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Inclusion, Public Speaking & Alan Turing

An enormously significant yet lesser known part of my life is public speaking. Even when I was sighted (which I was till my fifth grade), I was always the narrator in the play. 1,382 more words


How Alan Turing influenced World War Two and the LGBT community – a book review

The book I have chosen to read for this article review is Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges because it is about my favourite mathematician and he was my inspiration for studying mathematics, albeit having a tragic ending. 518 more words

Alan Turing

Cryptography: The Science of Making and Breaking Codes

There are lots of different ways to encrypt a message, from early, simple ciphers to the famous Enigma machine. But it’s tough to make a code truly unbreakable. 13 more words


Day 45

1st December 2001

The Canadian warship is still around, and although they might aim to sneak up on the fishing vessels with stealth, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 292 more words

Salty Tales

Enigma will refund ICO investors who lost $500,000 to scammers

Enigma, the investment platform that is preparing for an ICO next month, confirmed today that it will refund members of its community who lost money after a scammer compromised its social accounts. 439 more words


The Enigma Enigma: How The Enigma Machine Worked

To many, the Enigma machine is an enigma. But it’s really quite simple. The following is a step-by-step explanation of how it works, from the basics to the full machine. 2,125 more words


Enigma machine

I had a talk to my Year 9 computing  students today about the Enigma machine, and the role Alan Turing had in breaking the enigma code. 32 more words