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Where is your reason?

Why am I Alive? What is the reason I am alive for? Who am I living for? Why am I even trying to stay alive? Everyone has definitely asked themselves these questions in their lives. 1,059 more words


Will the texting, TV-watching monks of Cambodia find enlightenment?

If you asked me to name the place where enlightenment could most easily be obtained, I might guess a Buddhist monastery in the Far East—that is until I read a recent… 621 more words


Psychosis is widely misunderstood throughout society. Even the so-called professionals of the psychological and psychiatric communities do not understand its genesis or what is actually occurring. 1,556 more words


Our Sacred Inner Chamber

Our Sacred Inner Chamber

In a stillness of mind and quietness of spirit, we enter the inner chamber of our soul.

This inner place is one of our greatest discoveries of our mortal lives because it’s where we encounter the… 1,260 more words


Q. What is the truth, the final goal we are seeking like?

A. Not seeing it is more difficult than seeing it. In fact it is impossible not to see it. If you try to chase it even for a while, you are going the wrong way. 65 more words


Small Action, Big Outcome

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Once saw this quote online while I scrolling through Facebook. 1,389 more words


What is Spiritual and What is Not, And The End of Karma.

There’s this spiritual guru (who is widely known more for his other profession, though he prefers to be known more as a ‘spiritual person’ — duh?) who wanted me to become his follower. 830 more words

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