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5 Tips To Nail Your First Date

More than 60% of our population is expected to move into urban centers by 2020. There are over 1 billion people on Facebook and more than 2 billion mobile phones in use. 732 more words


... and today she is 7.

Another year has gone by, another milestone reached. Today is May 20, 2016 the 7th anniversary of first seeing, snuggling and meeting my Lucy Bean. It was a long day but ended quite well, with a 7 pound perfect baby girl, the day we got to finally know God made us a whole set of girls. 474 more words


5 Reasons Why You Don’t Have To Say Sorry

Riddle me this – what’s something we all like to receive, but never like to give? If your first thought was money, you’re on the right track! 772 more words


4 Reasons To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

We’ve all read the news today. Millennials have taken over this generation, raised on an attitude of self-importance, emotional worth and being told that they are unique. 651 more words


Understanding These 7 Cognitive Biases Will Help Increase Your Success

The human mind is wonderful, but it is not perfect. Cognitive biases, for instance, are genuine limitations in our thinking of which we are not consciously aware. 1,191 more words


10 Things To Start Doing Now To Make Life Better

Happy life anyone? Who doesn’t want a happy life? We work, we stress, we run around like crazy, kids, family, home, work, extracurricular activities, life sure is super busy. 802 more words


7 Reasons To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Today

The comfort zone. A place of coziness and familiarity. We like it there because it’s just so safe. Nothing changes there and that’s ok. We don’t really like change anyway, or do we? 720 more words