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Long ago

Long ago it was, long ago two souls had met, long ago they set the sail, and long ago they said good bye,

What story you want to write tonight, long ago we had written it on the sand, with you by my side…

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Listopia: One to go, eight left

Whazzup folks? It’s almost the end of 2017! This year has been a great one, I think, with quite a few surprising turn of events. Currently, I am one book short of my… 1,217 more words


I wonder

What do you wait for, what do you run to, who will pick you up, whom can you save tonight, a long pause, or the right word, the lost smile, or the gentle touch, what will you bring for me, will you be waiting at all, 20 more words

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Love is like a cloud

Love is like a cloud, love is like a dream.
Love is one word & every thing in between.
Love is fairytale come true.
Because… 7 more words


The flight

And now the bird flies, the nest is empty, and as the bird flies, high and far, the sky has spread its wing too,

For love has met love, and love should never have to fly alone…

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Essentials of the Human Behaviour: Lying and its Aspects

Fable, fabrication, falsehood, fib, mendacity, prevarication, taradiddle, untruth, whopper-All of these equate with a word. A word called LIE. Simple, subtle yet sinful.
According to the definition given by the Oxford dictionary, a lie is an intentional false statement. 1,487 more words

Not a Goodbye, but a 'See you' - Thoughts about my Semester Abroad

As I am writing this, I am sitting on the airport on Maui, spending a week here on Hawaii before closing the chapter “Exchange Semester” of my life.   911 more words