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I allowed myself to be myself ;)

I’m glad I went, I felt the fear and I did it anyway. I took my moments, didn’t wait for things to happen, I made it happen. 233 more words


As you should of gathered by now if you have read my blogs I have two amazing children to the same father however we are no longer a couple. 768 more words


How do you start your day?

So this is how I start most of my mornings (I have unpredictable children who often disrupt this slightly!)

A typical weekday

7 am- I open my eyes and take a deep breath and feel thankful that I get another day to live. 320 more words


Do you prepare?

So its Sunday now and after my morning routine I then walk to the shops with my little ones to do my food shop.

I head back home and as I unpack my shopping I begin to prepare my food for the next 4 days and Sunday its self (I then repeat this on Thursday where I prep for the remaining 2 days). 350 more words


Bedtime routine.

Winding down at the end of a long day can be difficult. Lying in bed can be the worst time for people as its when thoughts consume you and you begin overthinking as there is nothing to take your mind of things. 203 more words


When You Begin to Lose God's Favor

When the outcome to a day, week or year does not end as you expect, hoped for and seek, there are various explanations to consider.  Perhaps, its not your time to receive what you desire.  220 more words


#tistheseasontobejolly 🎄

Make the most of the festive season folks !
May we enlighten and lighten up , both !
Not really !!
Love and Light , 33 more words