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Katie coric...............

I donĀ“t get into politics, the name of the bolg it is Crazy Life,
so in my view specially, the first part and also more…… 170 more words

English Literature

William Shakespeare

What a piece of work is a man! How noble in
reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving
how express and admirable! In action how like an Angel! 49 more words



I’ve never seen you look
so pale. Are you shaking? You
seem unwell. Come into my arms. You
have a temperature. You seem to be… 52 more words



You are laughing….
Although your face looks like a mean woman
And I know you have a strong forearm
I think you are laughing….
Hopefully you are not coughing… 21 more words

English Literature

Beneath the charity

And so in light did long to give,
But did not for what else to give,
Slowly sees himself in wonder,
Did not ever thought to wander, 127 more words


Porn rated R or....E?

Say hello to my girlfriends
But, down they go their pants

I’ m going to tell you a serious story
So please do not worry….. 47 more words

English Literature

"Meinkumph eyes"

His stove. His inability to wait, his turn.
His unpleasant impatience. His arrogance.
I once met the most reprehensible man in the world.
I called him a narcissist, a monster, a selfish pig, 174 more words