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GoOgLe ScIeNcE fAiR pRoJeCtR



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The Job of Maya, the illusory energy of Krishna

By Niraj Bidawatka

A person surrenders when he is in a helpless state and comes to the conclusion that he has no power to defend himself. 336 more words

Bhakti Yoga - Devotional Service

What its like doing a ski season.

Thought about living overseas to do a ski season? Hopefully these reasons can help you decide!

1. You think you’ve been to good snow.
Everyone has been to snow in places such as Australia, New Zealand or even Europe, but nothing comes close to the snow experience you’ll have in Canada. 300 more words


Restaurant Shenanigans

This is a typical Sunday afternoon in my world. Church was finished and the kids had repeatedly begged (repeatedly) to go to a local restaurant they love. 432 more words

True enjoyment and satisfaction...

The mind is more than the thoughts it entertains;
underneath lies a vital energy that is
active, responsive, and attentive to every moment.

Contacting this energy directly generates…

23 more words

Getting older

I had a dear friend come out to visit me a few weeks ago.  Several times while we were hanging out she looked me straight in the eye and said things like, 285 more words


For the love of the game

There is nothing quite like disappointment. He comes in many forms: sometimes creeping quietly behind us, fingers trailing down our backs, twisting our insides so slowly until our breath catches in surprise; sometimes he crushes us, a surging wave that knocks us off our feet as we tumble under the surface of the water, breathless, lungs screaming for air; other times he plays with us, dangling hope in front of us before tugging it out of our reach, only to have it reappear millimetres from our grasp. 355 more words