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Chinese snack shysters rip off Koala's March cookies, complete with gibberish Japanese

It’s no secret that these days, everyone’s ripping everyone else off when it comes to products. But yummy Japanese snack foods seem to be a particular target, with Korean-based company Lotte famously… 510 more words


Pro announcers have hilarious conversation over unfortunately named sausage snack

I’m sure most of you are aware that Japan is full of awesomely terrible Engrish. Some of it may be cringe-worthy, but the child in us can’t help but snicker as we tell our friends we just had a cup of… 303 more words



you bleach my hair and skin.
lever open my eyelids.
staple my lips
until they swell like tangerine
segments. force a lock in my heart… 71 more words


Two excellent signs...

Chris: …spotted in a Shibuya grill by Danielle, the latter in the loo.

Chicken leather.