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Wisdom Work

I leave this morning for five days in New Hampshire where our “team” will guide nine seekers toward a deeper way of seeing in their lives. 128 more words


lights flicker in the distance intriguing the eyes,
illuminating the mind with wondrous thoughts.
fingers outline the ephemeral glow,
yearning to define the distant unknown. 31 more words


I Want to Remember...

It’s a Tuesday. It was a cooler morning but what a beautiful day it grew into.

Today I want to remember my client telling me how she adopted her son from China. 131 more words

Reconnect . by Dave .

As Above So Below . As Within So Without . Mans INNER ” higher ” “field” is connected and ONE with IN-FINITE outer mirrored “field” of consciousness … naval umbilical cord in the material womb and turned third eye pineal umbilical cord to cosmic womb . Reconnect . Dave Emm . Lookinnotout .


Chromo-some / Chromo-sum . by Dave .

Chromo-some / Chromo-sum

“chromo-some” – ok Marty Leeds a few days ago explains in a seminar that its ” light – some” so its ‘some light’ . 326 more words



Just reading the term creates a heaviness in space. Fear has the ability to paralyze us. It also has the ability to launch ourselves into unknown waters to conquer its grasp. 296 more words