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Tis a Sin

I’ve just finished reading a classic novel that I should’ve read ages ago. However, like so many other books, I took my time to get my hands on To Kill a Mockingbird. 436 more words


Study Of English Literature Today

The exploration of different ideas, knowledge, experiences and perspectives is made possible through the study of English Literature.
By Mak Kum Shi

While the study of English Literature as an academic discipline was originally intended to force people into a single cultural mould, the world that we live in today is not the same world as when the subject was shaped several decades ago. 961 more words

English Literature


​I dont believe in heart breaks,

I believe in heart aches.
Broken things do get mended but becomes misshaped
Aching ones get healed and functions back to normal.. 7 more words

English Literature

A Short Analysis of T. S. Eliot’s ‘Little Gidding’

A summary of a classic Eliot poem

‘Little Gidding’ is the last of T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, but it is also his last significant poem. 1,461 more words


Hasty Blessing

We walked that meadow
Hand in hand.
The lush green grass
Rustling from their own love making.
The flower fragrance,
Wispering sweet melody of love. 131 more words

English Literature

“Look out for the summer within the weather with the autumn-y eyes the cloudy mind and those winter laden eyes which have seen the Monsoon rains shower or perhaps that heart made from the Hurricane which swipes away the land and leave behind a spring–of rosy lush with green brazen hills which look like the rustic evening of a day which is draped with ornaments from the night.

37 more words

My thoughts

sometimes i see your thoughts
so there went one screw in two nuts
subliminal thoughts
is what he has to bought-s
this is my moment… 46 more words

English Literature