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333: Comparison between Trump's and democrats' vision for America

Official start of Trump’s re-election campaign; new slogan “Keep America Great!”… which vision Americans will chose?


Kurds and Mormons

This morning, I stumbled upon a Wikipedia article on Yazidism, a religion practiced by the Kurds. According to Yazidism, Melek Taus is the chief of seven angels in charge of this world. 174 more words

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Life as Ticher Morgan

“Mama! Ella se llama Ticher Morgan!”

The above quote came from a fourth grade student at my escuelita. During conversation, her mother referred to me as “Morgan” prompting her daughter to quickly correct her by saying “Mom!

322 more words

How To Calculate C2 Proficiency Practice Test Scores

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Cambridge Assessment English. The methods described below can be used to calculate *approximate* practice test scores, and are for illustrative purposes only. 293 more words

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Guildwood GO station upgrades bring bounty of benefits to the community

Metrolinx leaders and community members gather to mark the rebirth of Guildwood GO station on the Lakeshore East Line.

Guildwood GO has come a long way since the year Star Wars premiered and the Space Shuttle first took flight. 367 more words


New Zealand lose first wicket in 3rd over in World Cup match against South Africa

New Zealand, while chasing a target of 242 runs set by South Africa, lost their first wicket in the third over of their World Cup match in Edgbaston on Wednesday. 321 more words

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Wounds that never bleed
They say, take no heed
And tears that never shed
No unheard stories they manifested!!

I remember the darkness and cold… 312 more words