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C1. Listening on Education

Watch this video from youtube about Education. Once you’ve watched it, download the worksheet below and answer the 6 questions proposed. Hope you like it!

WORKSHEET: ListeningC1Education


C1. UK and USA Education System

Here you have a link to a word document you can download. The reading activity deals with the Education system in the UK and in the USA. 32 more words


C1. Internet and technology

Throughout this unit we will discuss how the world has changed thanks to the use of Internet and technology. Here you’ll find attach a word documet with the reading task of the unit and a pdf entitled  UT1 C1 with new adjectives and with some pictures to be described and discussed in class. 7 more words


B2. Synonyms


good”: positive, right, correct, fine, important, logical, acceptable, helpful, useful, kind, favourable, skilful, suitable, sensible, reasonable, high quality, luxurious, voluptuous, comfortable, comforting, genial, cosy… 132 more words