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High School DxD BorN

Type: Capitalization ErrORS

Synopsis: In a series that has survived way longer than anyone thought it would, we see Issei Hyodo continuing to live the good life. 470 more words


Infinite Stratos 2

Type: Mecha Girl’s School continues

Synopsis: So apparently, the totally unique anime about a battle school full of girls and the one guy they all like got another season. 440 more words


Mobile Suit Gundam 0079

Type: I watched this while playing Xenogears

Synopsis: It’s War! The Principality of Zeon (who are totally not evil, pinky swear) has declared its independence from the Earth Federation (who are totally not corrupt you guys!). 538 more words


Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun

Type: Right up my alley

Synopsis: Do you remember what it was like telling the person you liked that you liked them. The amount of courage that took. 378 more words


Samurai 7

Type: “I’ll be in the rice!”

Synopsis: A remake of the legendary Seven Samurai film, Kambei is now a very pretty older man! Katsushiro is pretty much the same! 656 more words


English Dub news: ERASED and Cross Ange

Announced at Anime Central, Aniplex of America reveals that the winter 2015 anime ERASED will be getting an English Dub!

Plot Synopsis:

ERASED is based on… 316 more words


Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Type: Revenge in Space Paris

Synopsis: Based on one of the greatest novels to slam the whole “let bygones be bygones” idea, we’re introduced to The Count of Monte Cristo, a vampire-like blue guy who everyone falls in love with. 479 more words