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For the Future

Another unimportant post :P. First, take a look/listen to this song:

For The Future – Do As Infinity

I can’t embed since it has “ 518 more words

Postingan Ra Mutu

Cafe Engrish

What kind of donuts are served on a flight?

Plane donuts.

Yes, I have the sense of humor of an eight year old.

In Japan, sense of humor is on the punny side, mostly a play on words that sound similar. 229 more words


Seoul, Korea

I really, really wanted this Engrish to be on purpose, like those PLAN AHEAD signs you see where the ending is all squished. Alas, Designer Miss Kim confirmed that it was just a mistake. 85 more words


Ingleesh (competition inside!!!!!1!)

I get constantly caught out by loanwords, those words from one language that get incorporated into another with nothing but a shift in pronunciation. English is brilliant for it – pyjama, siesta, bungalow and countless more – but is by no means unique in its linguistic pilferings (or horrendous mispronunciations thereof). 133 more words