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Finding the New Deep

I am new to this website and blogging in general but I have always wanted to make a blog. Writing is a passion of mine. I remember being seven, picking up a pen to write my thoughts in a journal, and instantly my world was forever altered. 722 more words


Q120. Student: “Please explain in detail what I am when my body is not me, Sir.”

A. Master: “It neither speaks nor moves at all.”

     Student: “How can I recognise it then, Sir?”

     Master: “What did you say right now?”


Commentary: 23 more words


Is it lonely to be Maitreya? - No. Especially finding Julien Matei is a moment of togetherness

When I stumble upon a true philosopher like Julien Matei then I Maitreya both laugh and shed a tear of happiness at the same time. 172 more words


A Common Luxury

Many of us have the privilege of being born with some things that enable us to do just about anything we’d like. With our bodies capable of doing whatever we put our minds to, it’s amazing to look back at everything human-kind has done. 356 more words


Spiritual Practice As Preparation

The fact is it is rare when a spiritual practice wakes someone up. Practices are not designed to wake up; they are the preparation. Just as the sun and the rain prepare a fruit tree to produce the fruit, they are not what cause the fruit to fall from the tree.  733 more words


The Power of Intention (Part 3 of 4)

In part 3 of this series, I want to share the wisdom of one of the most enlightened. Please enjoy Deepak Chopra’s “5 Steps to Setting Powerful Intentions” Have a FABULOUS weekend!!! 72 more words


Fall Equinox: A Time to Go Within

The sun, moon, planets and stars played a major role in Mayan spirituality and religious life. Their religion included numerous nature-based gods, including a Sun God, who was also… 361 more words