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Great biopics in the history of talkies (aka movies) have been able to give us intricate and intimate perspectives on the lives of men and women throughout all of the world’s history. 687 more words


WW2 Enigma Machine

There are 158,962,555,217,826,360,000 possibilities of codes in the German Enigma Machine:

Flaw cracked by the genius Mathematician Alan Turing (Father of Artificial Intelligence) :

“A key can never be itself” 42 more words

Elementary Math

Imitation Game - ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ DVD Review

First, pneumonia sucks.  I went from two months of daily reviews and posts, to taking more than three weeks off, as I had a nice case of walking pneumonia that started Easter weekend, and while I have recovered, I just haven’t had the spark or energy that I needed to get my fingers typing up some reviews.  754 more words

Movie Reviews

Christopher, the bombe

If you have seen the film The Imitation Game, then you have to go to Bletchley Park where the Second World War cryptography project took place. 205 more words


5. Code breaking

Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge

Picture 5/Story 5

I visited Bletchley Park and spent an interesting day immersed in ciphers, codes and Enigma machines.

The picture above is a Banbury Sheet.   141 more words


Enigma Machine Happiness

If you’re into World War II or cryptography, you need to watch these videos.

I also can’t recommend Simon Singh’s The Code Book highly enough.


Building a DIY Enigma machine wristwatch

Maker creates a fully-functioning, self-contained Enigma machine that you can wear on your wrist.

Though the jury may still be out when it comes to widespread smartwatch adoption, you can’t help but want to adorn your wrist with this DIY project. 349 more words

Makers Movement