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windows have
It’s up to
to choose
the light
the shadows.

~K. (कृतिका)

**Image courtesy: Pranav Dadhich
http://instagram.com/_canonymous_ **



Passage from Jiddu Krishnamurti’s “On Love and Loneliness,” pg. 70.

“When we remain with that sorrow totally, without trying to
rationalize it, without trying to escape from it in any form–through words or through action– when you remain with it completely, without any movement of thought, then you will find that out of that sorrow comes passion. 12 more words

From Guest Blogger Jordan: BMW Introduces Traffic Light-Timing App “Enlighten”

Driver inattention is one of the most common causes of car accidents at intersections. Speeding while trying to cross an intersection before the light turns red increases the risk of crashes, presenting a serious threat to road safety. 479 more words

Electric Vehicles

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus November 15

May he enlighten the eyes of your mind so that you can see what hope his call holds for you.
What it mean to be just like Jesus? 124 more words


At the Table Velvet Morning

Create an amazing adventure as you travel through your day…enjoy the finer things in this journey..feel the blessings life shares with us…and feel the blessings you bring to life..with each thought..each action..each moment you share with another being..or with yourself..this is an amazing life..and we all get hung up on taking it all way too seriously…relax with….breathe deep…and love wildly…this life that we boldly agreed to live..You are amazing and immensely Loved…Namaste’

PUSSY NOT WAR: It's Better This Way

“What else do I have to do to prove my humanity?” Jonathan L. Butler, a Graduate student at the University of Missouri, said he was pondering before deciding to partake in a hunger strike in efforts to protest the blatant and distasteful racist environment that has manage to spew from the hearts of our enemies, and into their campus of higher learning. 953 more words