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Election day is quickly approaching. This year is the first year I will be able to vote, and of course it is the shittiest election ever known to man. 327 more words



Transcend above the most gruesome encounter you have endured

Transcend above the elements: earth, wind, fire, water

Transcend above everyday trivial problems

Transcend towards the solar energy… 9 more words


the garden of light

I was practicing for the upcoming performance of “The Cycle of Life” (Isbourne Foundation, Cheltenham Nov 11th) today and in the midst of it a new poem made it’s way, I like it with the photo of Miles I took on our last holiday in Germany: 92 more words



The DDOS that took place a couple of days ago ought to wake up some folks as to what could happen during our election.
Not the actual voting but the reporting of results during which the major networks are shut down in a pattern than prevents reporting of on a regular basis. 314 more words


Adyashanti - The Philosophy of Enlightenment

Published on Oct 20, 2016

http://adyashanti.org – Adyashanti introduces the online study course that he will be doing in November entitled, “The Philosophy of Enlightenment.” Adyashanti points out the importance of re-examining the philosophies that are the undercurrents of your life—much of the time unconsciously. 190 more words


Jewish Humor

A Jewish curse

Please God, I hope that not only should you have lots and lots of money, but you should also be the only one in your family to have lots and lots of money.