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The Sacherevell Riots, 1710

Interesting riot situation in which circumstances are not unlike those of present day Britain.

The Sacheverell riots were a series of outbreaks of public disorder, which spread across England during the spring, summer and autumn of 1710 in which supporters of the… 223 more words


Henry Sacheverell and the Riot Act, 1714

Henry Sacheverell /sæˈʃɛvərəl/ (1674 – 15 June 1724) was an English High Church clergyman and politician. 226 more words


The Judicial Hysteria of the 2011 Riot Trials

Huffington Post, 27 October 2014

Judges and magistrates are often assumed to be beyond prejudice, immune to the behavioural and cognitive biases that would sway the rest of us. 681 more words


The England Riots 2011 and the rhetorical capital it gave to right wing politics.

As we watched the looting, the violence and the arson taking place in various cities across England in 2011 we all asked the same question. Why? 1,378 more words

6 guilty in Birmingham riots 2011 - all black.

A 27-year-old man has been convicted of firearms possession after police officers were shot at during last summer’s riots in Birmingham.

Jermaine Lewis, of Summerton Road in Oldbury in the West Midlands, was also found guilty of reckless arson and riot at Birmingham… 369 more words


The Return of Crowd Contagion? 2 of 3

Christmas Comes Early: The English Summer Riots

The contrast between the student protests in London, which have, after the storming of Tory HQ in November 2010 and political defeat a month later in Parliament Square, seemingly lost momentum, and the contagious English Riots is worth considering. 711 more words

The Return of Crowd Contagion? 1 of 3

2010-11 will be looked back on as the beginning of a period of social uprising occurring in an age incessantly characterized by social media. Mainstream journalists were indeed quick to note the role of Web 2.0 in triggering new revolutionary and riotous crowds. 841 more words