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The One Simultaneous You

To see the diversities of form as having separate causes is ignorance. To see the One Source at all times, places and things, is wisdom. What else is there to understand? 213 more words

What it Means to Choose Tuesday

Remember when you were a kid, and you knew something big or different was about to happen? Can you recall, if you close your eyes, the sleeplessness, the inability to stop talking about what was to come, the euphoric and inexplicable thrill that came with the approaching day? 644 more words


If not now, then when?

There is a secret to life of which I am not yet a master of but am rapidly embracing with each passing day. Live in the now. 1,015 more words


Camping in Khakis 

Camping in khakis…allow me to attempt to illustrate the profound in that.

To be a 30-something in Saint Louis represents an interesting dynamic. Commonly referred to as a “big city with a small town feel”, contradiction is prevalent. 1,159 more words


Vedanta Course #32: Tattva Bodha Pt. 27 (Conclusion)- You Are That

This video explains the concluding portion of Tattva Bodha, which does an analysis of the mahavakya (great statement) “Tat tvam asi (you are that)” found in the Chandogya Upanishad. 91 more words


The Enlightened ....

The enlightened few live their lives in the light of the awareness that what most of us perceive as reality is a passing fancy. As a result, they behave with detachment, compassion, and wisdom, while the rest of us struggle and writhe upon the stage in the play of our life. 52 more words

Self Development

A(ccept Yourself in Totality) (A-Z #1)

A is for Accepting Yourself in Totality.

Accepting yourself is simple yet it can be a challenge when we have the programming to condemn ourselves. The programming to play small by denying or rejecting parts of ourselves. 723 more words