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For the Millennials!
Trying to be more a more interesting man!


Be with someone who will bring the good in you..

As I was growing up the one thing that I learnt about LOVE itself was to find someone who will bring the best in you, support you in your dreams and careers, encourage you to continue grinding and not give up and also someone who will love you for you and not someone people think you’re and who will treat you like a princess and a queen and will make sure you know that you are worth it and are loved really loved. 211 more words

Laissez le bon temps rouler

The Chinese concept of racism isn’t the same as the world’s view.


Hope n' Change

Memorial Day 2016

Be it Memorial Day or any other day, let us never forget the sacrifices of those who served our nation and sometimes paid the ultimate price.

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Jewish Humor

Question: Why don’t you ever see people making love on the pavements in Tel Aviv?

Answer: Because if they did, passers by would point out to them what they were doing wrong.