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It’s a strange word.

An ending to that which we aspire to.

A deep longing for that which we feel will somehow give our life meaning. 816 more words

“A Watched Teapot Truly Does (Eventually) Boil so What's Up With That?”

My version of the above activity is waiting for the green-route bus to appear while I’m at my bus stop. Adages aren’t always literally true so one needs to interpret, to extrapolate what the adage is saying on a deeper level. 739 more words


“Before they call, I will answer: and while they are still speaking, I will hear”

Isaiah 65:24

Before you think or speak…the inner Divine Beloved Self has already heard your words and studied your mind.

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And Neither Should You...

I never look at someone and say, “I can never have that.” and neither should you.

the God game

How to play.


Go hide yourSelf from view – somewhere so obvious and so simple, it’s guaranteed to be overlooked.


Call the shadow cast by your hidden self-shining Light “world”: an infinite array of mirrors reflecting every imaginable experience; a mind-field so intricate it can entertain for lifetimes… 267 more words


Alan Watts Best Videos

Alan Watts shares his ideas with the world and even more now then ever with the internet. Experience the best of Alan Watts here.


I am...

I am not defined by stereotypes

I am not my age.  

I am not a job.

I am not my circumstances.

I am not the way I walk. 125 more words