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Hula and the play "Umi-a-Liloa," 1917.


The hula alaapapa will be one of the special entre act features of the performance of “Umi-a-Liloa” at the opera house next Thursday evening. 271 more words


Hula from Kahuku at the Orpheum, 1905.


The country dancers of Kahuku came over to Honolulu to show the city folks what a real hula is. The show was at the Orpheum last night under the ponderous auspices of Haona whose hula school is the pride of Koolau. 383 more words

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Books to teach Maori English arrive, 1878.

Maori Books.

We return our hearty thanks to a Brother Editor of the New Zealand Press for some nice Maori books forwarded by last mail. They are destined for the instruction of the Maoris in the English language. 207 more words

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More on reported child of Piilani, 1893.

It was currently reported around Waimea and Lihue last week by the natives that Piilani, the pretty wife of Koolau, the leper outlaw, gave birth to another child about three weeks ago, and that the mother and child were coing well at their home on the Waimea mountains. 15 more words

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Charles Mathews performs at the Royal Hawaiian Theatre, 1871.

Charles Mathews in the Cannibal Islands.—This celebrated Comedian, who gave us a taste of his powers last February, writes a characteristic letter, in which he gives his impressions of us. 512 more words


"Queen of the Cannibal Islands," 1894.

A Tale for the Nursery.

Beyond the green Pacific shore,
Westward, 2,000 miles, or more,
Dwelt a lady-monarch, with griefs galore—
The queen of the Cannibal Islands. 207 more words


"King of the Cannibal Islands," 1830 / 1872.

By 1830 at least, there was a mocking ballad called “King of the Cannibal Islands” that was popular in the United Kingdom (as seen in newspaper advertisements for various concerts). 352 more words