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WTHC #4 Unconditional Love

He wanted to be more then friends yet didn’t realize the responsibility that came with being in a committed relationship. Really, you wouldn’t think it would be difficult to love. 79 more words


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Q92. What is the truth, the final goal we are seeking like?

A. Not seeing it is more difficult than seeing it. In fact it is impossible not to see it. If you try to chase it even for a while, you are going the wrong way. 65 more words


Introducing the NEW Enlighten Series All-in-One Case Backlit Displays

Our Envision Wall Kits are getting rave reviews. So we’re following up with the next generation – –Enlighten Backlit Wall Kits.

Amazingly, a complete 20’ Enlighten Display with a Premium Conversion Counter travels in just one RollOne Case! 267 more words


BMW Bringing Traffic Signal Data App to Vehicles

Is that light about to turn red? BMW has announced that they will be the first manufacturer to integrate EnLighten App, by Connected Signals, into a car. 179 more words


Monday Mantra: I am awake.

It seems, lately, everything has a mask. As though life is one big fabrication to protect us from what is really going on out in the world. 618 more words