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Travel. Wander. Search. Be happy.

Here is one of those days… When you need some kind of inspiration, so you just write and hope to catch it, or find it, or just put that one word on the paper and with it all starts! 333 more words


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How to make best use of your summer

Holidays are for enjoyment, visitations and summer classes, and the period where you get to spend enough time with your parents and siblings. If you ask some teenagers how they intend spending their holidays, you’d be surprised at the response. 621 more words


Little Distractions

Focus. One of the most important qualities one needs on the path that leads to success. The ability to concentrate on that one task you have and lose track of time while working on it, is what makes it perfect at the end of the day. 105 more words


#24 Childlike Happiness

Acting your age is a saying that doesn’t make much sense to me. Who says what you have to do at a certain age, who decided that you can’t do the things you did as a child in your 20’s? 206 more words