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The bone marrow is no longer alone – the lung also makes blood cells

In this month’s “Paper Of The Month”, research out of UCSF demonstrates that the lung is the main producer of platelets. So far scientist believed that all blood cells – from pathogen-fighting white blood cells to red blood cells that transport oxygen and platelets, which clot blood during wound-healing – are primarily and exclusively produced in the bone marrow. 789 more words


17 Hippies: 20 Years – Anatomy

It Takes a Village

Listening Post 92. The Berlin-based world/folk group 17 Hippies emerged in an open-minded Europe that valued diversity. Operating less like a band than a village in which each resident carries instruments and tastes acquired on foreign adventures, the collective’s disparate elements work beautifully together, against expectations. 254 more words


NEWS: Irresistible Mistakes Release

-The Story- 

I should never have done that…
He was a total stranger. I didn’t even know his name.
But we spent the night together…!

239 more words

The last penalty. Alternate History ofYugoslavia.(Loosely based on a book of Gigi Riva)

The twentieth century has been defined as the century of Sarajevo. The cycles don’t care of round numbers, of the time as we humans mark it. 1,014 more words


Beauty and the Beast

Watch how this beautiful tale unravels into a mesmerising story. Belle (Emma Watson) is an incredibly brave girl and has desires other than to marry Gaston (Luke Evans). 49 more words

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T’ga za Jug

When I say “T’ga za Jug” (Longing for the South) in Macedonia, two things for sure come in your mind: a poem and a wine. T’ga za Jug is a poem by Kostantin Miladinov (1830-1862), a poet from Struga who wrote this emotional and beautiful poem while he was in Russia, far from his homeland, and he expressed his suffering and his nostalgia for the South – Macedonia, in this case – in few, intense words. 501 more words