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Wasting Life

The most destructive approach to living is to spend valuable moments of our lives:

  • complaining about reality
  • criticizing other people
  • blaming others for our displeasure with our own lives…
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To know the ancient Tao

Chuang Tzu said, ‘To know the Tao is easy, not to speak about it is hard. Knowing and not saying, this is to aspire to the Heavenly. 239 more words

Chinese Philosophy

Teachings from the Gaea Retreat. Part One

The following talk was given at the Gaea Retreat Center on May 22nd, 2015.

Welcome to Meditation Group. My name is Daniel.

The Buddha sat under a tree in the woods, kind of like this. 242 more words


Snickers & Snarks

From Noman’s Blog

One of the most humorous bits ever peddled by the Left, or should I say foisted on this Country and the Right is Affirmative Action. 349 more words


Peaceful Soul

Letting the golden sunlight
Pour down upon my face
Resting quietly upon this tree
I find my peaceful place

Where Stillness will Enlighten me

And Serenity shall set me Free… 45 more words


Alte kackers

A pair of geezers sitting on a bench were grumping about life, but basically about sex and food.

One said he had given up on sex turned to food. 15 more words

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