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Space Dandy (Season 1 & 2)

Type: Anime Futurama

Synopsis: Meet Space Dandy. He’s a Dandy guy, from space.

Pros: When I watched Space Dandy, I was primarily reminded of two things: … 247 more words


Desert Punk

Type: Well, this took a turn

Synopsis: The world’s sh#$. The people are sh#$. And anyone who points out the fact is especially sh#$. Take the case of Kanta, the “Demon of the Desert” or “Desert Punk.” He’s a horrible person. 497 more words


Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture


Synopsis: Basically, a pizza delivery boy, a ninja, a boxer, and a blonde guy help a mysterious girl fight the god of war. 275 more words



Type: You could spend hours talking about this

Synopsis: Dateline, Anime America. With Immortal toughs running amok, the passengers of the luxurious Flying Pussyfoot find themselves in quiet the pickle! 424 more words


Tokyo Ghoul

Type: Sigh, alright, so this is happening

Synopsis: Kaneki is dating this smoking hottie, until she decides to make him a smoking hottie, by literally cooking and eating him. 285 more words


Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

Type: Phantom Blood (ep01-09), Battle Tendencies (ep10-26)

Synopsis: Part 1 stars an Englishman and his fight with his mean step-brother. Part 2 stars his grandson’s battles against old exhibitionists. 444 more words


Love Hina

Type: One Conversation would literally fix everything

Synopsis: 5 girls, 1 guy, and a Hot Springs Hotel in the longest “Self-Doubt” Arc I’ve every encountered. 370 more words