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Previously, we learned about the World of Brahmā, and that we must rise above this realm in order to achieve liberation from death and rebirth. In these verses we will get an idea of how long we have been on this journey to freedom and eternal happiness. 834 more words

Ancient Mystical Writings


I’m told that your ancestors go back to the mystic mountains of old,
where there are stories of many a dragon lair teeming with gold. 268 more words

Get Ready to Jump

One of the nicest parts of becoming a spiritually aware person is a big change in attitude about “dying.” And by that, I mean becoming aware of one’s spiritual being. 202 more words

Inner Development

Mindfulness and Depression

Depression is extremely prevalent in our society and often under diagnosed. It is fortunate that the stigma attached to it has lessened so that those who are dealing with depression are more likely…

Source: Mindfulness and Depression


Art I Persephone? 

White hot,  the world blinks

I am awake and aware and I

Climb.  Beyond the dark well

Of eternity.  Into a world gone

White entirely.  Holy.   90 more words


Tapping into our Energy Body to Connect to Source

We are made up of several different energy bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each energy body is connected to the other, and what is felt or done to one impacts the other energy bodies and our overall wellbeing and health. 587 more words

LAMAT Trecena: Shine Like a Star!

Today begins the LAMAT, or Rabbit/Star, trecena.

It is the last trecena of this cycle of the Tzolkin calendar, and brings with it positive growth, enlightenment and abundance.   259 more words