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Alatau Wilder, Boy Scout, 1916.


Alatau T. Wilder, son of Samuel G. Wilder, has been awarded the “Life” and the “Star” badges for passing the required tests of the Boy Scouts of America according to a letter which Mr. 36 more words

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Voting Precincts in Hawaiian in an English newspaper, 1922.

Hoolaha Koho Balota Wae Moho

Ma keia ke hoolahaia aku nei i kulike ai me na hoakaka o ka Mokuna 8 o na Kanawai i Hooponoponoia o Hawaii, o 1915, he Koho Balota Wae Moho no ka wae moho ana i Elele i ka Hale o na Lunamakaainana o Amelika Huipuia na Senatoa a me na Lunamakaainana no ka Ahaolelo o ke Teritori o Hawaii, elike me ia i hoike maopopoia mahope iho nei, ke malamaia ana ma ka Poaono, ka la 7 o Okatoba, M. 962 more words

English Newspaper

Voting Precincts in an English newspaper, 1922.


Public Notice of Primary Election

Notice is hereby given that in accordance with the terms of Chapter 8 of the Revised Laws of Hawaii, 1915, a Primary Election for the purpose of making nominations for a Delegate to the House of Representatives of the United States and for Senators and Representatives of the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii, as more particularly hereinafter set forth, will be held on Saturday, the 7th day of October, A. 740 more words

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Kou trees, 1875.

Kou Trees.—The beautiful kou, which furnished a remarkably rich-grained furniture wood, and which old residents remember as growing abundantly as shade tree on the seacoasts all over the islands, has quite disappeared within the past ten or fifteen years, having been destroyed by a new insect enemy. 139 more words

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Newly pardoned, 1891.

It has pleased Her Majesty the Queen to grand full pardons, with restoration to their civil rights, to the following persons, viz:

Paulo, of Kalawao, Molokai. 110 more words


The Blue and White revived, 1904.


The New Kamehameha School Paper of Students.

“Blue and White” is the title of a very neat four page paper published by the students of the Kamehameha Schools. 761 more words

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New paper from the Hui Kalaiaina to begin, 1893.


Mr. J. K. Kaunamano will print a new newspaper in the near future, in the mother tongue, from the side of the Hawaiian Political Association . 99 more words

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