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Campaigning and (Enlightened) Self Interest

I’ve been thinking for a while about the morality of using ‘enlightened self interest’ in the service of campaigning (on issues like climate change, global poverty, asylum seekers/refugees, etc.). 104 more words


The irony of modern economics

One of the most amazing ironies of modern Western civilization is, to me, that a few hundred years ago, some economists convinced all Christendom that self-centeredness and greed were actually virtues rather than vices, and would benefit society! 338 more words

Everything Else

The 'enlightened self-interest' of using the local bookshop

My definition of ‘enlightened self-interest’ is letting the other person out of the telephone kiosk so that you can get in. Some people think it is the only reason why anyone does anything that looks unselfish or altruistic. 697 more words


The Ethics Of... Looking after Number 1

‘Selfish’ is an ugly label to wear, and one that most of us avoid like the plague. I conjures up the image of a greedy miser, a Scrooge who hoards everything for themselves and gives nothing back. 1,721 more words

Taking Control of Our Lives - Part 3

I want to start this piece wit a quote from Future Scenarios by David Holmgren “There is a desperate need to recast energy descent as a positive process that can free people from the strictures and dysfunctions of growth economics and consumer culture.” As I understand it he’s referring to the running out of fossil fuels and the fact that, without some very fancy footwork, we are staring at the end of the world as we know it. 344 more words



Honour (Singapore), a non-profit enterprise that seeks the well-being of Singapore by promoting a culture of honour and honouring, was launched by Minister for Education Heng Swee Keat last Tuesday, 5 August 2014.  526 more words