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Religion and or Spirituality

When I speak of religion I try not to speak with distain or disrespect in anyway. I fully respect any religion one chooses to follow. I hardly ever initialize any conversation about religion though.. 1,099 more words


Thoughts on life today.

We see a lot of terrible things these days.  We see shootings, bombings, children washed ashore..  There are people labeling others as terrorists while passing others as unstable (referring to domestic terror vs foreign terror).. 304 more words


Sublime story telling

Animation has excelled over the years…

From comics to frame to frame rendering to digital animation, we have seen visual wonders.

Nothing comes even close to Comics when it comes to story telling and engaging audience till the last page.. 74 more words


3StoriesDown: An Introduction

Hey guys, welcome to 3StoriesDown. I’m Hannah, and my blog is based on true events and the repercussions that follow my main character Heather’s fall out of a third story window. 247 more words


Well.. I almost made it 48 hours. This is my third attempt but eh, baby steps. Friday morning we were hit with snow and ice storm, “Jonas” across middle TN. 642 more words

The Secret of Enlightening Parenting

Mengasuh Pribadi Tanggung

Menjelang Generasi Gemilang

Alhamdulilah, Praise to Allah..  Terimakasih kepada para pembaca, reviewer dan seluruh penulis, hingga buku ini dicetak ulang dan menjadi National Best Seller.. 252 more words


Conquer Your Fear And Change Your Life

“What is fear made of? Fear is made of ignorance of ones own self.” ~ Osho

Your life is meant to be a magical manifesting adventure. 1,166 more words