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constant repetition

constant repetition carries conviction

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Huxley Is Much Scarier


What Orwell feared were those who’d ban books. What Huxley feared was that there’d be no reason to ban a book… for no one would want to read one. 153 more words


Eternal Memory VS Eternal Loneliness

The waves beat at you

you beat back.

Better to have

loved and lost,

whatever the cost.

The tree will crumble

and the crumble will give… 30 more words


Now are

That day
you left me
I vacated
my body…
A hollowed out
tree now
the thing I are.
What are
the parallelograms
up to? 64 more words


Analysis of Consistency is for Cowards; Hypocrisy for Heroes

History is a circle. Given enough time it will repeat. Events will occur again. Men and women will be born with such talent for arts and learning and life itself that he or she will be universally regarded as Philosophorus Renatus. 1,129 more words



Don’t blink and don’t think

Close your eyes and begin counting

One, two, three until it’s more appealing

Don’t do anything

Wait until your mind is settling… 56 more words

Shining Stars

angels of destruction

wake up!
gonna give you a teacup

you can look above
you will never find love

thinking about angels
but they only will give you a box of pringles… 23 more words

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