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The Seven Deadly Sins

Type: “A Netflix Original”

Synopsis: Giant! Fairies! Fan service! This is a tale set in a time before the worlds of human and magic were rend asunder, when Netflix was trying to get into the anime business. 480 more words


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Type: Arabian Nights starring Jake Gyllenhall!?

Synopsis: In a time long ago before, there was a movie franchise of movie franchises called Aladdin, of Studio Disney. 634 more words


Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Type: Should I count a 3d movie?

Synopsis: So a bunch of jerks fly around in space being jerks while a bunch of losers rule humanity by being losers. 570 more words



Type: Huh? What am I doing here?

Synopsis: Wait, this seems…familiar. I feel like, like I’m suppose to make some sort of comment on an anime that only vaguely connects to the actual source material. 654 more words


Wanna Be the Strongest in the World

Type: Idol’s becoming wrestlers exposes the business!

Synopsis: The angle is that An idol decides to become a wrestlers after one of the veterans insults a fellow idol. 548 more words


Golgo 13

Type: The Man with the Constipated Face

Synopsis: The series follows the mysterious assassin Golgo 13…who has a passport, introduces himself as Duke Togo, only kills with a sniper rifle, and is clearly identifiable with his unique broad frame and Japanese features. 502 more words


Science Ninja Team Gatchaman: The Movie (1978)

Type: Bird Power Rangers

Synopsis: Gatchaman, the Science Ninja Team (no, really) are the world’s best defense against Galactor, a terrorist organization with an absolutely fabulous commander. 325 more words