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English T-Shirts In Asia (20+ Pics)

One of the great things about the world we live in is the rich and diverse variety of languages that you can find across the globe. 186 more words

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Why Does Engrish Happen in Japan? - Breakfast buffet edition

Is there a better way to start your day than with a nice plate of Italian wind salad and “near the broil with salt?” 659 more words


Grilled sexual harassment, loving people I can't stand, musical notation clock

I tried calling Harmony at 8 to say I wouldn’t be able to make it, but no go. She called me later to see whether I was coming or not, so I said I didn’t want to take the risk of getting sick! 77 more words


Being there in five minutes! / Feel my kick and moan! / How did you get in here?

I talked to Wesley briefly about the past and my present day. Then I talked to Vanessa briefly tonight via Facebook messages about narcissism, abuse, articles, and Krista. 114 more words

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