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This is life, taking the moment to enjoy. Being present

We decided to go to Westfield, on the way going there, there was some issue but I stood up for myself and realized this is not my battle to win. 58 more words

Blackpool Lights

I was having a look through some of the photos I had taken from last year and came across some which I think would be of interest to some of my ‘not so local’ readers. 579 more words

Boundless Bookshelves: Erma Bombeck

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what’s important in life. I lost a good friend to cancer, a friend who was my age and who’s life paralleled mine in many ways. 908 more words


The shark and YOU..!

In an experiement, a shark was placed into a larger tank of water.

Then, some small fishes were released into the tank.

As expected, the shark swam around and ate all the fishes. 189 more words


Stand and Stuff it!

Looking for something new for lunches, snacks or even dinner? Then look no further. Old El Paso’s new stand and stuff torilla are amazing.

You can stuff/fill them with whatever you like. 253 more words

Moods: Sunday's Coffee

Sunday is for quality time with the loved ones, or just by yourself. Get the time to breathe, relax, enjoy your coffee, while you draw a plan of the next week. 33 more words