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2nd Story Brewing - Old City is Burning - 5.8 smokestacks out of 7

Smells like smoke. Old City is Burning has a nice medium malty character that distinguishes itself early on in the tasting of this one. This beer really distinguishes itself as a true rauchbier, which is at the heart of what SBM is searching for, although 2nd Story does so with a tiptoeing of sorts, which is polite but unnecessary. 210 more words


Clock time, psychological time...what?

The other day I mentioned something called clock time and psychological time. Those that have read Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now, will be familiar with this(I am unaware of other authors that may have mentioned it) and those that haven’t heard about such an existence…let me… 525 more words

Brewery Vivant - Undertaker - 4 smokestacks out of 7

Not a smokebeer, but the label says subtle smokiness so this investigation ensued. Undertaker is alright. I’d drink it again. My friend is an undertaker and says people are dying to see him. 192 more words


Earthen Ales - Ale of the Earth - 3 smokestacks (out of 7)

No ghost writers here. Mike Lorr, friend of the ministry and honorary minister gets all the glory for drinking, evaluating, and writing about this one. All the way up in Traverse City, Michigan, a place called Earthen Ales offers up… 192 more words


How GRATEFUL are we...hmmm?

Even though I had planned to write about something completely different today, I decided that showing gratitude and talking about the meaning of it, was more important. 1,085 more words