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Time for a Holiday / Vacation?

Spring break is almost here.

After a year of nonstop work, maybe it’s time for a break.

While living in Japan, there are several clear travel seasons when students and working people often get a break from their busy schedules. 1,112 more words

Living In Japan

You had me sold at "Ugly, but tasty riceballs"

One thing I love about going to a country where English isn’t the first language is seeing the different things written in English that either A) don’t make any sense or B) make sense, but probably should be written in a different way. 323 more words


That time, weekend Chinglish update!

It’s that time again, when I’m short on content and it’s fun to just share pictures of bad English translations.

From reptile food to special toilets… 127 more words


Getting my Engrish on

**if you are reading this on Facebook, please just go to the link of WordPress…I am peeling away from Facebook (except messenger) slowly and am updating largely through my blog. 120 more words


A Beautiful Diversion

You should be doing your task—in which you are required to make a review of a 229-page-thick book—yet, you are texting her instead.

You are pretty much sad and you need someone to cheer you up, but you are cheering her up instead. 377 more words

Guratan Pena


(Time out for some humor)

It’s hard to talk to each other in the midst of a raging storm.

We get used to it.   We shut out the powerful raging storm all around us.  527 more words


English Fix: Naoyuki Oi Interview

I saw this video on my feed courtesy of my good friend Sam and wanted to take a quick stab at correcting the English.

Who:  281 more words

Improving English Fluency