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In Honor

Later today, the doctor will be cutting out a piece of my breast. 3 cm, more or less. The size of a kiwi or a Roma tomato. 520 more words

The Wild Pomegranate

The state of Mind, is more Important than Your Schedule.

You might be obsessed with too many things happening simultaneously in your life, and for that you plan life in advance, and schedule everything, but when the time comes for execution, the whole schedule goes hay-wire. 1,469 more words


The Source of Life is in You.

The source of life is in you. You have the power house, that provides you all the supply of energy, that allows you to run life. 1,601 more words


Butterflies Are Impossible

Many of you are familiar with lbeth’s stories and writings. Her husband Bud is evidently a ‘closet’ poet and captured these beautiful thoughts in a poignant piece that has touched my heart for many years. 36 more words

Change Your Mind

View Life, as Fresh as, a New Born Child.

Life is Fresh every moment. You need adjustment in your perception. Life is perfect, from the day of its inception, and it is, & will remain perfect all the time. 1,104 more words


On Leading and Governing

In a recent post, I paraphrased the Old Master, Lao Tzu, with respect to the futility of following religions, idols, gods, leaders, prophets, messiahs, and other false dogmas and charismatic characters. 143 more words


Enlightenment is not an End to Life.

Life is a continuous process. It goes on forever. You come here to play your role and as your time gets over, you get off the stage.  1,379 more words