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Protesting against a protest?!?

Protest!! What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word “protest”? People marching in the streets, holding candles or raising slogans? 334 more words



Hello guys I hope you are eager to read my further posts.

This Christmas Eve I’m going to surprise you by my research that is quite interesting and highly enlightening. 27 more words


They hunt me

These words..

these words are me, I am these words

These words are an extension

of me, of my state of mind, of my well being… 64 more words


Thanking from Going from Darkness to the Ultimate Light

Every year I look back on the biggest challenges that life brings us but also looking at the greatest opportunities what came to us with thanks. 151 more words


Let it happen

Stop worrying and let it happen

Live life day by day, let it happen

You can plan but plans change, let it happen

A higher power has planned the plan for you… 25 more words


Seven Words Tale #7

Confined in the confines of copulatings conundrum