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Next Steps

It may be because of the foot prints I’ve left in the snow this winter or the changes in my life this past year- a new bike, a new living space, new friends, end of relationships and start of others. 84 more words


"Freedom to speak up" and a "Stronger voice"

Last week Sir Robert Francis, QC, published this review

I was interested in this review given my recent experiences.

In putting patients first I have always supported an open and honest culture. 117 more words

Medical Education

The Beauty of Simplicity

I was reminded the other day while watching a documentary about Sir Barnes Wallis, that there is beauty in the simplicity. He rather ingeniously created a bouncing bomb in an attempt to destroy the Möhne dam, causing a flood in the Ruhr valley and dealing a blow to the Nazi war effort. 406 more words


With One Voice

This documentary was very interesting because it explained many topics that I was not expecting to hear. I am sure that everyone may grasp a different understanding because this material was so profound. 646 more words


Laugh yourself into wakefulness.


Feb. 07, 2015, Toronto, ON – Why is it that the most spiritually awakened, objective individuals among us are majority comedians? With their light hearted candor and objective deconstruction of society’s folly, they offer us a glimpse at the more meaningful and truthful aspects of life, allowing us to not only poke fun at ourselves, but also jar us into awakedness in the process. 68 more words


The New Bullies

The new bullies are “victims”. They base your whole relationship around what you can’t or can say to spare their feelings. They say whatever they want to you because you can take it. 209 more words