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Eat your Words, creatively speaking mind!

Clichés could well be a blog necessity, Creative writing ‘is a whole different kettle of fish!.

Off the top of your head you won’t be able to answer this my question but I’ll go ahead and ask it anyway. 737 more words


Ready for a Challenge with Animoto?

We will watch and see… In this video, a challenge is waiting for you.

How many questions can you answer correctly? Click it to win! 7 more words

English Language

Birthday LII: Sham and Shambollocker...

Today is my birthday, Dear Reader :D I am now officially 52…

*That’s right, Clicky… /lights up… on the 25th… /drags… I got a fuckton of cards from the peeps at work… / 385 more words

The Adventures of Birds

What would happen if she didn’t click?
What is your guess?

I used Storybird to create these comics.

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When No Stone Unturned: A Collaboration

The Rolling Stones, 1968
created by Thinglink

Please view the image by clicking red destinations and the links in them.
Start with the bottom left and finish with the top right. 27 more words

English Language

ما يميز المترجم الجيد...

ما الذي يميز المترجم الجيد ؟

بقلم : انس قطيش


سبعة نصائح و إرشادات لإلهام المترجمين الجدد بواسطة مترجم عربي شغوف.

1 . قم بإتقان لغتك الأم أولاً. 901 more words

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