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Summertime oak, Day 24, #30Days Wild

It’s nearly a month since I’ve visited my oak tree and there have been plenty of changes.  The leaves have lost their fresh spring green for one thing, and the post which I’ve been leaning on as a marker when taking regular photographs is now so smothered with willowherb and nettles that reaching it is tricky. 131 more words

Oak Jozef – Wisniowa, Poland - Atlas Obscura

The Oak Jozef, a 650-year-old English Oak in the Wisniowa region of south-east Poland, has long been a Polish symbol of pride. In 1934, its image proudly appeared on the 100-Zloty bill—and that was before it performed one of its most remarkable feats, hiding two Jewish brothers in its trunk during the Nazi occupation of Poland in World War II. 7 more words

20th Century


Like a mouldering but still proud old man, Britain’s most famous tree species stands head and shoulders above all others in the national consciousness. The Oak is revered for its strength, its stature and its grizzled, gnarled permanence. 762 more words



Just completed the carving of two stair rails for Chatsworth House. 3,350 scales.

Making a start, nervously checking and re-checking that I’m carving the scales in the correct direction! 15 more words

Made In Sheffield

Oaks of London: Clapham Common oak

This English oak is easily missed, to the point where I didn’t notice it was an oak until looking at the photo later. This early spring sunshine is the kind that brings people to sit underneath trees, like the man in the distance on Clapham Common. 12 more words


How to Plaster a Ceiling

Step 1: Measure & cut your ceiling beams.  Stain them in your preferred colour (we went for English Oak), and then either varnish or wax them. 171 more words


Oaks of London: February in Richmond Park

An oak with raised arms

A welcoming sight when entering the Park

Note the jackdaws arriving on the top left

This oak deceives from one side… … 125 more words