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Wedding Haiku

Beautiful couple
Dancing til the sun comes up
You look like Springsteen


The Joy of Being “Dead”

Sure, many people will think I’m macabre. They’ll read the title above and turn the page—to get the awful thought of death out of their mind. 429 more words

Inner Development

CHICCAN Trecena: Transformation and Creation

May 19, 2016 begins the CHICCHAN, or serpent, trecena.

Kukulkan, the feathered serpent, is a revered Mayan deity that inspired the creation of many temples and pyramid, most notably the pyramid at Chichen Itza. 146 more words


Self-improvement only way to Benedictions

Namaste dear friends,

Following is the third Mantra of Isha Upanishad, and same is mentioned in Shukla Yajurveda’s 40th chapter in third number, which is extremely enlightening. 368 more words


Allowing Life to Unfold

I admit it. I can be impatient.

But time and time again I’ve seen the impact and magic that can happen when I don’t try to force something and instead let it unfold. 420 more words


EB Trecena: The Path of Destiny

Today begins the EB, or path of destiny, trecena, focused on our sacred path of self-realization and fulfillment.

This time is about filling ourselves up with messages from the spirit world so that we have revelations, greater understanding and healing. 41 more words


Post Enlightenment

The question is: what does one do after Awakening from the great dream?

It depends on the awakened one. There are unlimited things one can choose to do depending on what makes one tick. 197 more words

Allu Kuy