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The spark that lit the prairie on May 17, comrades, never went out

The following is a document by the Communist Party of Peru (Reorganization  Committee), republished here from Dem Volke Dienen.

The 17th of May marked the 39th anniversary of the Initiation of the People’s War in Peru. 776 more words

Physical exercise naturally treats psychiatric patients: Study

Washington: A new study has recommended physical exercise as a natural way to treat patients with mental health and mood disorders – from anxiety and depression to schizophrenia, suicidality and acute psychotic episodes. 410 more words


Why Java is faster than Python

And why C is faster than Java.

On some of the things you’ll hear, there is the classic “there is no faster or slower languages, it depends on what purpose you want to use it, some languages are better fit than others”. 874 more words