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Cooking for one doesn't have to mean Kraft Dinner

I am the only living creature in my home who consumes “people food”.  Callaway likes to protest as often as possible which results in some fibrous vegetables going into her mouth and subsequently my ruing that decision once the foul odor of processed cucumber and lettuce assaults my senses. 239 more words


“Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.” ~ William Feather…

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Adding Some Joy

Blog Standard A Healthy Mind

What is the key to not feeling overloaded?  Sometimes are minds are like a computer memory, with a finite amount of space, they refuse to remember more when we are experiencing that feeling of being overloaded.  23 more words

Mind Health

My thoughts on Moving On - New advice is needed out there

I read a lot. Everyday, I would say, I read about 20-30 articles (that’s a low ball number) on various topics which vary from just keeping up with the news or trying to find things that people are writing about love, life, relationships, parenting, family anything that comes to mind. 423 more words

A 5 Minute Test That Will Reveal Your Innermost Thoughts

I read a great article over at Oliver Pemberton’s Blog He wrote an article about how to reveal your innermost thoughts in the space of 5 minutes. 845 more words


When there is nothing left to do but laugh like an idiot

There are a very rare number of glimpses into a perfect juncture in time.  Those precious gifts are brought at unsuspecting moments but, when the mood catches you at the right time, laughter becomes unstoppable to the point that tears begin to roll down your cheeks,  your ribs ache and your stomach muscles become constricted. 349 more words


A Major Accomplishment

Hello fellow spoonies and friends! It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it? Well, this spoonie has been very busy working hard to complete one of the biggest professional accomplishments of her life. 369 more words