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#4 Poetry : Another Poem On Time....

With Time We Bind
With Time We Seal
Lock Our Hatred and
Wishes To Fulfill
Here And Now
We Take this Vow
To Future’s Promise… 125 more words



it was always there and always will be but that day i took notice was the day it took me

never before had i felt colour i mean physically felt colour but this day i felt the colour drain right out of me then drain right out of the world and after that an ever sinking feeling as this pitch black hand viciously grabbed me. 219 more words

Entrevoir provides a 'glimpse' of the Universe - Reviewers find it Enlightening!

Entrevoir by Chris Katsaropoulos is both lyrical and mystical, opening the doors to the mysteries of the Universe. Order your copy at the Luminis website. 126 more words

Flaws and Uniqueness is what makes us Beautiful

I love the movement to stop photoshopping of magazine photos.  Petitions have forced some magazines to stop the photoshopping tactics, and others are catching on promising to include more “real” women of varying body types. 451 more words


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So true!!!

lost in a definition.

Waking up today, facing the same question,

Am I blowing this out of proportion?

Second guessing. These questions mess with me.

Specially when I and the answer are not in the same section. 205 more words


Modern haiku

Seen from the airplane
This gigantic thunderstorm …
Quite enlightening.

Touching the Universe

this moment

is the same moment

experienced in all it’s fractal recreations

micro to macro

flowing into itself


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