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I need a dollar

I need a dollar to buy some milk
I need a dollar or I will become a bilk
I need nothing
I take it as the groupies from some-sing… 29 more words


Genre Preference

When it comes to genres I have written in, there are only a few. Looking back at my childhood, the stories I would make up were creative fiction. 263 more words


Virginia Woolf: Mrs. Dalloway

Sexuality in Mrs. Dalloway

Virginia Woolf’s well-known novel, Mrs. Dalloway, is a Modernist approach to questions about the human psychology pertaining to sexuality. Being that Woolf comes from a higher class, much like Clarissa Dalloway, she toys with areas of psychology in a way that can be confusing for many readers the first time they try to digest the novel. 3,470 more words


When night falls

Life is not neat
As you can probably smell it

You would like to forget about the madness
Also the sadness

That would be a cowardly act… 109 more words


Shakespeare: Analyzation

Daughter’s Rebellion

Every father has a relationship with their daughter. Whether it be close-knit or rarely speaking, a relationship was established the moment they met. Of course, many parent-child relationships don’t have the smoothest sailing because raising a human being who has their own thoughts and feelings is never a piece of cake task. 2,541 more words


Transit memories

As the ball went from hand to hand,
My memories drifted from year to year.

Back to the hot humid hostel days,
Of the muddy field of the women’s campus, 109 more words

English Literature

Nathaniel Hawthorne: Design to Open the Mind

Hawthorne’s Design to Open the Mind

Accredited with writing one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century, Nathaniel Hawthorne addresses the unjust treatment of women is his novel The Scarlet Letter. 3,319 more words