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7 Tipos De Acentos En Ingles (7 Types Of English Accents)- Joanna Rants [Eng CC]

I think that Joanna Hausmann did pretty good with her imitations of most of the accents, but her Irish accent was probably the worst. :D


How to Speak English Fluently without Hesitation in Bangalore

How to speak English
fluently is more a question of the psychology of English speaking than it’s
that of your knowledge of the language. Fluency comes from the cultural… 97 more words

A Modest Proposal

By: Ali Mehdi Zaidi

Inequality of education is a process on a spectrum. There are the entirely excluded. Individuals who, either because the vile uncle does not like women educated or because even the desire for education struggles to survive on an empty stomach, remain outside the classroom. 821 more words


Typical British slang, phrases and words!

As someone who speaks English, with a British accent, (okay, and Scottish) I, of course, had to write a post about our slang at one point. 332 more words


Afropolis Dakar 2021: Teaser

Here is a teaser for my upcoming second documentary in the series on the urban space and city dwellers. This film will discuss the status quo of urban planning and the Dakarois civic activism in times in which the public space in Dakar seems to be growing more and more private. 26 more words


Dear real self
With lot of hugs
Warming smiles
Glowing within
With the love of life
My darling
Beautiful sunshine
With golden line
Ah, the braveness in you lightening… 44 more words


Common English Sentences

Common English Sentences

بارش ہوتے ہوتے رہ گئی.
The expected rain didn’t fall.

تم نکاح کب کرو گے؟
When will you have your nikah?

سوئی میں دھاگہ ڈالو۔ 1,169 more words