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There was a man honest and young,
Whose work for plough-boys has been sung;
Though Tyndale was betrayed,
Before dying, he prayed… 101 more words

Providential History

Backstreet Girls Chapter 8

Enjoy. I’m not really working on this anymore other than cleaning the pages and scanning, don’t really like it. Also I’ll only be doing the rest of volume one so don’t expect anymore from me. 25 more words

Cambrian Chapter 11 - Massacre

Hot off the presses, chapter 11 of Noboru Miyama’s Cambrian is here! This time the detectives try and make their way through Manic Bar’s underground maze. 33 more words

The Post-Vulgate Cycle

The Grail Cycle, also known as the Vulgate is a massive, aggregated collection of tales and rewritings of previous texts that weaves together a prolix, extensive history of the Holy Grail from its origins in Christian apocrypha, its apotheosis as the source of all adventures in King Arthur’s kingdom, until its departure from Logres, causing the latter’s downfall. 710 more words

Arthurian Literature

2PM – My Last Hangul-English translation

Lyrics By  : Lee Joo hyong (MonoTree), NOPARI (MonoTree), GDLO (MonoTree)

Composed By: Lee Joo Hyong (MonoTree), NOPARI (MonoTree)

Arranged By : NOPARI (MonoTree)

잘 지 냈는지 몰라 380 more words