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Camper Full Of Animals - I Bought a Camper and Now I Live In It

So, I did it, I bought a camper, and now I live in it.

I’ve called her Enid. I was going to call her Valerie (after the name of the camper in a book I wrote when I was a teenager), but then I actually drove her; the alternator is lazy, you have to hammer on the doors before they deign to open and if I accelerate over fifty this little screaming sound comes from somewhere, like the van is dying inside. 573 more words


O.K. KO: Let’s Be Heroes is a really good show and you should totally watch it.

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A story of growth

Most stories you’ll read today about Christian church attendance highlight trends of decline — fewer people showing up in the pews on Sunday. But, some denominations and local churches are bucking that trend, with Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) leading the way in growth rates in the United States. 1,328 more words


Look to the Lady - a medieval tale

I am taking a brief look at the tale of an Arthurian knight – brave, uxorious and stubborn – and his faithful, long-suffering wife – in two versions, medieval Welsh and medieval French, respectively. 1,365 more words

Bridging the Gap

What happens when indigent mental health patients are released from in-patient care? All-too-often, after being stabilized on medication and inpatient treatment, they are released with no medication, and weeks to wait for follow-on treatment. 1,661 more words


An alternative to the higher costs of college

With student loan debt and tuition costs continuing to rise, two-year colleges and regional universities may take on new appeal as a cost-effective alternative to larger state and private universities. 102 more words


The Walking Dead - Enid est une espionne

Cette Théorie rend Enid comme une espionne. Seulement, internets est très divisé sur cette théorie, Enid est soit une espionne des Wolves soit une espionne des Saviors. 259 more words