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April 1st, 2015

When it is too cold outside for a snowcone, just draw a hot bath and enjoy it (quickly) in there.


Happy April 1st!

It was beautiful outside today! A warm day, cool breeze, bright sunshine, and beautiful tulips blossoming all around campus. One of the things I have definitely learned throughout college is to enjoy the little things. 98 more words

Rome, Day 3

First two days where all about the classic must see and do things of Rome. Today have been different, much more focus on just enjoying the city. 122 more words

English Blogg

Spring is here! Really?

  Spring is a breath of fresh air in the Adirondacks! After a long and cold winter, we embrace the warmer rays of sun. While we love our winter activities, we welcome the sounds of birds chirping and rustling leaves, letting us know warmer weather is on the horizon. 166 more words

Everyday we have the choice how to view our day. We can look at everything that is troubling us or we can appreciate what we have  happily.


Clouds Are Beautiful

I love clouds, cannot resist taking photos of them.  I think God put these beautiful fluffy white things in the sky just for our enjoyment.  At least I feel he did it for me. 208 more words


Why Listening To Our Own Bodies Is So Important

This last weekend I did a bunch of assessments with my kids. We learned about what their learning styles are as they are becoming more adult in their processing. 566 more words