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Miscommunication Happens

Customer (mumbling): Do you have i7?
Me: We don’t sell Apple products.
Customer (mumbling): It’s not Apple or Samsung.
Me: What are you looking for? 278 more words


Polish Home Army During WW2

Today is the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the Polish Home Army which was by far the largest resistance force in Poland when it was occupied by Nazi Germany. 453 more words

All About Mehitabel Braybrooke

Class Time

The kids aren’t looking particularly interested in anything I have to say, but they aren’t setting up any game boards, either, so things are looking up. 1,113 more words


Risk Analysis

I stare at the kids. They’re lying down in the middle of the gym playing Risk, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t hear a word I just said. 1,152 more words


Its a wartime Enigma (Literally)

My image this week is of an original 1938 Engima machine.

Im lucky that I managed to have some hands on with this wartime relic. Its still in good working order and with some care, would function as good as it did when it was made back in 1938. 29 more words

Day To Day Stuff


“Oh my god,” Enigma Machine says, “I so hate math.”

The kids are supposed to be doing yoga, because I don’t want to be stressing them out or anything, and I think they’re going to be (re)debriefed one by one during class, but they’re kind of just lying there talking about school and not even pretending on the poses. 1,093 more words


German Enigma Machine Sets Record in Sale

A rare World War II Enigma machine brought in £367,000 at an auction.  That price is a world record.The M4 is one of the rarest of Enigma machines.   34 more words

20th Century