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Age and Music

What a great, distinctive and amusing wordgift to give to a lover of  classicals!

This is a 5×7 matted to fit in a shadow box or resting on a small easel


How to Enjoy iTunes Music without DRM Protection

To listen to music, I bet most of us own an iPod, which is the most popular MP3 player in the world, while there is a litter problem, which is the songs in iTunes are generally protected by DRM to protect the copyrights of music companies. 12 more words

11 Reasons You Should Stop Watching Television Now

Give this article a read I found on LifeHack by Craig Dewe:

Few people realize the number of issues that television causes in our life.

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Ceta G reblogged this on thiscrazycraftlife and commented:

"It's time to stop watching television and start living instead". WOW. I simply love this. It truly resonates with me and my family. I have a child who is addicted to Disney, and I despise it. I never believed Disney was passing along positive messages to my child. It is more about status and making fun of other children. This article is the reason I would love to get rid of TV in my household for good. It is going to be a struggle. If anyone has any ideas. Please let me know.

Day 6: Laziness vs. Leisure

Leisure is an important part of enjoyment. But sometimes, leisure gets a bad rap. Because we’re human and imperfect, and that often translates to taking something like leisure and turning it into laziness. 292 more words

Pics I Enjoy

Wedding Jewelry#EANF#How much do you think this costs?
Wedding Jewelry Sunny 6mm 14kt White Gold Crimson Ruby & Diamond Flower Halo WITH Milgrain… Pattern Play Wedding Inspiration Precious Gems – Emerald and Antique Ruby Wedding Inspiration… 7 more words


What I've Been Reading

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since my last post but I am back and with lots of new ideas for my blog! 666 more words