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Scene: White

The last time I saw you. I saw that whole scene with a certain bias against myself. And you saw it .. Differently. Your different perspective adds to what actually happened in my mind. 104 more words

Clearing Away the Clouds

After nearly every shamanic session, my clients will tell me how wonderful they feel. One client last week told me that she never knew she could feel so good. 260 more words


Welcome to the Imix Trecena

The Mayan spiritual calendar, called the Tzolkin, includes 20 13-day cycles.  Each cycle of the calendar is called a trecena and has a spiritual theme associated with it.   108 more words


Letting Go of a Persona

Most of us have developed personas or roles that helped us navigate through childhood to reach adulthood. These personas allow us to make sense of confusing times, and, when an experience is traumatic, provide us the means to survive. 469 more words


Letting the Trash Take Itself Out

How many times in life have you been deceived, where something seemed to be one way, but it turned out to be another?

Unfortunately, this is a pretty common occurrence for anyone, and the circumstances vary greatly. 1,282 more words