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Time is a social construct, possibly the most significant one created by humankind to date. In one of the earliest recorded instances of marking time ‘the Egyptians divided the day into two 12-hour periods + used large obelisks to track the movement of the… 158 more words


Helping the self physically

Your body is a temple

To integrate these new energies you do not need a different approach. The basic needs to vibrate at a higher level are the same you used so far to help you ascend. 728 more words


Life Force (Wednesday's Word 7/17)

Do we DARE become that which we have always been?


Because that which we have always been, will ALWAYS be…

Allow it!

Let it! 69 more words


Are you doing new things?

We all know we should learn new things every day. Expand our mind, expose ourselves to new ideas…

But do you realize the importance of doing new things? 185 more words


Full 🌑

At night

I see that which I AM and will always be

Light 💫



You don’t exist
The ego fools itself into believing it is matter
There’s nobody there
Nobody writing this
All this is
Is the universe exploding onto the page