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Self-Enquiry 2

What can be said about Existence ?

Existence is inconceivable, all the while free from & innately free from Thought. Such Being is Formless & indivisible so that we first have to assume, that Thought even has some kind of existence, before we need say that Pure Being, the Self is free from Thought. 214 more words


The Elusive Creator

If you go searching for “The Great Creator”, you will come back empty handed. Forget the nonsense you were brainwashed with since childhood. There is no so-called “creator”. 273 more words


The Inexhaustible Lamp

When a Bodhisattva teaches and spreads the Dharma it is sometimes called an Inexhaustible Lamp.

This is because it can bring thousands to the mind that is set on Supreme Enlightenment. 49 more words


Quote Of The Day: 08/04/2015

This listening is the art of meditation, in the learning of which we come to a place of transition where truth leaves the mind and enters the heart.

25 more words

Sleep time

Lying in bed
Feeling rather sleepy
A weight presses down
And there you are
Your arm wraps around
Resting quite nicely
My breasts are supported… 188 more words

Guided Meditation: Discovering Light in Darkness (Alchemy)

Satsang with Tathina by candlelight! Just being with whatever is Here together. Guided meditation to invite you to make peace with whatever is Here. Use this to directly experience the Truth of yourself. 78 more words


Howling at the Moon

It seems to me

that something is disappearing

far more rapidly

than oil, icebergs, and ozone.

Something once so common

and cherished

has been laid aside… 157 more words