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Angel Messages March 25 2017

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Promise!! Thank you, Angels!!

Angel Messages

yes or no

hi guys i’m writing a book called missing its about a young girl named robyn thinking that her mom is still alive and made it out of the car cash . 62 more words

Enjoy Your Life

What luxury is worth for an inch of your skin burn for 30 seconds? (FOR THE THOUGHTFUL MINDS)

What’s the most comfort you can get physically and mentally? I mean the utmost comfort you can get as a human being.What do you think? 774 more words


Perks of Unmarried Life

Devotion (for the unmarried): The greatest gift God ever gave was Himself. We hear all about the benefits of marriage. Today I talk about the perks of unmarried life. 1,012 more words

About Life

chances are

What gives fear power

Is not knowing the outcome

That’s holding you back

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Angel Messages - February 13, 2017

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Amen, Angels!! Thank you for the direction!!

Angel Messages

Enjoy your life

Well how to enjoy your life ?

Whatever your doing write now whether studying for an exam , sitting alone in home , hanging out with your friends or even washing the dishes please enjoy life , you don’t have to make everything in life as a job you can make things a little more pleasant ,you can make memorable times ,yes washing the dishes can be a memorable time , just put a song you like and dance with it while washing the dishes in the same , i didn’t say i dance while i wash my dishes but it’s a nice thought . 114 more words