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Oh well…great weekend anyway!!


All My Life I've Been Running, It Has Gotten Me Nowhere

I originally submitted this to be posted on a website but it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be posted there, so here goes.

Sooo I was watching this TV Series, you know the one with the superhero who got his super power by being struck by a lightning, is clothed in red-suit, and can run faster than sound? 808 more words


Things are not always what they seem

As the nights began to get colder and the days grew shorter, a non-conforming sparrow decided not to fly South for the winter. The winds shifted, the snow began to fly and the mercury dropped to frigid levels.   335 more words


5 Products We Tested for You - and Liked!

1. Justin’s Almond Butter.  All natural. Organic. Oh yeah – and tasty! Comes in different flavors like maple and chocolate and different kinds of butters. The single serving packets are great to toss in a purse or glove compartment for a quick pick-me-up, but it also comes in regular peanut butter size jars. 553 more words

Fat Bottom Fifties Get Fierce

The Real Meaning of YOLO

The life I live is far from glamourous.

I don’t:

*Go out for exotic cocktails with the girls,
*Eat expensive food with French names I can’t pronounce, 580 more words


The small things in life

I have been a living whirlwind for as long as I can remember.  My life consisted of dropping kids off at school, rushing to work, scrambling back to pick them up, shopping, cleaning, gardening, washing and somehow managing to attend my son’s soccer and basketball games and cheering loyally for him when he has possession of the ball.   345 more words

Being Present

First Date

I met a guy. Hahahaha

It seems so silly to even say that. I mean I meet guys all the time. In fact, my friends think of me as the queen of flings. 476 more words