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British Politics Goes Mad: Tory Candidate Afzal Amin in Alleged Plot with English Defence League.

Tory Candidate Afzal Amin with Mate.

As the British General Election gets nearer politics in this country is going stark raving mad.


A Conservative candidate at the general election has been suspended over allegations he schemed with the English Defence League to win votes.

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Australian-themed bar slammed for welcoming EDL protesters claims police asked them to

Hundreds of police were drafted in to maintain order near Walkabout in Manchester – it claims it was not out to make a profit from the far-right demonstrators… 667 more words

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The EDL came to Manchester and did nothing...

The rise of far-right beliefs and acts of racism in the UK has been pretty blatant over the last few years, and frankly it’s been pretty worrying. 375 more words


Six top Ukip candidates have links to racist groups: Party launches probe after BNP cartoon stereotyping minorities is posted online

  • Ukip’s top election candidates caught posting racist and offensive material
  • The party last night launched as investigation into the offensive media
  • Much of the material came from BNP or other nationalist splinter groups…
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EDL coming to Brighton, April 18th!

The far-right English Defence League have announced a national demonstration in Brighton on 18th April 2015. With no Islamophobic issue to hang their demo from, it is clear the EDL simply want to cause trouble for the residents of Brighton because we are a tolerant and diverse community that has successfully defeated the racist March for England. 102 more words

John Langley doesn't like UKIP being called racist, calls his EDL friend?

Last week, a story broke about a presentation slide used in a Bristol school that listed UKIP as a racist group, along with the English Defence League (EDL), the British National Party (BNP) and others.  263 more words

Newport UKIP in turmoil as chairman tries to rid party of 'EDL sympathisers'

NEWPORT’S branch of UKIP appeared in turmoil at the weekend as their chairman appealed for help to “rid this branch of EDL sympathisers”.

Mike Chaffin posted on the branch’s Facebook page: “Not in my name, not in my party and not in my town!” 504 more words