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New words – 20 August 2018

hotumn noun [C]
UK /ˈhɔː.təm/ US /ˈhɑː.tᵊm/
an autumn where the temperatures are warmer than usual for the season, thought to be at least partly caused by climate change… 274 more words

New Words

How Were Shakespeare's Plays REALLY Pronounced In His Time?

DISCLAIMER: This article was originally posted on Odyssey.

We usually think of Shakespeare’s plays, such as “Romeo and Juliet” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dreams,” being narrated in what we would typically hear as British accents. 616 more words


A quick pep talk. 10 reasons not to give up on your English study

Your labours grant you access to new cultures and perspectives.

You are constantly challenging yourself.

You have already learnt a language in your lifetime.

You are developing your mind. 54 more words

"A Conspiracy in Belgravia"

A quick heads-up:

“A Conspiracy in Belgravia” (Kindle)

…by Sherry Thomas is currently available for only 1.99 USD

While gender-bending Sherlock Holmes has not been much on my Sherlockian radar before, I must say I am warming up to this series!! 76 more words

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#SoCS - Logical English

I’m a huge fan of logic. It might be my star sign (Aquarius) or it might be just good ol’ learnin’, but logic makes more sense to me than stuff like intuition. 212 more words


Don't Shun the -sions

An optical illusion–I see movement and three dimensions. Perhaps I am deluded.

Here are a few words that look as if they might be related,  but they have different meanings: 84 more words

All Things Having To Do With The English Language

Hannah Grace - "Oh River".

Hi people! :)

I realised that I’ve been showing you loads and loads of great Welsh-language music since this blog started to exist, for quite a few reasons, of which you probably are more or less aware if you’re here with me for a while, and it’s great, because there’s even more great Welsh-language music, the stuff that I know and that I haven’t yet discovered, but at the same time I realised that in comparison to how much Welsh-language music I’ve shared with you, I’ve shared just only a very small amount of Welsh music in English. 108 more words