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Here's How The Creative Life Makes The World A Better Place

An artist of any kind (writer, entrepreneur, photographer, poet, designer, mother) decides that they will open their eyes to things formerly unseen. This is the unwritten law between us creators — 646 more words

Liberty lawn scarf

Last week at Duxford we had lovely neighbors on the stand next to us. The owner Maggie was folding a beautiful fabric Saturday mornign and the colours caught my eye, so I came close to admire it and see it in more details and she was so kind she gave me a fat quarter of this gorgeous Liberty lawn in painted design. 128 more words

Enjoying Life

The 9 Most Important Things I've Learned at 47

Today is my birthday, and though my children and I kid that I turn 29 again every year, I really don’t mind people knowing that I am 47. 964 more words

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Wherever you are, there are beautiful things to enjoy

Even if it’s only imagining yourself by the ocean on a sparkling summer’s day


A Month Without Instagram: The Phases

Ever since I’ve gotten an instagram, I’ve been addicted. It’s funny how that happens. I waited a super long time before getting an instagram, afraid of the addiction that was certain. 435 more words



don’t hold me tight

lest I forgot to breathe

give me freedom


To Suffer or to Dance?

“Mortals, why is it that half the time they’d rather suffer than dance?”
Nora Roberts
Tears of the Moon