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Engulfing presence of misty touch
Could be felt with the closed eyes.
Unexplored terrain of unknown path
Could be tramped down with the unshaken faith. 10 more words

Wheat, Corn & Sugar 6-8-2015

Hey Traders!!

If you recall, last week I had two open positions (Corn and Sugar). This week I’ve added another position…Wheat. To update from last week, my Corn sell position was based off rejecting a confluence of resistance levels. 138 more words


End of the Week: Open Positions 6-6-2015

Hey Traders!!

I have two open positions from Friday. The first is a sell position on Corn (4hr). This position was based on exhaustion at a confluence of resistance levels (rising trend line & horizontal resistance). 153 more words


Not Single

He had a serious girlfriend of two years. They had lived together in Nashville and now, were long distance. I looked her up on Facebook to see what she was all about. 102 more words


All the Pain in the World

When relief sets in after the engulfing of pain, we can see it peel away and everything feels better. It peels away from us looking for a new victim but who would wish so much pain on another.


( 1 pos in progress) DAx30 h4 WR3B CTT trendline still hold


The trendline on d1 seems to be still holding up as price have completed a bearish expansion which engulfs 2 days. It also marked a change in sentiment as there was previously a yellow bullsih expansion day. 27 more words

Dawn of a vision

Like a message from above and a halo of light surrounding the atmosphere and engulfing the wonders of creation with a spectacle that captivates the very senses of existence, they dawn on you like unexpected gifts