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This Chinese Scroll, made by none other than Lao Tzu (I’m pretty sure that’s spelt roughly right, and you can quote me there) IS PROOF that time travel *IS* possible.. 51 more words


Mermaids and Fried Wikipedia: the art of translating menu items into English

Traveling in a country where you aren’t super confident with the lingo can be extremely daunting, and simple acts like ordering food become a bit of a nightmare. 459 more words


Song Challenge Day 27: Making Fun

“A song you make fun of”

Liking a song and making fun of it are nowhere near mutually exclusive, especially if the song is Japanese; have you… 94 more words


Yes Is Be My Answer

As the old joke goes, someone who speaks four languages is quadrilingual, a speaker of three languages is trilingual, someone with two languages is bilingual, and someone who knows only one language is an American.   272 more words


Strange Indian airport sign cautions visitors not to consume carpet

Every country has its own set of rules and customs that visitors may not initially be aware of. To meet the demands of the growing tourism industry, many governments have opted to implement multi-lingual signs and websites. 271 more words