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Candidate Exposé - Chris Jason Wakely

Hi, I’m Chris and I’m 24 years old from New Zealand. Since returning to New Zealand, I’ve decided to take up some study.

I guess I’ve always wanted to come to Canada, so doing the Internship helped me come across. 369 more words


Interview With a Shamanic Healer

For our our humanities project at University we were given the task of researching any topic and relating it somehow to the idea of  ‘Post Truth’ and ‘Fake News’.

2,500 more words

A View Into Heaven

I don’t think I’m alone when I often imagine what heaven actually looks like. I hear of people who have dreamed of heaven. I hear of people who have been on their death bed  and have had visions of heaven. 323 more words



Just what is the Christian life all about? I suppose the easiest way to explain it to a non-Christian is that it is a life of faith in Jesus Christ. 289 more words


Fascinating Animal!

Sometimes when I’m daydreaming or thinking and looking out my window oftentimes I see squirrels running along the top of my fence or running along a branch in a tree or just leaping from one branch to another. 603 more words


International Women’s Day!

I know! It’s been a week! Starting a blog and creating constant content is hard when you are working full time, but you know I wouldn’t miss March 8th… INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! 265 more words

End Girl Hate

Things you didn't know about conscience philosophy.

Many people has the notion that enlightenment is one state. Many also believe that when it is attained, a person is forever in that state. 505 more words