcher, Major, Conservatives and Libdem, and Cameron Government has been far worse than a Labour Government both in the past and present time. 1,977 more words