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You may now listen to holiday music

Earlier in the month, I took an informal, unsicentific poll of my Facebook friends to find out when it was appropriate to start listening to holiday music. 252 more words


Give a thank

Today is apparently Thanksgiving in America so enjoy, dear americano amigos. I added a latino touch to that to emphasize. Not sure what exactly. Thanksgiving is nothing we celebrate in Sweden. 199 more words



1 balloon
2 fish
3 teacher
4 good morning,my mother.
I am fian,thank



After all, he hated to love her but never loved to hate her!

Drug Today

All My Puny Sorrows Chapters 1-7

Well. That was depressing. Normally there’s some sort of precursor to sad events but for this book, nope, just straight into the thick of it. So as you saw from the title, I started reading a new book (again not by my own choice), and I’m left sitting in a state of introspection and devastation. 962 more words


The inquisition gets reinstated in Canada

If anyone listened to the debates about Bill C16 and heard what Jordan Peterson and Gad Saad had to say about the tyrannical nature of such a law as well as the many unintended side effects, you now have proof that what these two super smart guys said is… 1,180 more words


Being a Fake Bilingual * 私の英語について


Those who have been reading my blog in English must noticed already that my level of English is not great.


This blog is for fun. 340 more words