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Self Knowledge 77 – “Self-Realization” Satsang part 3

To put it very simply, if you do not know your Self, & confound your Self with something you are not, you will feel bound & you suffer. 1,203 more words


A Touch of Grace

If touch can be shown
Through the medium of words,
Then you have touched
Me a thousand times.
And while the moon shines
On a still Spring night, 9 more words


Sacred Space

Welcome to this universe – the new beautiful you. You are the creator of your life experiences, your perception, and your awareness. You are the creator of this universe projected from your consciousness. 870 more words

Free Interpretation

Just so you know, I’mma go crazy with this metaphorical interpretation, so prepare to have your minds blown.

It’s interesting how artists can inspire imagination in the listener, viewer, or reader. 

1,247 more words

Then the Magic Happened...

“The free exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world.”
– John Steinbeck

I hated reading for years.

I couldn’t stand it.

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I Do All Of My Own Stunts

I listened to Charlie Parker as I cooked dinner tonight.

Jazz isn’t out of the ordinary for me, and it’s not like you can listen to anything else after watching… 896 more words


The Next Level

What if I told you that there’s even more aspects of your self and your consciousness that can empower you in all new ways just ready to be discovered? 525 more words