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Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun

Type: Right up my alley

Synopsis: Do you remember what it was like telling the person you liked that you liked them. The amount of courage that took. 378 more words


Samurai 7

Type: “I’ll be in the rice!”

Synopsis: A remake of the legendary Seven Samurai film, Kambei is now a very pretty older man! Katsushiro is pretty much the same! 656 more words


English Dub news: ERASED and Cross Ange

Announced at Anime Central, Aniplex of America reveals that the winter 2015 anime ERASED will be getting an English Dub!

Plot Synopsis:

ERASED is based on… 316 more words


Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Type: Revenge in Space Paris

Synopsis: Based on one of the greatest novels to slam the whole “let bygones be bygones” idea, we’re introduced to The Count of Monte Cristo, a vampire-like blue guy who everyone falls in love with. 479 more words


Hunter X Hunter (1999)

Type: I Hate Gon

Synopsis: In the world of anime, Shoen exists. Long running series about boys fighting to get stronger and milk merchandising for years. 873 more words


Space Dandy (Season 1 & 2)

Type: Anime Futurama

Synopsis: Meet Space Dandy. He’s a Dandy guy, from space.

Pros: When I watched Space Dandy, I was primarily reminded of two things: … 247 more words


Desert Punk

Type: Well, this took a turn

Synopsis: The world’s sh#$. The people are sh#$. And anyone who points out the fact is especially sh#$. Take the case of Kanta, the “Demon of the Desert” or “Desert Punk.” He’s a horrible person. 497 more words