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Truths We Like To Forget - Part 1

There’s a place in a galaxy far in the distance, secretly hidden behind a dark Nebula in the shape of a Horsehead (if you stare at it long enough)…A planet that was once filled with lush, green forests and fields that stretched on for continents. 584 more words


What Is Real? What Is Unreal?

How can we be certain that our eyes do not deceive us, as they so often do? How can we be sure that what our senses tell us is actually real? 505 more words


MEN Trecena: Soar High and Dream Big

Today begins the MEN, or Eagle, trecena.

For these next 13 days, fly and soar high like the Eagle – and look at the big picture of your life.   24 more words

Look for the Silver Lining

There is no such thing as a fairy-tale Brady Bunch kind of life.

We each have our own individual hardships, sufferings, and disappointments.  Our hearts have been broken…sometimes more than once.   330 more words


Fall Equinox: A Time to Go Within

The sun, moon, planets and stars played a major role in Mayan spirituality and religious life. Their religion included numerous nature-based gods, including a Sun God, who was also… 361 more words

Spirit Evolution

Bliss of Self!

People seeking enlightenment imagine a state full of bliss. The idea of bliss comes from sensual enjoyments. Ego multiplies the bliss of sensations infinite times and assumes it to be enlightenment. 191 more words


"Finding" Liberation

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the entire concept of liberation and how it’s sold.

Fundamentally liberation is perceived one of two ways: 1. it’s something one achieves through years of dedicated practice. 542 more words