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Review: Death and the Penguin by Andrey Kurkov

“The past believed in dates. And everyone’s life consisted of dates, giving life a rhythm and sense of gradation, as if from the eminence of a date one could look back and down, and see the past itself.

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The Energies of May 2017

The Energies of May 2017

Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

We being a new energetic month, in which, taking care of our physical vehicles is pivotal to help them shift, dissolve what is not aligned with the new frequency that we are embodying, and allow them to integrate all the new stellar codes that we are receiving. 1,889 more words

Places in Groningen V: Anat

Anat, named after the owner, works upon a clear vision; respect for humans, animals and the environment is key. Anat is fully plantbased, but not just for vegans. 314 more words



Yesterday was an awesome day. I woke up really early and started doing my homework after doing my homework, I started to play with my mom’s phone. 118 more words


day 7: recommend a book for us to read? why?

It is a tough decision for me to pick just one good book as a recommendation. I read many books, any genres, from novel to how-to-get-rich-fast book, written by any authors, from award winner to one hit wonder authors. 435 more words


Stay Away From Those Gypsies

Written by Tami Sulistyo

I never wanted to study the German language. But I am half German by heritage, so I felt obligated. After learning French for five years, which was beauty to my ears, my preconceived notion followed the stereotype that German was guttural and rough sounding, utterly uninteresting. 797 more words



Melisent seems to be a variant spelling of Millicent, the English form of Germanic Amalasuintha meaning “strong labor” or “strong work” from amal (work, labor) and  32 more words