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Word to Stay Inspired – 27

Seeing, being, accepting, embracing, and surrendering with what is as the essential element of transformation and chance.



Like divine messengers heralding good tidings among mortals

They cut through the atmosphere in cascading jets of hope

Lighting up the surface with fascinating dew of life… 66 more words


The enlightening movement.

Well, you know that what is going on in my country. But let’s have a brief summary of the latest news and information:
The enlightening movement in Afghanistan started its activities almost two months ago, under the #stand against the systematic discrimination motto. 416 more words

Haiku Duet, Raising Philosopher Kings And Queens

“Wanting enlightened – and self-reliant children – they first taught themselves”

“If you want children – who can survive make sure they – learn to socialize”

Forty Rules of Love

A story of a women who has forgotten what love is, what it feels like and the strength it brings. Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shak touches the profound question many ask but cannot find an answer. 291 more words


The Climb Out ~ June 30, 2016

We can choose to be victims, or choose to be avid students on a journey of self-discovery.
Things do not happen to us, but instead happen for us. 203 more words


Book Review, Analysis, Thoughts

In an effort to cement some of the knowledge that I come across in books beyond repeated readings of Netter’s Anatomy and obscenely intricate syllabi on everything from DNA repair to neural circuits to diabetic pathys, I’ve decided to also use this blog as a way to comment on the aspects of my readings that give me the most insight into both myself and the topic at hand. 951 more words