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Golden summer sublime

Days of golden summer’s glow

A reprieve from wind, rain and snow,

Where lazing in a park

Resplendent and green,

Having barbeques after dark,

Were much the imagery of warm days… 128 more words


Sobriquets and appendages

In the comment section, one of the readers addressed me as Dr. Ed, perhaps tongue in cheek, but I thought maybe it’s time to get the handles and appendages straightened out and how they occurred. 442 more words


We Need To Connect

Our world is suffering. Natural disasters are everywhere and still there is war as well.

Human beings are demonstrating the extremes of human connection. On one end of these extremes, people stretch their hearts and financial and physical abilities to help victims of hurricanes and earthquakes. 589 more words


Bubble-Wrapped Californian

Enlightened. That is how I felt when I was finally able to get the questions answered that I forever pondered since childhood. A question like, “how is that fair?” was the most common of all and applied to every so called political lesson or general social issue I’d hear about. 331 more words



We were out on the field, building steam, in preparation for the main event. We loved it out on the field, for the sticky patches of temporal bragging right it always brings. 991 more words