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The Internet Enlightenment

In the early days of the internet, when it was a wild, untamed place, there arose a great champion of the people.

It was a time when ideology held sway over reason, despite protestations to the contrary. 201 more words

Short Story

Free Your Mind

Many enlightened thinkers of the world have expressed over and over again that you cannot create peace with war. The only way to overcome hatred, is with love. 1,161 more words



The truth.

The truth is … I feel I was lost. Like she lost me.  Like I’m a thing to be lost. Like I’m an object. 1,138 more words


a few new rules of friendship

Friendship’s a tricky business.

Just last week, in a prelude to a story, someone said ‘ well, you know how we have friends for different reasons?’ and I nodded yes, yes, and they launched into their tale. 381 more words


A Different World

It’s safe to say most of the world, or society, doesn’t know what it wants. One moment people are encouraged to be different and unique. The next, they’re bashed for their… 522 more words


Politically Correct? Or Thought Control?

Playing the role of the “victim” is on the rise and it’s our own personal responsibility to stop it. “Political Correctness” needs to be corrected. There aren’t enough women directors in Hollywood, Tolkien didn’t write very many female characters, Christmas offends Jews and Muslims, the list goes on. 1,170 more words


Being One: Berkeley Satsang Nov. 29

Being One as Form and Formless is the title of the satsang i am privileged to give in Berkeley at  7 p.m. on Nov. 29, Thanksgiving Weekend, for Open Circle Center.  661 more words