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What is real? Is the imagination not real? Do we not live in the universe’s imagination? Is everything seen not a manifestation of the imagination? When you close your eyes, are you not interacting with the imagination? 129 more words


Your Transformation-What To Expect

You reach a point in your transformation where you are no longer looking outside yourself for your fulfillment.  Not in a career, or in a relationship, or in a god,  not even in your spiritual family in the non-physical realms.   1,010 more words

~ "The Fall of Light" Chapter 8: "Arc-Light From Atop" ~


“The Fall of Light” Chapter 8:

“Arc-Light From Atop” 

Gregory V. Boulware, Esq. 

Chapter 8: “ArchLight From Below” 
‘Stroudesburg,’ ‘Tannersville,’ ‘Jim Thorppe,’ ‘Big Boulder.’ ‘Big Bear,’ and ‘Still Water;’ “Mount Pocono”  3,738 more words

Education And Learning

Only the "Void of Apperceiving" can be Whole

The sage doesn’t know (experience) the Oneness, he IS the Oneness.

Now there can be (undivided) “experiencing without an experiencer”, but it doesn’t have any qualities (objectively). 15 more words

Pointing Towards What IS