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What Do You Mean People?

I was helping a friend last semester with one of her final projects and all I had to do was talk. She just needed someone whose first language wasn’t English, and I was the perfect prospect. 386 more words


How humor can help the students improve their skills of listening and speaking?

*Maria do Carmo Rocha Matos

Being physically present is no guarantee that students are learning. They need to be mentally present. Humor has a way of helping students become mentally present and engaged in second language class. 109 more words


Down feather

What‘s a down?

Down are small, very soft feathers. In most bird species, they grow under the visible feathers as an undergarment, ensuring optimum isolation of the bird from heat and cold. 1,390 more words


Famous Screenwriter Matt Graham discusses the success of "One Giant Leap" TV Series and his work with Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone was looking for a writer to work with for his longtime dream project – a ten part documentary series about the unknown side of American History. 1,089 more words