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The Devil's Trumpet - War Horn - 3 out of 7

The Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co. of Merrillville, IN has been received into the tabernacle with War Horn, a less than average smoked porter. Although printed on the bottle as “porter” the website clearly states that this beer is a smoked porter, along with a note on the side of the bottle stating the use of smoked malts. 255 more words


New Art and the Inspiration

As I start to explore getting back into making art and having work on display,  it’s definitely a bit of a different vibe than making a collection. 824 more words


Monday Motivation - Follow the Leader

We lead by example, but we can mentor and provide understanding and empathy, to raise someone else up.   Insincere words of praise fall empty on those that hear them; people know when your words don’t match your actions. 52 more words


Speak - a Poem


But speak love,

Speak light,

And speak truth.




Be authentic

And be confident

And be vulnerable

With yourself

You are enough… 771 more words

From a Trickle, Mighty Rivers Grow

Of two worlds blended as one.

Love flows from every mountain tops in an endless rush

It gathers as small trickles of life that join together in greater and greater numbers with greater and greater power… 215 more words

Spree ..A Poem

There in a trance i see some magic,

With finger’s on keys departing with tragic

Patiently waiting for someone to listen

I swell with pride on finding a simpleton… 127 more words


Klostergarden - Alstadberger - 6.75 out of 7 smokestacks

Alstadberger is really good. Klostergarden is a great example of an organization that focused so closely on honing their craft of this beer, that they were able to refine this into a world leading example of smokebeer. 292 more words