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One Pedal, One Row, One Step at a Time....

Yesterday, I had something on my brain. It was nagging at me and I let it steal my sleep.

I would doze off, wake up and it would still be on my mind. 513 more words

5 Reasons To Stop Going Back To Your Ex

We’ve all been there. Fall in love, hang out there for awhile, a few months or years later, it falls apart, we break up, and then spend the next 2 years or more going back and forth, back and forth. 727 more words


5 Ways To Make Your Healthy Habits Stick

June is drawing close, this is about the time New Year’s resolutions are laid to rest.

Buried under piles and piles of ‘to-dos’, the busy-ness of life and a waning belief in ourselves—that we can really ‘do it’ (clean eating and toned bodies are, after all, things that only happen to other people). 1,035 more words


10 Signs That It Could Be Over

No one wants to think like this. For many of us, we knew a long time ago it was over but ending it can be more dreadful than the sadness you feel living through the relationship from hell. 663 more words


The Box....

It is just a simple box. I bought it at a second hand store. It holds nothing that would be of any value to anyone else. 257 more words

Island Vintage Coffee

This is one of those places that has become so popular just by word of mouth. They have a few locations on Ohau and Maui. It’s not a hole in the wall, they are bright, clean and well decorated but I would come here if it was none of that. 112 more words


5 Warning Signs You May Have Chronic Anxiety

I think we all, at one point in our lives, have suffered or experienced some anxiety. Whether it be the anxiety just before getting in front of a group of people to do a speech or maybe even just before you board a plane. 552 more words