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9MUSES - 다쳐 (Hurt Locker)


다쳐 (Hurt Locker)‘s Info

Realese date    : 2015.07.02
Lyricist            : E.One , Urban Cllasik
Composer       :  Erik Lidbom, Anne Judith Wik, Herbie Crichlow… 734 more words

Korean Lyrics

奇人的離職 A Significant Departure / My Little Airport

In the end, you still wanted to leave, I could not persuade you to stay.
In the end, you still wanted to break up, you did not look back. 165 more words

Cantonese Lyrics

只因當時太緊張 Because I Was Too Nervous At That Time / My Little Airport

Because I was too nervous at that time, it made you think that I was weird,
I’m up in the clouds when I see you, wish it could be like this forever. 231 more words

Cantonese Lyrics

馬田的心事 Martin's Anxiety / My Little Airport

I (really want) really want to call you.
I (really want) really want to call you.
But I know that if I actually call you, 186 more words

Cantonese Lyrics

022. The Adventurers who finally arrived

Translator’s Corner (An English Clown and a French Pierrot)

Clown: Pierrot! Let’s toast to a wonderful partnership with many new friends! Kanpai!

Pierrot: Banzai!… who are we honoring? 3,015 more words

English Translation

021. A New Movement (Link to Guro)

In order to avoid posting gaps, as we decided to alternate, I’ll be posting Guro’s sample as well. Please follow the link to the full chapter, and remember to support Guro, who always translates with superb accuracy. 179 more words

English Translation

020. Towards the Village's Revival (Link to Guro)

To avoid gaps in future posts, and for readers who wait for my posts, I decided to post a sample with a link to Guro’s website. 194 more words

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