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One More Day..

We all go through trenches and valleys and hopefully we all get our view from the peaks from time to time… things change and so do people… everybody deserves the chance to be better than who they were yesterday… I am so thankful at how blessed I have been… I have been through alot of adversity too, but right now , today, I can say I have surpassed alot of goals that I didn’t ever think were attainable … I will always strive for more, but I am so thankful at how far I’ve come and how much I have been blessed I am not trying to impress anyone else, becau se my accomplishments may never really be enough, but it is for me …its enough for me to be thankful, and to make sure that I enjoy what each moment has to offer…. 490 more words

Proof Positive

“Yes, yes… of course we know you can’t really prove anything, so what?” Seems you are trying to prove something. I understand. However knowing this we do nothing. 31 more words

Ponder this

Force always attracts men of low morality.

~ Albert Einstein


Jewish Humor

Daniel, a scrap metal merchant and one of the few in the business still to use a donkey to pull his trailer, has been married to Judith for over 30 years. 293 more words