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Boxed up

Boxes are convenient

To containerise things in,

They stop things from straying

And make things easier to find,

People put things in boxes of their minds… 106 more words


Urban Ekphrastic poem: Obsession with Roses

In this Ekphrastic poem, “Obsession with Roses.”

Growing a rose garden is as challenging and rewarding as raising children. The pruning, nurturing, watering, the guidance, and more. 437 more words


The More You Crusoe, The More You Know

Robinson Crusoe is a person who is not only having a hard time navigating his way around the world, but also navigating life. He has a longing to explore the world and make his own fortunes, independent of his family’s wishes. 504 more words


Don't implode but explode

While in the grind

Settle the mind

Do not let self be defined

In these hard times

As an angry soul out of line

And careering downward resigned… 32 more words


Pond gazing

Shimmering heat hazes

And reflections on a pond,

Sitting in mindfulness

Watching graceful white swans,

Gliding over the water

Creating only the slightest ripples,

My mind goes within… 193 more words


Throw me a crumb

Throw me a morsel

throw me a crumb,

I desire your body

so give me some,

reason to hope

some reason to dream,

I am in love with your mind… 114 more words


Toy soldiers

Toy soldiers playing with our guns,

toy soldiers as kids we had such fun

but as I grew up I started to understand,

the guns are the merchants of death, 169 more words