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Why are we afraid of the dark?

Is it the unknown, or is there more. Dark houses. Dark rooms. Demons and goblins. Shadows and ghosts. Sleep paralysis. In the darkness, there is something that harms and takes. 250 more words



I was meant to write this,

Please dismiss me from this land, I insist,

When my pen jots the last sentence,

You sentenced me for eternity without a voice, 84 more words


A Classroom Of Souls

LET’S NOW LOOK AT LIFE from a strictly spiritual perspective rather than from a physical one. If we do we might envisage that we are indeed in a classroom in the… 376 more words

Conscious Awareness


Create a harmony of peace, surrender, and flow within you. When we allow ourselves to exist, we are in being. Always start with right breathe. 23 more words



After sorting through the crap that passes for news du jour, one inescapable fact looms before us as a civilized society; we are going down hill faster than the Speed of Dark. 861 more words