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Guantanamo Bay Must Stay Open

Recently, President Obama has voiced his opinion on Guantanamo Bay by sending a plan to Congress to close the “inhumane and un-American” facility; however, this detention center is a very vital defense mechanism for the United States in their fight to end terrorism and should remain open. 810 more words

[CW] Absolute Warning

Bill Herbkersman, a South Carolina state Representative, was already feeling uneasy about his Republican colleague’s views on torture. Donald Trump had already claimed that “torture works,” disregarding dozens of studies out there that reported otherwise. 104 more words

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Judge gives OK to sue CIA & Doctors Who Invented US ‘Enhanced Interrogation’

Source: RT
April 25, 2016

A lawsuit has been approved to move forward by a Federal judge in a ruling the ACLU has called ‘amazing’ and ‘unprecedented.’ The lawsuit comes from former detainees tortured by the CIA at the agency’s notorious black sites. 63 more words


Finally - Worthy Candidates of "Enhanced Interrogation"

Those readers familiar with me and my work know that I have staunchly been against the use of torture, or anything that smacks of it – Joseph Farah, head of the Christian-oriented media site… 3,044 more words


And you thought this was over?

We haven’t even heard nor seen the worst of what happened to people imprisoned in AbuGhraib. Eric Fair, the author of the book, Consequence comes out four square against torture or enhanced interrogation saying they are one and the same.   346 more words

"Tentative, Unprepared And Unaware": Rough Interview Raises Awkward Questions For Sanders Campaign

If you talk privately to Hillary Clinton campaign aides, one of the more common complaints is that Bernie Sanders just hasn’t faced enough scrutiny. It’s ironic, in a way – Sanders supporters generally argue the Vermont senator doesn’t get enough attention from the national media, and in a way, Team Clinton agrees. 695 more words


"No Doubt It Works?": Donald Trump Wants To Reclassify Waterboarding So It’s No Longer A War Crime For Him To Order It

While there was some discussion among the Republican candidates at Saturday night’s debate in New Hampshire as to whether or not waterboarding was a form of torture (it is), Donald Trump went below and beyond everyone else on stage to insist that not only would he reinstitute waterboarding against America’s enemies, he would “bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding” as well. 329 more words