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Something happens

It’s pretty much a huge relief to get up to my office and change back into uniform. You wouldn’t think it would be, because the thing is not terribly comfortable and looks really weird, but at least they don’t have me playing politics in purple. 1,052 more words


3D Print An Enigma Machine That's Close To The Real Thing

The Enigma machine as used by the German military during World War Two exerts a curious fascination among our community of hardware hackers and makers. Perhaps it is the mechanical complexity of the machine itself, or maybe the tale of how its encoded messages were decrypted by Allied codebreakers that contributes to this interest, but whatever it is we’ve seen a succession of Enigma-related projects over the years that shows no sign of abating. 194 more words

Classic Hacks


“Alright, where do you want me to set up?” Pathos asks, flipping through a notebook, while the kids are finishing up their laps, looking only vaguely grumpy. 1,213 more words


Security Advance

It has been dubbed the ‘quantum enigma machine’ – and has been used for a groundbreaking new form of unbreakable encrypted messaging for the first time. 110 more words



“Sorry I’m late,” Jenny says, tossing her coat on the table, leaving her in just her unitard. She quickly pulls her hair up into a bun and yanks her mask down. 1,131 more words



“Are they going to do that every week?” FiendPuncher asks me.

I definitely do not drop anything I’m carrying, or jump, even a little. I turn around, slowly and calmly. 1,125 more words