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In our last blog post we considered the nature of civilization, and concluded that it was an organized effort on the part of human beings to live and work together; and that this, in turn, required certain standards of behavior.  1,543 more words

Christian Life

Voting Labour, Joey Tribbiani and enlightened self-interest

Ever since Theresa May called a ‘snap election’ as a result, in her view, of the House of Commons repeatedly blocking Article 50 and Brexit by having the temerity to vote for it, I find my self fixated with the question of self-interest. 1,363 more words


A Brief Note From The Doylist Perspective

So, saw an addition to the verse’ trope page today:

Libertarians In Space: Examined. The central setting, the Empire of the Star, is portrayed as a libertarian Utopia, where respect for liberty and personal choice is balanced by an admirably cheerful general attitude of voluntary civic-mindedness.

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Trope-a-Day: Enlightened Self-Interest

Enlightened Self-Interest: The source of all good things in the universe, and thanks to mélith, a basic principle of life when you’re an Imperial. 43 more words


Grappling with Inequality

I hadn’t planned it, but there were three ladies in my tiny room. I swallowed hard and almost audibly, knowing full well that I only had water from the ‘gracious’ city council of Nairobi that deigns to give us access to water once a week. 828 more words