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If I don't show, doesn't means I dont know

It’s not easy to be YOU each and every time you want to be. It’s not always that easy to express what you want to express in front of someone. 343 more words


Bookstore Birdie

As a book lover, I think I agree with this birdie that the local bookstore is a perfect place to hang out.  I spotted him as I was entering the bookstore and thought what a perfect perch to watch all the happy shoppers leave with their wonderful bags of books and a cup of coffee, while hoping someone is willing to share their chocolate chip cookie.   55 more words


The Cross In My Pocket

I just want to say that I did not write this. I cannot take credit.

I carry a cross in my pocket

A simple reminder to me… 218 more words


So, 50 is the new 23!

So 50 is the new 23!

I heard on BBCBreakfast this morning that 50 is the new 23.

That makes me about 31! Firstly in my 20’s I never even imagined being 58. 396 more words


Prim and Prose

There are stones covering brick walls.

That makes no sense.

There are clouds covering the sky.

Your negativity autstounds me.

There is sadness everywhere.

A near perfect rhyme. 37 more words


So I have some exciting news. Watch my video blog to find out. :-)

Carol anne


Go Waste Your Time

Our lives are orchestrated by a simple phenomenon called cause and effect. Tasks are completed on a daily basis with a farther-reaching goal in mind. We set alarms to wake up on time; we brush our teeth to avoid bad breath; we work out so that we can fit into our damn skinny jeans—or be able to button them, at least. 349 more words