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Grammar Blog: Week 5:Buy Indent Today!

Hello, Folks.

I’m here to share with you the advantages of using Indent Marketing to advance your business interests today. When you need an in… 210 more words

Grammar Blog

No Complaints And No Hatred!

The spaces will wean,

The feathers will grow.

I will fly away,

With tears drooling,

With patched heart,

No complaints


No hatred.

The fringes will accept, 25 more words


Parabéns! Celebre suas Pequenas conquistas em Inglês (36)

I am really HAPPY! 10% of 365 Videos non-stop !Help me celebrating through your support! (like, comment or share) 

10% dos 365 vídeos alcançados, e estou celebrando, pois acho que todos temos que celebrar nossas pequenas conquistas, para irmos cada vez mais longe!! 29 more words


Mudpuppy Spanish to English Ring Flash Cards Review | Learn Spanish

Mudpuppy Spanish to English Ring Flash Cards Review Posted on July 7, 2015 by jpm Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.7 out of 5 stars Cards can be removed from the ring to use for sorting and matching games, or to hang as decorations in a nursery or classroom 26 double-sided cards Reclosable ring Cards: 2.75? 130 more words

Ikura time

Now is the season for nama-sujiko (raw salmon roe) and my local supermarket was selling it, so I bought some.  I am always amazed living here in Japan at the quality of fresh seafood you can obtain just from a regular neighbourhood store, without having to go to an expensive fancy fishmonger or department store.  172 more words


The Carrier

The Carrier


-Well from my point of view is like cooking, maybe you only have a few basic ingredients, but if they are of some quality and you mix them wisely you´ll have something with a great flavour and nuances, you could have a lot of quality ingredients and you know how to mix them, then you are a Mozart or a Rachmaninoff, you could have a lot of ingredients and not knowing how to mix them….you make things that nobody like and your only consolation is to feel better than the ones who don´t have a lot of ingredients…. 2,693 more words


She Window

I’m currently in my first year of linguistics, and it hasn’t been until now that I’ve truly grasped how bizarre the English language is. It’s very comparable to what your plate looks like on your first round at a buffet table. 494 more words