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My Conversation with Dr. Jennifer McNutt

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Dr. McNutt is a Church Historian at Wheaton College. I was excited to talk to her about her about her research focus on the Reformation and the influence of Calvin on later generations of pastors and churches in Geneva. 58 more words


Hell if I know

Hello, God.  I’m back for round 5

Are you sure it’s round 5?

Hell if I know.  It’s round something.  It feels like I’m on the losing end of a boxing match. 547 more words


Desire for Liberation 2

[from Sri Shankara part 2]

He who perseveres in these will achieve Freedom from Bondage to the Body, created by Ignorance.

Let all those who put away & cast aside every error of thought, who are sated with this World’s joys, whose thoughts are full of Peace, who delight in Words of Wisdom, who rule themselves, who long to be free, draw near to this Teaching, which is dedicated to them. 817 more words


Think Carefully !!!

I can put myself in your shoes but I can’t be You.. I can not know You !

Though I know a place where there is no You and There is no Me.. 198 more words

Science And Spirituality

Poetry with Prose Excerpt from Triad Light

Now I Begin

If I look at you closely enough
then I see what I do
nearly all of me
does not want to know this truth… 363 more words

New Age Future

Modern haiku

Seen from the airplane
This gigantic thunderstorm …
Quite enlightening.

we are all suns . . .

For about a year now I have thought of myself and my feelings like the sky.

I am the sun.
On a good day, I am clear skies. 167 more words