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Sponge Full of Wonder

Sometimes the unexceptional becomes extraordinary:  gazing into a puddle of water, watching a child run after a puppy, seeing the first butterfly of the season, maybe even hearing the peaceful hum of your computer for the first time. 137 more words


Free Verse: Spinning Tales Over Tea and Cookies

In this free verse poetry, “Spinning Tales Over Tea and Cookies “.

They might just be sweet, or sour, but they are what they are. 474 more words

Urban Poetry

Puddles Accept WHAT IS

“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just a reflection of him?” 
Bill Watterson

Your degree of acceptance of WHAT IS, is reflected outward and FELT within WHILE PROJECTING SUCH. 140 more words


Dark and light duality

Dark and light duality

A cornerstone of spirituality

We experience dark

We experience light

Both we find can hindersight

But I close my eyes

Let my conscious mind lead me… 76 more words


The Millennials

OK kiddies, have you fixed up mommy’s basement the way you like it ? I speaking to you wannabe lawyers, ardent feminists and committed SJW planning the next revolution. 344 more words


The connoisseur

He was a connoisseur

and she tasted fine,

more so than the finest wine,

she had matured with age

and was full of body,

he knew he was lucky… 32 more words


The way of the spirit

Creating and discovering experiences

while traversing life and time,

consciously moving forward

in a virtual reality sublime,

our presence resonates

our voices reverberate

like echoes off of the wall, 77 more words