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Enlightenment, Diet and New Earth

I was recently asked if we need to have a completely clean diet in order to reach the stage of enlightenment?

A so called “clean” diet is not a prerequisite to becoming enlightened. 668 more words

ego-less 'I AM'

Q: Is there thought in samadhi?

A: There is only the feeling that ‘I AM’ and no other thoughts.

Q: Is not ‘I am’ a thought? 15 more words

Pointing Towards What IS

How to Make a Decision?


I was at my family last night and a cockroach got into my brothers room. My heart didnt want to kill it and fortunately my mother did not find it. 871 more words


When you continuously expand your mind to go beyond, you will be in the present moment!

Duration: 10 minutes

The moment you perceive anything, the moment you are able to think about it, it becomes past.

For example, in the beginning, when you are told to think of something that is beyond your thoughts, you may think of the entire solar system. 468 more words


'who' attains 'what' ?

Between the Buddha, nearly two thousand five hundred years ago, and Sri Ramana Maharshi in our own lifetime, many Sages have told us that there is nothing to be attained. 107 more words

Pointing Towards What IS

How Manifest our Nature of Free Will?

Dear Friends,

It is a powerful time in our world to claim our freedom and full nature of love, peace, joy, wholeness, and health. Free will is something for us to embrace. 611 more words

Be Freedom

From Death To Life

DEATH is what is believed to be the end of all living creatures. As a result, death remains the greatest fear and loss to generations of humans, everyone living would love to live forever but no one wants to die, as most people lack the understanding that death is not the end of life. 200 more words

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