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Language: a natural barrier to enlightenment

To start off let me first offer a brief definition of what enlightenment is. It is the end of suffering by the processes of dis-identification from the mind. 450 more words


I am awe and astonishment. I am blanketed in eyes that see magic. I am in love with the world. I align myself with everything that is and find wholeness and goodness in it. 199 more words


Is Spiritual Enlightenment Earned?

In my perspective, the answer is no.

To be enlightened, all an aspirant has to have is a pure desire to be enlightened. Desire is the key. 646 more words

Allu Kuy

Living a Life without Regrets

I’ve spent time this week thinking about my past, the decisions I have made, and my overall path that has brought me to this point in time. 244 more words


Competent Yogi, a benevolent human being

A competent Yogi is one who has completely eradicated all kinds of devil natures from his/her beings, and has installed, developed the divine natures in the beings, and brought them to the perfection. 426 more words


Peace and Enlightenment Are The Same!

Indeed your own article makes such a point. Expecting to necessarily find “peace” because of “enlightenment” is like doubting Rama because he shot a deer. It is the same error in thinking.

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This post is partially from the comments section of another post.

“You can’t use your moral compass to asses enlightened sages.” But, that does beg the question: how do you know whether or not someone is an enlightened sage?

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