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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

What if you slept?
And what if,
In your sleep
You dreamed?
And what if,
In your dream,
You went to Heaven
And there plucked… 37 more words


Poem - Neither Snow

When all of a sudden the city air filled with snow,
the distinguishable flakes
blowing sideways,
looked like krill
fleeing the maw of an advancing whale. 138 more words


Moira's Diary - The Handmaid's Tale

Thought I’d post this on here after finding it on my laptop. It’s a creative response to Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale, giving Moira’s perspective instead of Offred’s narration in the original text. 1,026 more words

Creative Writing

I'm a criminal

I am a criminal and that photo is real
When I loose my money playing the roulette then I have to revert
I am a good person but I do have a bit of treason… 94 more words


Ways to maximise your revision! Poetry...

Revise in blocks: of roughly 50-60minutes

  1. In the first 3 minutes, select one specific task and grab 4/5 revision cards
    • E.g.
      • Within ‘Power and Conflict’, primarily contrast the…
  2. 289 more words

10 of the Best Very Short Poems Ever Written

The best short poems to commit to memory

We’ve recently been reading Simon Armitage’s wonderful anthology, Short and Sweet: 101 Very Short Poems (Faber Poetry) 842 more words


Mad world

I live in a mad world
I wake up and think what can I accomplish today?
I hear nothing
And that nothing should be something… 14 more words