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Monday musings on Australian literature: Blaming the Americans

Rummaging through my little folder of papers and ideas for Monday Musings posts, I found a 2014 article from The Conversation titled “The Americans are destroying the English language – or are they?” If you are a non-American English-speaker you probably know exactly what this is about, because we non-American English-speakers love to get on our high horse about how Americans have corrupted the English language, except … 1,215 more words

Australian Literature

New words – 21 May 2018

monkey dumpling noun [C]
a group of macaque monkeys standing very close together in order to stay warm

When temperatures drop, macaques often huddle together to pool their body heat, forming what’s known as a saru dango, or “monkey dumpling.” This behavior is common among the 23 species of macaques, all of which form complex matriarchal societies. 241 more words

New Words

The Road So Far...

This post is about my application journey and throughout the post I offer a little advice for those thinking of applying, mid-way through the application process, or getting ready for interview… 1,973 more words


Bridal Makeup Artists – Turning Every Bride Into an Inspiration

Your wedding – is a big day. Whatever namby pamby we might say about not making a fuss at our weddings, we do dream about it, we dwell on it and we all plan for our big fat wedding. 13 more words


Opposites attract? Or do they? Brad & Jennifer do look alike.

There has been a lot of discussion about Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt online. We don’t care. We just like to discuss something else. The story is: opposites attract. 309 more words