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Thoughts keep awake
Body becomes fake
It doesn’t get sleep
Happens to be creep
Sleeping with eyes
Dreaming of lies
Away from bed
Pillow in head… 17 more words


Beyond Life

Complaints are vain
When life is uncertain
You don’t see if it all exists
You don’t know if it all would cease
Only what happens now is alive… 49 more words


Monday Mantra: I am listening

Part of finding peace within, rippling to the external world, is listening fully. Today, cell phones, social media, technology overload the senses, and we are glued. 350 more words


Eye Of The Soul

in every man there is an eye of the soul, which…is more precious far than ten thousand bodily eyes, for by it alone is truth seen.” 38 more words

Wise Words

There are campaigns out in the world for mental health awareness relating to the action of pausing. It’s so powerful, yet overlooked. If everyone paused every day to look at their life in the grand scheme, maybe life wouldn’t seem so overwhelming. 236 more words


Seeing More Clearly

Some days after the storm settles somewhat, the light comes and the mind sees maybe a bit more clearly after the gale dies down.

Has it happened to you? 279 more words