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The English Poetry Canon

When I was a first year undergraduate, I spent a 1/3 of my time doing an English Literature module. My university and degree course allowed me to do this, so I decided to branch out a bit from my chosen major of History (I also did Politics, Philosophy & Religion, but that’s a whole ‘nother story). 614 more words


Five of the Best Poems about Football

Are these the greatest football poems?

Literature and football may not seen like natural bedfellows, although it’s worth remembering that Albert Camus, the philosopher and author, was a goalkeeper, and that the American football team the Baltimore Ravens are named in honour of… 515 more words


keep on riding

ride the wave
to get out the cage
go set your own stage
be your primary character
who is life´s interpreter
we keep on riding… 8 more words


First Year of University: A Year in Review

I suppose I should begin this post by stating the obvious: university isn’t the same as the image they sell you in prospectuses. It’s not all giggles in canteens; glamorous dancing in the guild; every night a ball; and riveting content and lectures you just… 785 more words


the American Dream and 'the Great Gatsby'

The Great Gatsby pessimistically critiques the American Dream through highlighting that it has been corrupted into a shallow pursuit of material gains. Fitzgerald presents this through the characters of Gatsby, and Myrtle and George Wilson, who corroborate that America is not a meritocracy. 964 more words

Alyssa's Little Corner

Ride the horse

Turn a person inside out,
and what do you get?
A landscape.
Empty and full
with canyons.

The voice
of my mother, saying:
162 more words


This Floral Bower My Prison

Hmm, may have mangled the title of that poem a bit.  I’m thinking, of course, of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison, which he wrote in — ha, for half a second I was about to write “1997” but nope, this one dropped in 1797.  231 more words

Nail Art