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Evaluate how your occupation can affect language used in the workplace.

Occupations are an important feature of society and cannot exist without language – especially those in which many people work together and need to pass on information about how to do things, or about current tasks; however, although some features of language can be seen in most occupations, the effect it has might not be the same. 926 more words

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Oppressive thought control or controlling oppressive thoughts? EMMA ALDINGTON debates the pros and cons of political correctness

It’s no secret that people today are increasingly concerned about the rise of political correctness, fuelled particularly by newspapers and posts on social media. We hear that political correctness is ‘thought control’ or disregarding the ‘free speech’ that we so often take for granted in this country. 717 more words

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Has political correctness actually gone mad? KATE GREEN explores the relationship between PC and race

So, what is ‘political correctness’? Linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky labels it as a “healthy expansion of moral concern”, while Michael Barnard calls it an “ideological virus” ( 813 more words

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What is, and how desirable is political correctness? VICKI TOON gets out her red pen.....

In recent years, political correctness (PC) has seen a massive rise in popularity, (if I am even allowed to call it that!) For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, the… 799 more words

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Struggling with your English Grammar Learning? Here is Help for You!

Easy English Grammar Learning!

  1. What is the most difficult for you, and what are you struggling with most, in your studying of the English grammar?

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My Word Power

This site deals with English learning. I am an English teacher (CELTA certified). I am also learning English (more like a native-speaker studying his/her native language because I can manage almost everything I need to or I want to in English. 81 more words

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"Half Shadow and Half Glitter"

Guest Post by Samkelo
Featured image is a drawing of brambles by Leonardo da Vinci.

This is an extract from Barbara Willard’s The Sprig of Broom… 150 more words