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Posting weird shit again, the inaccessible Fairy Ring, hanging yourself

I discovered that my new chocolate ice cream has coconut flakes in it, so I had to throw it out (along with the weirdly-melted Häagen-Dazs Spirits ice cream) since I don’t like coconut! 78 more words


"Home" With New Eyes

After living in Japan (or probably any other country) for a while, when you go back to where you’re from, it’s a strange experience.

This week I got back from a couple weeks in the US, visiting family and friends. 497 more words

Living In Japan

Spiritual Engrish

These references to Kami-sama, or God, and other spiritual things, made me laugh a little. Hope you’re enjoying your Golden Week in Japan!

Living In Japan

XSEED "KKK" Localization Controversy

In the news today: Localizer Asks to be Removed from Game’s Credits After Developers Erase KKK Reference (via Kotaku)

Summary: A localizer for the publisher XSEED has gone public with their opposition to a decision made by developer Acquire to remove a KKK reference from the upcoming title Akiba’s Beat. 720 more words


Restaurant Engrish

Some random restaurant Engrish photos… there are too many more.

Living In Japan

Fifty Shades of Grey, whole-meat toast, Vagitarian Deluxe, a yummy fish

From Janina: Fifty shades of grey!

From Julie S. and Snapchat: Whole-meat toast?! BEAF meatballs and a Vagitarian Deluxe pasta item on a menu?!

Rare item in FINAL FANTASY VI: THE ETERNAL CRYSTALS: Fish: A yummy fish.


Engrish on Food Packaging

It’s far too common that the text in English sounds a bit off.

Living In Japan