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Today I cut my finger.Blood squeezed between the seams to remind me.

I’m still alive


Three To Enlighten Us All (2015)

1. Good weather.
2. Happy moments.
3. New album out.
To turn the page-
Depending on your age.


Thanksgiving is a Special Day

Thanksgiving is a special day to celebrate families and friends we care & cherish. In most of the western world, we are as blessed as we are spoiled, I know I am. 157 more words


At the Table The Oracle Report

Such a validating report…

Skill: watch for a path, opening, or opportunity

True Alignments: cleaning and clearing, new habits, rewards coming from concerted efforts over time, sustainability, innovation, learning from “errors” or experiences and discovering something, infusion of nature’s healing power, preparation, going back to basics when confounded, tradition honored, patience, trying new combinations, past life memories surface


Netherlands Foreigners’ Freehold Dream

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Netherlands? Is it the dazzling tulip fields swaying under the sun light, the yellowish Gouda cheese sorted firmly on top of each other, the enormous historical or industrial chains of windmills or the photo of someone posing in front of the famous iconic I amsterdam sign with the Rijksmuseum in the back ground? 967 more words


Pieces Left Behind

What happens when you reach your “breaking point”?  Do you really break?  Are you left in millions of irreparable pieces with no hope of ever being put back together?  220 more words

Reflections From The Water