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Encountering a Cult

George’s memorial service drew to a close and an old school friend, Chris Jenkins, offered me a lift back to the home of George’s family for the reception. 885 more words


To be or not to be “Church”

“Human beings may separate things into as many piles as we wish—separating spirit from flesh, sacred from secular, church from world. But we should not be surprised when God does not recognize the distinctions we make between the two. 1,369 more words

Spiritual Journey

Enlightened Lineage

Not all spiritual lineages are “alive” with the energy and awareness of enlightenment. It may be that at one time there was an enlightened teacher at the root of a lineage, but over time, the lineage may have become diluted or dried out. 535 more words



Our choices shape our future.

Enlightenment doesn’t happen accidentally. It’s a choice that is made, in every moment of every day.

If you’ve ever accomplished something challenging, like getting a college degree, earning a black belt in martial arts, completing a business certification, finishing a marathon, or realizing a breakthrough opportunity for something you’re passionate about, you know that it took time, dedication, and consistent focus. 371 more words


Eat your meat.

Where there is no law there is no sin.

The law aka the administration of death.

That is what salvation is from dear brother.

Read this and see the deep truth. 302 more words


The purpose-less ground of purpose

There is a sense in which people think nature is stupid.

They think a huge mistake was made when nature spawned man and that man is now going to turn around and destroy nature. 243 more words


In defence of Alan Watts and Osho

I have heard countless times that Alan watts and osho were immoral. Alan watts was into his booze and had failed marriages and osho… Well osho I have heard liked his ladies. 607 more words