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New words – 24 February 2020

food desert noun [C]
UK /ˌfuːd ˈdez.ət/ US /ˌfuːd ˈdez.ɚt/
an area where there is little or no access to healthy food

A widely held theory maintains that those who live in food deserts are forced to shop at local convenience stores, where it’s hard to find healthy groceries. 257 more words

New Words

From Learning English in Delhi to Teaching English in Minnesota

By Saurabh Anand

Growing up in New Delhi in a middle-class family in the late 1990s and early years of this century was a peculiar experience for me as it shaped my mental framework and laid the foundations of what I am doing today. 1,139 more words

Hateful Left Hacks Demonise ‘Question-Time’ Heroine!

The global version of the globalist BBC does not include Question Time, so I didn’t see the show last week, never can.

But the hoo-ha of hate in the rest of the media means that the patriot lady has come to my attention. 506 more words

The value of Intel

While many people lacked surprise at President Trump’s removal of Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Joseph Mcguire, I was appalled. Shooting the messenger can be a bad move, poking your eyes out is worse. 675 more words


John F is no more. He is transitioning.

So I was having tea with a chum at St Pancras station in London and somehow the subject of ‘transitioning’ and trans-gender came up. I can’t remember why and I can’t remember if I am supposed to type or say transgender or trans-gender or transexual or trans-sexual. 436 more words


Taming My Elephant by Tshiwa Trudie Amulungu

Taming My Elephant is the autobiography of a Namibian woman from her traditional childhood in a rural village to her joining Namibia’s independence struggle and her resulting years in exile, and her return to Namibia as part of the new government in 1990. 361 more words

Book Review

Finding the #Write #Words? No. 19: Longman Companion to English Literature

Continuing the description of books on words and language listed in the introductory post, which you’ll find here.

Book 19: Longman Companion to English Literature: 372 more words