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Karate Lessons

I watch Sensei Domino through my office window, leading the kids in a pattern of blocks. I considered going to train with them, but I think it might undermine my authority that I don’t actually know most of this stuff, and it looks weird to just lean against the wall and watch them. 1,206 more words


A Modern But Classic Enigma Machine

Hacking has always brought more good to the world than not hacking. The successful efforts of the Allies during World War II in deciphering the Enigma machine output still reminds us of that. 225 more words


Today in history 5/8/2016-5/14/2016


Today in history, The United States Post Office is established in 1794.

Today in history, Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton (see picture below) invents Coca Cola in 1886. 446 more words

Enigma A8907

Enigma Serial No A8907 – 1938

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on an Enigma machine recently which sadly doesn’t see the light of day much nowadays due to a couple of reasons. 145 more words

Day To Day Stuff

First Day of School

“Hi,” I say, with the kids lined up sort of haphazardly in front of me. “I’m Travis – uh, Teke.”

“Hi, Teke,” all six of them chorus, like we’re in school or something. 972 more words


Mein Enigma

The World War II German Enigma encoding machine is something of an icon in engineering circles not just for its mechanical ingenuity but for the work of the wartime staff at Bletchley Park in decoding its messages. 313 more words

Arduino Hacks

Java Enigma Machine Simulator

I blame my daughter for this project. She was given a piece of Maths homework in which she had to describe the purpose & operation of the Enigma Machine and encrypt/decrypt a few example pieces of text using a simplified code table. 662 more words