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ETHER | "The greatest human error is simply existing." | from issue#8

What would ETHER look like if its music was a series of paintings?

that is an interesting question. it would be very contrasting with not much middle ground, somewhere between beauty and tragedy with an overall tone of sadness and anger.

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The 2017 UCL Neuroscience Symposium

If you happen to be a neuroscientist based at UCL, chances are you have already attended or heard about the UCL Neuroscience Symposium. If for whatever reason you don’t know what I am talking about, or you couldn’t make it this year, fear not and read along for the extended version of my take on… 1,151 more words

Ciència | Science Communication

Critical Language Testing

Critical language testing (CLT) is a philosophical approach that states that there is widespread bias in language testing. This view is derived from critical pedagogy, which views education as a process manipulated by those in power. 434 more words


[EN] InCoWriMo 2017

Διαβάστε αυτό το ποστ στα ελληνικά. 

I spent February writing letters and cards, 31 letters and cards to be exact, so that I could complete InCoWrimo ( 1,026 more words


Lit: My literary life timeline 1993-2013

Everyone has their own list of literature they’ve read that stayed with them for a multitude of different reasons. I’ve rooted around my memories and compiled my own. 586 more words


IELTS Test | Story and Tips

Setelah beberapa hari ikutan tes IELTS di Surabaya, saya memutuskan untuk share cerita saya, berikut dengan tips, mengenai hal-hal yang terjadi pada saat ujian IELTS. Tes ini saya ambil pada tanggal 8 Juni 2017 di Mercure Hotel, Surabaya. 1,055 more words