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Dream It – Visit It – Settle It – Create It

I’ve been there. In dreaming I am attempting to settle any anxiety that I have about a future/past event. In visiting this event I am giving myself the chance to create any outcome that I want to occur. 329 more words


Cure your unhappiness.

That feeling of discontent, unsaturation and unfulfillment; which never goes away, ever wondered why? What is the reason behind this feeling? It’s no secret really. The reason is nothing and no one but YOU! 294 more words


Life Is Not A Test


Life is not a test.

I realized a few days ago that I live my life as if it’s a test I have to pass. Something in me decided this a long time ago, probably in elementary school. 519 more words


Another year has passed

Today marks four years since the day my mother passed away.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her or laugh at some funny memory that bubbles to the surface.  168 more words


Enjoy Yourself

At the end of the day you need to enjoy what you are doing. No one can take anything from you away, and that goes with being an overall person. 268 more words

Why I Like Being A Teenager

 Teenagers. Those confused people stuck between child and adult, not knowing what they want, complaining, tiring, bored and worried, annoying and arrogant, naïve, hopelessly lost in the reality of life, everyone desperately trying to escape those years of complete fiasco. 593 more words


Our Side of the World Lately

We have been jumping into the homeschool year (we school on the late Jan/early Feb to November school year just like the rest of Africa) and here’s a few pictures of our happy new norm to share. 374 more words

Enjoying Life