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From Becoming to Being and Being Back While still Becoming. -Healing (1.4.14)

Guiding Thought

To heal and be healed is to be aware, to understand, and to Know Wholeness.  Thus, seek Wholeness, Unity, Oneness within your own mind and heart, and in all your actions and affairs. 623 more words


A cosmos of love

You are the cosmos living a dream

A universal effigy of spirituality

A spirit of light incandescently supreme

A manifestation of a multiverse scene

A sea of quantum energy and atoms… 51 more words


Cosmic Ripple

Amidst the night sky my destiny unfolds

Within it I seek eternal repose

To once more unravel the secrets it beholds

I pull at the threads… 117 more words


Beauty in all its forms

Beauty comes in many forms

But seldom can be seen as beautiful as you

Beauty is a pure heart and a soul of light

With an open mind and heart… 63 more words


Why do hindus perform rituals ?

Rituals are very powerful tools. They are powerful techniques. Many people ask me, ‘You are enlightened. Why should you then perform rituals?’ I tell them, ‘Because I am enlightened, I am teaching people exactly why and how to perform rituals!’ Enlightened beings do not need any rituals for themselves. 430 more words


Burning down the house

Burning down the house

The house of humanity

Burning down the world

With our out of control insanity

Burning things down

While building things up… 68 more words


The Journey Continues - Let's Do This!

It’s interesting to look back on one’s life and see things that you may not have noticed in the moment. Those “missed” moments are sometimes very enlightening. 1,111 more words