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A mele composed by Mary Jane Montano for the fourth anniversary of the Outdoor Circle, 1916.


A feature of yesterday’s birthday luncheon of the Outdoor Circle was the reading of a Hawaiian poem, written by Mrs. Mary Jane Kulani F. 323 more words

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Liliu's National Anthem reaches New York, after a fashion, 1875.

Their National Hymn.

The words and music of the Hawaiian national anthem are both the composition of Mrs. Lila K. Dominis, the sister of King Kalakaua. 190 more words


More mele found in unexpected places, 1882.


Eia au la e ke hoa,
O Rain Kipuupuu,
Me oe a ike iho,
Na hana a ka ua noe. 123 more words

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Mele found in unexpected places, 1882.


1 Hooipo ia nei ko lia,
Holu ana i ka makani Kiu,
Pii ka manene holu malie,
Napenape i ke ahe kapalili. 105 more words

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Moon calendar and Kanepuaa, 1953.

Moon Calendar

Tomorrow, June 27, will be Mahealani, the 16th of the moon month Kaaona.

Mahealani is a good planting day. The Hawaiian farmer in ancient days who had a new field of potatoes would rise with the dawn to go into his garden and pray to Kanepuaa, the god of fertility. 127 more words

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J. H. Kanepuu the traditionalist, 1970.

Hawaiian Math

By Russell and Peg Apple

BY THE MID 1800s, the Hawaiian people were betwixt and between two cultures. There was the pull and the momentum of the old—the traditional Hawaiian; and the lure and exhortations of the new—a New England brand of Western. 743 more words

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Expenditures of the Board of Genealogy, 1884.

Found under: “General Report of The Finance Committee to the Legislative Assembly of 1884.”]


The appropriation of $10,000 for the Relief of the Board of Genealogy has all been drawn from the Treasury upon warrants by the Minister of the Interior, and the books of the department show the following persons to have been the recipients: 42 more words

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