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Why do we ignore science? 1983.

Volcano alarm sounded, but nobody listened

Clark’s Big Isle

“You may bring a horse to the river, but he will drink when and what he pleaseth.” 549 more words

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Experiment of Japanese laborers, 1868.


Arrival of Japanese Emigrants.—The British ship Scioto, Captain Reagan, arrived yesterday, 33 days from Yokohama, Japan, with the first instalment of Japanese laborers, selected and shipped to the Hawaiian Government by its Consul Mr. 176 more words

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More news about the gannenmono, 1868.

The Yaconin .—The Board of Immigration have placed Saburo , (the Japanese official who came with the laborers in the Scioto), at school at Punahou. 263 more words

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Japanese laborers, 1868.

Japanese.—Dispatches from Consul Van Reed inform us, that he has engaged and will ship for Honolulu 180 picked Japanese for laborers. Their contracts are for three years are $4.00 per month, found and medical attendance, to be taken to Honolulu and returned at end of contract, free of expense. 130 more words

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Publication of "Native Use of Fish in Hawaii," 1956.

Hawaiians Were Gourmets When It Came to Fish


The Hawaiian pitied the white man as an uncultivated person when he first saw the white man eating fish. 338 more words

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Another Leilani Estates ad, 1969.

Invest in a promising area before everybody else does.

Buy Leilani Estates


Honolulu Landing
Nanawale Bay
Kipu Point
LEILANI ESTATES… 200 more words

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Leilani Estates, $100 down per acre, 1968.


Effective today, $100 down will buy you a one acre, fee simple, garden-residential estate on the Big Island. Price? From $3,300. But you can take advantage of our introductory offer of $200 cash discount on the first hundred parcels. 66 more words

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