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Osu Kannon!

Osu Kannon is a Buddhist temple located in Osu. Osu is in central Nagoya and is what some people would call a tourist trap area… 1,318 more words


Problems with Automatic translators in Japan

The use of automatic translators is not just limited to menus, it is used in many other day to day situations with business travelers and tourists alike. 235 more words


Japan's use of the English language - Part 2: Automatic Translation

The Use of English on menus

Many restaurants and bars have used automatic translators in order to widen their customer base to include international tourists. However, while automatic translators may do a reasonable job when translating between European languages, and may even do an almost acceptable job at translating between east Asian languages, it cannot translate sentences or concepts between Asian and European languages. 128 more words


Japan's use of the English language - Part 1: Marketing

Far be it from me to mock anyone for their inability to speak a non-native language, as a language learner I know how frustratingly difficult it can be in some cases to be spot on! 397 more words


Whenwolf, Whywolf, and Whowolf / Too-polite Canadians / Sichuan's hair blood


This CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS comic strip is from Wesley: “Aaagh! A werewolf!” “Heh, I’m no werewolf! I’m a WHENwolf. 69 more words


Just Can't Be Happy

Generic Ratings: 1: Crap. 2: Ok. 3: Good. 4: Great

Similar to Faceless Sense Of Void, this feels like something which would be used to build… 80 more words

Manic Street Preachers