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Polish codebreakers 'cracked Enigma before Alan Turing'

There is this constant discrediting of Poles on social media and their very significant contribution to deciphering the German Enigma Code. The denials take even aggressive forms of verbal abuse from certain bloggers and brainwashed Youtube commentators who cannot accept the intelligence of the Polish intellect. 993 more words

The Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum is one of those major London museums that I’d never managed to find time for until a recent trip to the… 365 more words

Photo Post

The Secret Story of The Apple Logo.

By Tom Demerly for tomdemerly.com

It is the most recognizable logo in history: The Bitten Apple.

More than the Nike Swoosh and the Coca-Cola Wave, the Apple Icon, a silhouette of an apple with a bite out of it, is simple and evocative. 1,257 more words



“Really?” FiendPuncher asks, picking up a carrot stick, “no one’s going for the fruits and veggies?” and she dips it into a little carton of dressing. 1,343 more words


Secret Nazi Messaging Device Discovered On eBay

According to Vocativ –

A teleprinter the Nazis used to send and receive secret messages during World War II was sitting in someone’s shed until museum volunteers discovered it was for sale and bought it for about $14—on eBay.

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Rare top secret Nazi coding machine bought on eBay for £9.50 | Home News | News | The Independent

Note the spelling mistake in the first line of The Independent article!

An “unbreakable” cipher machine used to encrypt massages from the Nazi command, which led to huge breakthroughs in modern computing has been discovered for sale on eBay for less than £10. 49 more words

20th Century

Karate Lessons

I watch Sensei Domino through my office window, leading the kids in a pattern of blocks. I considered going to train with them, but I think it might undermine my authority that I don’t actually know most of this stuff, and it looks weird to just lean against the wall and watch them. 1,207 more words