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Trial & Error

This was going to be a two part post but i think it would make more sense to make this a single. Don’t worry I have more content for you guys coming up this week. 578 more words



It was sunset and I just finished with a shoot and had some time to take some personal snaps before I had to do a ton more driving for the rest of the day. 39 more words

JDM Enkei MAP Seven Japan MX5 Civic Lightweight Honda Mazda Toyota POLISHED 5kg

A nice set of rare Enkei MAP SEVEN wheels.  Recently repolished. Fresh paint. Some small imperfections but as you can seen, nothing serious.
Lightweight; just shy over 5kgs each. 15 more words


Drop the Beat

Recently the Civic went through some serious suspension upgrades that took a day to install and a week to adjust. Aesthetically, it got lowered to a nice pleasing height and eliminated the massive wheel gap. 23 more words

Morning Altitude

I had a really early morning shoot and I guess it was too early because the location was still enveloped by fog. As much as I love fog as a background, I think this was too much since I couldn’t even get shots without fog in between me and the car. 13 more words

Beached EG

I do a lot of photo shoots for work and sometimes when I have some free time afterwards, I shoot my own cars on location. I was doing a beach shoot and happened to bring out my Civic not long after the C-West wing was put on and snapped some quick photos.

Dodge Viper GTS

As with the Porsche, this was also an Autemo competition submission. Last gen Viper is the most aggressive looking one and serves as a good template foe tuning. 327 more words