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PowerShell Function: Get-ADGroupMembershipperDepartment

In grown environments it often comes to a complete confusion. Employees in departments are group members in groups in which they should not be member of. 343 more words

Windows Server

Veganism - Trends; Pros/Cons

Chelsea Whyte. (27 Jan 2018). Living on the Veg. New Scientist. London. In the UK and US at least, there is a reported uptrend… 240 more words


Macron's "fake news" legislation raises serious concerns about press freedom

After president Macron had made it one of the priorities earlier this years France is cracking down on “fake news” online. The intentions of his government raise serious concerns about arbitrary judgements and freedom of speech. 965 more words


Captain Code Switch!

On a not-so-recent episode of the Black Tribbles podcast (ep. 302, airdate: Sept. 29, 2017), the hosts were discussing the DC comics superhero Black Lightning. 501 more words


Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Translation

Timothy Revell. (27 Jan 2018). Code-cracking AI could unlock robot translation. New Scientist. London. 

University of Toronto academics used an AI algorithm (list of rules to follow in order to solve a problem – See BBC Bitesize link… 68 more words


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  1. You shouldn’t eat a lot of fried food.
  2. I should do more exercise. I’d like to be fitter.
  3. When you wait for a bus in Britain, you shouldn’t stand in the queue.
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You already know my book “Clouds have no influence on the Sun”.
Currently I’m working on a new extended edition, which you can purchase in your bookstores or at amazon.com. 18 more words