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The Need-To Read (267)

Books enlighten-
After authors finish their writing.


Onward and Upward in our Spiritual Journeys!

Today is October 1st, 2015.  Did everyone survive the Full Blood Moon/Eclipse?  If you are reading this, then you survived.  Congratulations on making it this far!   540 more words


Silent Universe

A silent part of the universe

Wakes up with the early morning call

Sheltered within the soul

Refreshing morning air seeps in

To revive the sacred subliminal world… 54 more words


muse upon my heart

for forever and a day
I have ponder all the ways
To say you are the complete in me
The simplest words I repeat
Unto the end of me… 74 more words

Upwardly Mobile ~ Dr. Greg Stilwell, DPM

A breath, an exhalation. The whisper, the throaty moan of approval. A look, a feeling, a sense of rightness. Heat emanating from skin, palpable dampness and humidity rises. 140 more words


Monday Mantra: I own my own.

I am an overly anxious person. I hide it well, until you get to know me and my small tells that give it all away. I have a tendency to take on the troubles of those closest to me, and let it eat away at my core. 473 more words