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BlazBlue Alter Memory

Type: Time Travel + Fighting Game Story, Oh Boy!

Synopsis: OK, anime fighting game plots. Yeesh. From what I could gather from the Wiki, a long time ago humans made a God in order to control time. 611 more words


Ninja Nonsense

Type: Nonsense with Ninjas

Synopsis: It’s about Ninjas…who do nonsense.

Pros: I watched this because I had nothing better to do. But you kinda want to watch this when you have nothing better to do. 228 more words


Please Teacher!

Type: Someone’s fantasy, I’m sure

Synopsis: A boy gets marries his hot teacher. Gross right? Except that the boys is totally 18 you guys. For serious. 561 more words


Hyperdimensional Neptunia

Type: Henshin-A-Go-Go refefence!

Synopsis: We’ve seen guns turn into anime girls, animals turn into anime girls, and now, gaming consoles turned into anime girls! We go the Playstation, we got the Wii, we got the Xbox, we got…Sega. 364 more words



Type: A remake, who knew?

Synopsis: In what I’m pretty sure is just a Harry Potter rip-off, a young wizard from England takes a teaching job at an all-girl’s school. 456 more words


Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie

Type: Why do we fight?

Synopsis: The world is on the verge of being take over by an evil organization led by a mad man with psycho power, while warriors around the world fight among themselves to prove their strength. 264 more words

English Dubbed

Kill Me Baby

Type: Baby, Please Kill Me

Synopsis: A comic strip about two girls gets turned into a comedy anime. One of the girls is an assassin. The other is a high school student. 241 more words