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Ham sandwich! Japanese netizens are loling at these nonsense car decals

If you live in Asia, you’re probably used to seeing Engrish phrases everywhere. When you’ve grown up reading and writing in kanji, hiragana, etc., the “foreign-ness” of English writing and phrases adds an air of mystery and style. 329 more words


Because Japan 2: Engrish, Safety, and Sweetness

Since I took nearly 2,500 photos during my five weeks in Japan, this is another post full of stuff that doesn’t really fit into my entries about specific places or events. 748 more words


NanoPoblano, Day 8: Mi Engrish es su Engrish.

I’m taking this Sunday to enjoy the relaxing time. Hopefully I’ll be feeling wordier tomorrow.

In the meantime, please share this free gift from my hotel in Yokohama. 37 more words


I'm on the road, and I will always be.

Source: Phan & Lâm – Love Hits The Road

Recently, I have got bored of a lot of things: social media, music, news, people (either public figures or some of my friends), even writing. 1,089 more words


Japanese tourist center asks small-penised travelers to not make a mess in the bathroom

While Japan’s highest mountain itself is the primary attraction, it’s not the only thing to see in the Mt. Fuji area. There’s also the Fuji Five Lakes… 559 more words


Funny and unusual things in China

Signs in “Engrish” brought me much amusement while in China. Like most of the world, native English speakers are readily available to assure that signs are written in more-or-less correct English. 171 more words


Engrish for Toilet

When you have to go in another country, you may see unfamiliar signs like these, but I’m confident you are a proficient Engrish reader.