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In the middle of conditioning, how do I get real freedom?|| Acharya Prashant, with students

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To NOT Know Latin

(Found in The Relation of Latin to Practical Life by Frances Ellis Sabin, 1913)


“But to have had no Latin at all practically means that you do not know the logic or understand the categories of general grammar and those forms of language which are at the same time forms of thought; that you do not know and cannot safely learn from a lexicon the essential and root meanings of English vocables, and can therefore neither use them with a consciousness of their prime sensuous force nor guard yourself against mixed metaphor; that you are mystified by the variations of meanings in like Latin derivations in Shakespeare, the Romance languages, and modern English; that you have no historic feeling for the structure of the period which modem prose inherited from Isocrates through Cicero; that the difficulty of learning French or Italian is tripled for you, and the possibility of really understanding them forever precluded; that you have no key to the terminology of science and philosophy, to law and international law Latin, and Latin maxims, druggists’ Latin, botanists’ Latin, physicians’ Latin; that you cannot even guess the meaning of the countless technical phrases, familiar quotations, proverbs, maxims, and compendious Latin formulae that are so essential a part of the dialect of educated men that the fiercest adversaries of the classics besprinkle their pages with misprints of them; that you cannot study the early history of modem science and philosophy, or read their masterpieces in the original texts; that Rome is as remote for you as China; that Virgil, Horace, and Cicero are mere names; that French literature is a panorama without perspective, a series of unintelligible allusions; that travel in Italy loses half its charm; that you cannot decipher an inscription on the Appian way, in the Catacombs, in Westminster Abbey, on Boston Common, or on the terrace of Quebec, or verify a quotation from St. 221 more words

Church Latin

Those who want to silence the mind will keep wanting|| Acharya Prashant

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Sarfaraz refrains from commenting on reports of grouping in Pakistan team

Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed avoided making any comments on Wednesday over reports of conflict with Pakistani players, as the media speculated on alleged grouping within the national team. 299 more words

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June's pages review

Hello you all! It’s that part of the month, when we review the Countryballs pages! So, let’s start!

June’s stats.

We begin with the first part, and change on the top has been made(finally)- Polandball’s 10 year lead is replaced by the lead of Mexicobolita, which, 4th time in row, has the biggest growth, by more than 23 thousand likes, which means that in 1 month Mexicobolita has won the number of likes as the whole number of likes as Dominican Republicball. 110 more words


333: Comparison between Trump's and democrats' vision for America

Official start of Trump’s re-election campaign; new slogan “Keep America Great!”… which vision Americans will chose?


Kurds and Mormons

This morning, I stumbled upon a Wikipedia article on Yazidism, a religion practiced by the Kurds. According to Yazidism, Melek Taus is the chief of seven angels in charge of this world. 174 more words

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