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The Application of the Law of Revival

According to the divine revelation, revival is a law in the spiritual life of a Christian by which we can grow gradually in the Lord. The reason many saints go for a long time without eating, drinking, or sleeping spiritually is that they do not adequately know the law of revival. 933 more words



Love, is a many splendored thing….
Or so they say.

Love is a many layered thing…
Love is…
Finding someone who when you think of them you cant help but smile… 512 more words

The Old Boys.

The old boys get together.

Once a month I get an email to say The Boys will be meeting at the South Burleigh Surf Club, if I am not on walkabout with Pauline. 431 more words


RECIPE - Banana and Rasberry Acia Bowl💮

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who wants to enjoy an acia bowl but can’t find acia anywhere! Well if this is you then here is a recipe for the most delicious, acia free acia bowl! 120 more words


We're never too old for magic. Are we?

It’s like when you go into a dark room or a tunnel  and all you can think of is coming out into the light or hope there won’t be anything in the dark to take you by surprise. 431 more words


Quote of the Day | 23 May 2015

“God has made us for himself and we find our great reason for living in glorifying and enjoying him.”

David Campbell



Och Aye

Today, through the subtlety of sublimity, we were reminded of Scotland. 

Firstly, after going stir crazy from being cooped up inside avoiding the suns harmful rays on our sensitive, efudix slathered faces, … 368 more words