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Thinking About Teaching English In Turkey? Think Twice. Think Three Times...

Seven years ago I got certified to teach English in foreign countries. I had no idea where I would teach, nor what was in store for me. 3,252 more words

Hey Ho

Section 52 is calling you…

“What a treacherous minefield communication was. You only had to inform someone you were good at communication and you could guarantee they’d say, “What d’you mean?” Ironically too Vernon was writing a detailed application for Head of Communication with a global network of colleges sited on each of the world’s continents, and nowhere on their website had they communicated what the deadline was. 23 more words

Creative Writing

Cómo crear actividades lúdicas

Algo muy difícil para un docente es la creación de actividades las cuales no sean aburridas, ya que es muy difícil su creación, o eso a veces pensamos. 92 more words


redolent majlis : doaa (part 2)

10 December 2013

8.23 pm

At my room

Tie ilm with writing (Ali bi Abi Thalib)

 Doaa (part 2)

 our doa, may it will mounted high into the Arsy of Allah SWT… 588 more words

A Moment Of Amusement

When the one whom we love....get married

in the middle of nowhere…in the search of the light..i remember You, then..i remember people that ever sink into my heart, and became story and a life lesson… 1,109 more words

English Time

demo koukai nado shite inai wa
aa kore ga watashi no jinsei
von Wettin de mo von Sachsen de mo nai wa watashi wa Elisabeth…

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English Time