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And Mahakasyapa smiled

There is a story about the origin of Zen. Buddha gave a wordless speech by only holding up a white flower. Nobody understood, only Mahakasyapa smiled because… 300 more words



The Scriptures speak of being born again. This has always been a fascinating and at the same time, confusing consideration. It is fascinating because, we want to understand, it is confusing because, most of us usually don’t make the effort. 421 more words

What You Resist Persists

You’re all deluded. You know why this Corona virus (COVID19) isn’t getting any better? Because you tryna fight it, you try to suppress it, that’s why it persists. 108 more words


Be the Best You Can Be

Discovering your true self in life requires a great courage, for this feat is a lifelong process. The very first step you must take to know who you are is to take control of your life. 166 more words

A.S. Fortress

On The Passing Of Charlie Daniels

Why Can’t People

Why can’t people just be people,
And leave each other alone?
Then every child would have a home
In the sunshine.

Why can’t all my brothers and sisters… 120 more words

Observations From The Soft Chair

"Ayahuasca for the Soul - IV"

People who go take Ayahuasca are seekers, and what most of us are seeking initially is to heal our bodies, minds, and souls from the traumas of our lives. 1,329 more words