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account assignment: translation of account assignment in French

account assignment English to French, account assignment Meaning in French, account assignment French definition

account assignment in French #account assignment

canoe: translation of canoe in French

canoe English to French, canoe Meaning in French, canoe French definition

canoe in French #canoe

planning product groups: translation of planning product groups in French

planning product groups English to French, planning product groups Meaning in French, planning product groups French definition

planning product groups in French #planning product groups

theatre: translation of theatre in French

theatre English to French, theatre Meaning in French, theatre French definition

theatre in French #theatre

trait: translation of trait in French

trait English to French, trait Meaning in French, trait French definition

trait in French #trait

Local self-government, right: translation of Local self-government, right in French

Local self-government, right English to French, Local self-government, right Meaning in French, Local self-government, right French definition

Local self-government, right in French #Local self-government, right

denies: translation of denies in French

denies English to French, denies Meaning in French, denies French definition

denies in French #denies