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Anime Saturday

Yup, it is Saturday. Lovers of anime movies, look no further. Today, just like every Saturday, another interesting Anime Movie will be shared right here on this blog. 325 more words


Dance in the Vampire Bund

Type: “Bund” means embankment or causeway

Synopsis: Vampires! Creatures of the Night! Children of Satan that will feed on you very blood! They exist! They set up a city off the shore of Tokyo! 488 more words


Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge

Type: A lot less popular than it should be

Synopsis: We  were in the arcade late one night when our eyes beheld an eerie sight, for some dudes began to rise and suddenly to our surprise they played Nightstalkers. 339 more words


Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea (film)

Type: A popular mess

Synopsis: A girl, who’s kinda a downer to be honest, finds herself in a fantasy land where she happens to be a super special and important Goddess that all the boys have a crush on. 434 more words


Golden Boy

Type: Very Educational

Synopsis: In this show that’s kinda porn, but not really, but still really close–I mean, you probably wouldn’t watch this in the office. 404 more words


Magical Pretty Girl Sammy

Type: Spin-off!

Synopsis: In the magical world of anime Japan, a pretty girl named Sasami is turned into a pretty magical girl named Sammy in the name of love, justice, and merchandising. 305 more words


Black Cat

Type: Tries to fit in waaaay too much

Synopsis: In the most basic terms, this is an B-level anime about a disgruntled government employee who travels around with a bounty hunter and a teenage girl. 604 more words