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Your Monthly Konglish: 4/2016

1). Not Konglish, just something that doesn’t make sense. You’ll often see “freebies” taped to products in grocery stores. Things that belong together: a couple extra diapers taped to a box of diapers, or batteries taped to a toy. 256 more words

Adventures Within Korea

Study Chinese, Learn English: Signs in China

Where’s a mirror when you need one?

Whether or not you’ve visited China, you may have seen photos from that part of the world.  Half of the time, the photos might be of pollution – in which case, have fun trying to find what it was a photo of – but other times, they might be of the ever-changing Shanghai skyline, or some relatively lengthy and not-so-bad wall, or of a menu written only in… 164 more words

East & Southeast Asia

F hashtag minor?! / Lactomangulation! / Frying over a jungle! / Nintendo gun

I called Barry to set up a food shopping appointment – I’ll have to live with Friday morning at 11:30, although I’m sure the sun will get me up hours before then. 90 more words


Shopping fun: English in Japanese fashion

I love shopping in Japan. Not only are the clothes super cute and reasonably priced – some of the designs are either inspirational, random or hilarious. 76 more words