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Type: A remake, who knew?

Synopsis: In what I’m pretty sure is just a Harry Potter rip-off, a young wizard from England takes a teaching job at an all-girl’s school. 456 more words


Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie

Type: Why do we fight?

Synopsis: The world is on the verge of being take over by an evil organization led by a mad man with psycho power, while warriors around the world fight among themselves to prove their strength. 264 more words

English Dubbed

Kill Me Baby

Type: Baby, Please Kill Me

Synopsis: A comic strip about two girls gets turned into a comedy anime. One of the girls is an assassin. The other is a high school student. 241 more words


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Type: Chunibyo, meaning something like Arrested Development

Synopsis: Love will save the world. Chunibyo will inherit the Earth. And delusions will make you taller and lose weight. 454 more words


Prison School

Type: Boys are Gross

Synopsis: Five boys enroll in a previously all-girl’s school. Awesome right? Really puts the “not if you were the last boy on Earth!” excuse to the test. 428 more words


High School DxD BorN

Type: Capitalization ErrORS

Synopsis: In a series that has survived way longer than anyone thought it would, we see Issei Hyodo continuing to live the good life. 470 more words


Infinite Stratos 2

Type: Mecha Girl’s School continues

Synopsis: So apparently, the totally unique anime about a battle school full of girls and the one guy they all like got another season. 440 more words