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Java Enigma Machine Simulator

I blame my daughter for this project. She was given a piece of Maths homework in which she had to describe the purpose & operation of the Enigma Machine and encrypt/decrypt a few example pieces of text using a simplified code table. 662 more words


The Imitation Game

I finally watched The Imitation Game last night. I have a great deal of regard for Alan Turing, and I’ve always enjoyed codes and cryptography (the story of breaking the… 1,398 more words


The Imitation Game (2014)

The true story of an awkward mathematical genius during WW1, who worked to create a machine that could crack the Nazi codes, but whose personal life would cost him everything.  518 more words

Alan Turing

BBC News, Dec, 24, 2013, Royal pardon for codebreaker Alan Turing

BBC on Alan Turing

Alan Turing’s Pilot Ace Computer <video>, The Guardian… 118 more words

Heroes : Alan Turing, or The Guilt that Haunts Me

Every government has done things it’s not proud of, history can be a harsh judge especially when past events are filtered through a modern sensibility lens. 638 more words

Daily Post

U-27 Schwertfish: September 1939

I recently acquired ConSim Press’ The Hunters. Ranked 5 in Boardgame Geek’s list of best solitaire games, The Hunters simulates in very broad strokes a U-Boat captain’s experience in the Atlantic Ocean. 2,308 more words


Bletchley Park Museum and Enigma machine Photographs

I have been wanting to go to look at Bletchley park since watching the ‘Enigma film’ back in 2000.   What you now see is probably less than half of what existed back in 1945.   280 more words