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Panic In The Streets of London

The Truth About The English Riots of 2011

After a local man was shot dead by police in London, angry protests erupted into violence and spread to several London boroughs. 991 more words


Criminal punishment – How might this work?

Nearly 75% of those aged over 18 and charged with offences committed during the 2011 English riots, had prior criminal convictions. In some urban neighbourhoods, there had been an intimidating atmosphere from a section of young people who can be aggressive in their demeanour and unafraid of social disapproval. 792 more words

Absent Voices #2: Chasing Echoes: The Perpetrator’s Voice in the History of Violence

In the summer of 2011 several English cities witnessed explosions of very public violence. Rioters, for the most part young men, smashed windows, looted shops, set fires and threw stones at the ranks of armoured police who descended on them. 567 more words