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Welcome Antoine, French volunteer who speaks four languages

Hi there! My name is Antoine, I’m French, from Brittany, though I’ve lived most of my life outside the country. I’m 21 years old and I just graduated from a European Studies degree in Maastricht, the Netherlands. 79 more words


Café and Cola カフェとコーラ


I didn’t go to school this morning. I went to a café with my friend. We met the school committee. We are increasing awareness about domestic violence. 35 more words

Short Funny Story

Hello my name is Joe Danagher and I’m going to tell you about a member of my family who lives abroad . This family members name is Brian Mc Caffrey and he is my uncle who lives in Long Island, New York . 142 more words


First blog post

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut dignissim malesuada vestibulum. Morbi ut eros risus. Vestibulum rutrum metus non malesuada ultrices. Cras condimentum turpis arcu, quis finibus purus molestie eget. 582 more words


MoonMoon (문문) - Marriage (결혼)

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작사/작곡/편곡: 문문
Lyricist/Composer/Arranger: MoonMoon

결혼에 대하여
예쁜 단어를 골라
예쁜 칭찬을 하고
예쁜 밤을 만들 것 137 more words

*LYRICS (가사)

Melomance (멜로망스) - Feel Like Falling In Love (사랑하고 싶게 돼)

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작사: 민석 | 작곡: 멜로망스 | 편곡: 동환
Lyricist: Minseok | Composer: Melomance | Arranger: Donghwan… 141 more words

*LYRICS (가사)

Let us rewind the clock...

“The government of India has issued a clear directive that each paisa of the public’s money should be used for public interest, for development… if Anyone opposing development occupies any position anywhere, they will not be allowed to use a single rupee of the government of India.” This is Narendra Modi in 2017. 1,134 more words