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The style of written legal English

The style of written legal English – by non-native speakers

Written by Ian Barton & Salvatore Ivan Italiano 

As a language professional, I cannot fail to notice that among legal counsels who are not native speakers of the English language the expression “legal writing” has become synonymous with poor writing. 454 more words

Kora Kaagaz Tha Lyrics & English Translation: Let's Learn Urdu-Hindi

Today we present the lyrics and English translation of one of Bollywood’s favorite love duets “Kora Kaagaz Tha” from Aradhana (1969). The song is a welcome introduction to Autumn, filmed on location on the hilltops of Darjeeling where the only thing cozier than a view of the snow-capped mountains in the distance is Rajesh Khanna in a red turtleneck. 1,034 more words

Hindi Lyrics Translation

崇拜(梁静茹): English Translation

梁静茹 (Fish Leong)
崇拜 (Adoration)
作词 / Lyricist:陈没 (Chen Mo)
作曲 / Composer:彭学斌 (Peng Xue Bin)
编曲 / Arranger:陈建骐 (Chen Chien Chi)

你的姿态 你的青睐
I fixed your posture in my eyes, 258 more words

追光者(岑宁儿): English Translation

岑宁儿 (Yoyo Sham)
追光者 (The Light Runner)
作词 / Lyricist:唐恬 (Tang Tian)
作曲 / Composer:马敬 (Ma Jing)

If you’re the firework above the sea… 257 more words

我喜欢上你时的内心活动(陈绮贞): English Translation

陈绮贞 (Cheer Chen)
我喜欢上你时的内心活动 (Reactions of my Heart)
作词 / Lyricist:韩寒 (Han Han)
作曲 / Composer:陈光荣 (Chan Kwong-wing)

在九月 潮湿的车厢
September, in our damp car cabin… 179 more words

我们的总和(艾怡良): English Translation

艾怡良 (Eve Ai)
我们的总和 (The Sum Of Us)
作词 / Lyricist:艾怡良 (Eve Ai)
作曲 / Composer:艾怡良 (Eve Ai)
编曲 / Arranger:董运昌 (Dong Yun-chang)

时而进展 时而退缩 365 more words

寂寞无害(艾怡良): English Translation

艾怡良 (Eve Ai)
寂寞无害 (Harmless Loneliness)
作词 / Lyricist:张简君伟 (Alex Chang Jien)、艾怡良 (Eve Ai)
作曲 / Composer:张简君伟 (Alex Chang Jien)
编曲 / Arranger:Jerry C (张逸帆) 216 more words