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delete delete.... I officially have become nuts

DELETE DELETE DELETE and DELETE some more…. 15 thousands plus posts that
had accumulated in my mail inbox, not to say that I don’t read you, 144 more words


The painter

You know?
fucking idiot
i’m the painter
as well as a creator
you see now,
go eat a dumb cow
and i’ll go eat a nice cool crow… 38 more words


The Best Coleridge Poems Everyone Should Read

Five of Coleridge’s finest poems

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) was one of the leading English Romantic poets, whose Lyrical Ballads, the 1798 collection Coleridge co-authored with Wordsworth, became a founding-text for English Romanticism. 487 more words



You ask me why I write this song,
when I’m smoking my bong….
you are weird
and then something appeared,
it was not the angels… 49 more words


A Short Analysis of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 35: ‘No more be grieved at that which thou hast done’

A reading of Shakespeare’s sonnet

Sonnet 35 develops a theme, or strand, within the Sonnets which Shakespeare had begun in Sonnet 33, and then elaborated on in the previous sonnet. 620 more words


Don't study English literature

Quora has become a place where you can ask weird questions without worrying about sounding foolish. For instance, I was surprised when I saw that someone had asked why they should study English literature at all. 414 more words


Tears are waiting

She covers her eyes with both hands
He looks her from top to bottom wondering
She ask why
He smugly says it’s going to be a goodby… 56 more words