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these thoughts.

You see, the wind blows cold and
I’m on a cyclical path that keeps me spiralling around this
single thought;
That I’m destined to be alone from now until I’m old, 270 more words


Personalized Bookshelf

“Her deep rooted desires are covered by a strict regime entailed to her aunt’s ambitions.”

Based from the short story, “The Bicycle” by Jillian Horton.


Top 10 Confused Words in English [E-F]

The words in the following list represent misunderstanding of the words’ meanings and not simply an inability to spell them correctly. This post covers words starting with the letters e and f (the a-b list is here, and the c-d one here). 8 more words

Relax in Your Garden

You should take some days off during this great time of the year to just go out and relax in your garden. Have fun! [Photo CCBY SusanneNilsson]


english test 

Miss I don’t know how to send you the English matrix because I can’t add it on to here? I will just show it to you tomorrow :)