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156–161: The Secret Seven

OK. The Secret Seven. Good. Not as good as the Famous Five, it must be said, but still rather good. The only comment I will make is that ‘SS’ are really rather unfortunate initials, and Blyton really ought to have known better than to mention them. 104 more words


Two go to Anderby Creek

Anderby Creek is, according to its website,  Lincolnshire’s hidden coastal gem. Or, to quote Julia, it’s “like the places we used to go in the sixties”. 400 more words

These Days...

Finally, the much awaited day, when Pari is done with her annual exams is here. Annual exams for a five-year-old shouldn’t mean too much, but given that she had a painful spell of illness just before the exams, the past month has been tough on her. 1,215 more words


2-Chicchan: Cure to cancer (15 March 2017)

Born on this day: Yasser Arafat, Noam Chomsky, Enid Blyton, Dutch Schultz, Richard Bach (Jonathan Seagull), Ben Carson

The challenge of this generation is abundance. Choice has been multiplied over and above my physical and mental needs. 296 more words

Mayan Calendar

13th March 1947. Jolly Hockey Sticks.

The writer L.T. Meade was voted the most popular author in the 1898 Girls’ Realm Magazine and is regarded a forerunner of such novelists of the genre as  Angela Brazil who died Today in 1947. 335 more words


The St Clare's series - Enid Blyton. Reviewed by Teresa (7)

Isabel and Pat (Patricia) O’Sullivan are twins. They don’t want to go to St Clare’s at first but then they start to like life there. The series starts at the beginning of the first form and finishes at the end of the fifth form. 27 more words

Children's Books

Top 5 Wednesday - Favourite Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

I admit to not really being a big fan of the science fiction and fantasy genres, so gave had to go back to my childhood for my top 5 this week! 258 more words

Top 5 Wednesday