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A Short Analysis of Wilkie Collins’s Armadale

An introduction to a classic Victorian novel

Will the real Allan Armadale please stand up? Armadale, Wilkie Collins’s longest novel (and he wrote quite a few doorstops), was serialised in… 1,052 more words


The black widow (50 word story)

“Hy honey, how was your work today?”

“As usual.”

“You need to relax, here, have a glass of scotch while I give you a good message.” … 39 more words

English Literature

Comfort & Comfortability

Everyone is used
to seeing
what they
are seeing
and thinking
it’s familiar
to them
they have seen it
and perhaps
even own it… 48 more words


poem - the troop ship

Grotesque and queerly huddled
Contortionists to twist
The sleepy soul to a sleep,
We lie all sorts of ways
And cannot sleep.
The wet wind is so cold, 23 more words


poem - of any old man

Wreck not the ageing heart of quietness,
With alien uproar and rude jolly cries,
Which satyr like to a mild maidens pride,
Ripens not wisdom, but a large recoil, 82 more words


poem - creation

As the pregnant womb of night
Thrills with imprisoned light,
Misty, nebulous-born,
Growing deeper into her morn,
So man, with no sudden stride,
Bloomed into pride. 212 more words


poem - at night

Crazed shadows, from no golden body
That I can see, embrace me warm ;
All is purple and closed
Round by night’s arm.

A brilliance wings from dark-lit voices, 81 more words