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" Taking part surely matters " ?

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If and when universities ever offer social media studies courses, Brit tabloid zeleb Karen Danczuk would make a fascinating subject for a PhD thesis. 389 more words

Social Media

Torturing our langauage

Not only does the US media use its influence to push an anti-Southern agenda, it frequently twists the English language in ridiculous ways to promote the Establishment’s talking points. 50 more words


First Post

Hey guys
At the end of August I will visit England for one month. My goal for this trip is to improve my English. I want to do blog post and YouTube videos about my trip and I hope your guys will help me to improve my English. 17 more words

England Trip

Words, They Mean Things: July 30 Edition

As many of you know, I am indeed an editor, which means I correct other people’s writing for money. It’s fun and it pays my bills. 734 more words

Feats of daring-do

Of course, this should be ‘derring-do’. But the misspelling is understandable given the meaning of the word and its origins.

‘Derring-do’ is pleasantly archaic and often used humorously in modern writing.* It means actions showing heroic courage or feats of daring. 68 more words



The previous post mentioned that Spanish and English borrowed lava from Italian, which may have acquired it from Latin lābēs ‘a fall,’ given the way lava “falls” down the side of a volcano. 246 more words

Spanish Language