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The Dukes of Langley: On Law and Enhanced Interrogation

September 11, 2001, for all intents and purposes, redefined U.S. military and geopolitical strategy on a macroscopic scale. Indeed, by virtue of limited intelligence networks in the Middle East and in predominantly Islamic countries in general, the U.S. 2,998 more words


9/11 Mastermind Reveals Trump's Plan to Fight Terrorists Works

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed shows anti-war leftists were playing into Al Qaeda’s hands.

Front Page Magazine, by Daniel Greenfield,  December 2, 2016:

The left aided Islamic terrorists most not with street protests, but by embedding counterintuitive narratives into the framework of counterterrorism. 1,296 more words

Counter Jihad Report

A horrifying look into the mind of 9/11’s mastermind, in his own words

Washington Post, By Marc A. Thiessen, November 28, 2016:

What is it like to stare into the face of evil? James E. Mitchell knows. 1,058 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Unethical Security? On Enhanced Interrogation


NEW YORK, NY- September 11th, 2001, for all intents and purposes, redefined U.S. military and geopolitical strategy to an unprecedented degree. Fear, uncertainty, and a general semblance of vulnerability left the U.S. 1,440 more words


The Strategic Costs of Torture - By Douglas A. Johnson, Alberto Mora, and Averell Schmidt September/October 2016 Issue

How “Enhanced Interrogation” Hurt America

It has been more than seven years since U.S. President Barack Obama issued Executive Order 13491, banning the U.S. government’s use of torture. 243 more words

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Trump: Outdated Geneva Conventions, Enhanced Interrogation

So, as noted on MNBC, there was a strange exchange between Trump and a journalist on some aspects regarding international law.

This is the exchange in full (which can be found… 868 more words