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What if…

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Everyone laughs it off, but never actually plays…

Let’s play the “what if” game.

What if my Spirit was gone? 637 more words


Your support

I am your crutch,

I am the one thing

That supports you,

I am the one constant

That’s always here for you,

I do this not for reward, 100 more words


How Deeply Has Social Media Deviated How We See Beauty?

Speaking for myself, as a woman, feeling beautiful and being called beautiful are two completely different feelings. While compliments are always wonderfully ego boosting, feeling beautiful from within is deeply empowering. 328 more words


‘Awakening’ – what it is (and isn’t).

A casual glance over any group related to spirituality and we will see the term ‘awakening’ or ‘awakened’ often referred to in various posts or internet articles. 2,594 more words



Written By: Daniel Gluska

The clenching thought of survival follows me around. The thoughts of past failures haunt me. The anxiety embodies my thoughts of fixing myself in the future. 87 more words


Laws of the Universe: How to Find Relief From Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you want for your life to expand and become more than what it is today? Do you wish to do more in your career, but feel blocked, stalled, and unable to progress? 2,357 more words

Laws Of The Universe

I shall eat your demons

Let me eat your demons

And feast upon your fear

Take away you anger

Wipe away your tears

I will eviscerate your pain

Remove self doubt… 34 more words