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A stranger

A stranger came, sat, share everything in between, then without saying goodbye, leave an empty chair.
One day when you meet someone for some inexplicable reason and you feel more connected to this stranger than anyone else. 111 more words

Life Lessons

Day 5: Shame

Shame and guilt are both born of judgment, but there is a distinction between them: shame is silent. We wear our guilt and we hide our shame.

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Self Love

Book blog

I have been contemplating on writing a book for a very long time. Right when I was 14 when I started a quick feedback of my storytelling skills and had asked my classmates what they thought of the story I made. 108 more words

Amazing Blog

Day 4: Guilt

People who are riddled with guilt don’t dare be abundant or happy because they fundamentally believe that something they did was heinous. But, they are thinking of their past selves.

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Self Love

Q102. Student: “What are you when your body is not you, Sir?”

A. Master: “I can’t answer such a difficult question.”

Student: “What is an easy question, Sir?”

Master: “That is too easy a question to answer.” 68 more words


Sacred Ground

One of the most common issues I come across when doing shamanic and coaching work with people is a lack of self-love. It seems that many of us love and give to others, and yet we struggle to love ourselves. 413 more words


Then and Now

Heart like a kick drum solo
Surely they can hear it
Against pin dropping silence
Waiting for my name..my name
The R’s, here we go… 94 more words