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English Language 2014 Exam

I have found the text they used for Section A in 2014’s exam. Here’s the link.

And here is the exam paper and examiner’s report:

You’re welcome! =)


What The Internet Has Given The World...

With the enormous rise in the popularity of social media sites and the variety offered to us on a daily basis, it’s no wonder we’re beginning to use online terms IRL (‘in real life’ for those who didn’t know). 524 more words


The English Pedant. Five American expressions we don’t need

This blog is certainly not anti-American, but we don’t like what they have done with our language. The US has taken over English to the extent that even British people are using expressions from over there instead of our own versions. 303 more words

Tree huggers and climate change deniers

by Colin McIntosh​

The climate debate is one that has predictably generated a large amount of new vocabulary, some of it originally specialized scientific terminology that has been taken up by the media and is now common currency. 339 more words

New Words

Are you on tenderhooks?

No, but you might be on tenterhooks.

If you are on tenterhooks, you are in a state of suspense or agitation because of uncertainty about an event in the future. 74 more words


My very fourth reader question!: How do you pronounce "blog"?

For me, “blog” rhymes with “cog”, but not quite with “dog” or “log”. However, I am trying to change my ways thanks to a helpful person.