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Quality of Life

The term gets used most often in relation to medical decisions. And not just any medical decision – the big ones. “What quality of life will they really have if we perform _____ procedure?” The question focuses on the future and what level of enjoyment a person may have. 98 more words


Vooda Life

Enlightenment is a concept that has been sought after by many people for hundreds of years. To be enlightened is to gain spiritual knowledge or insight, to acquire wisdom and knowledge for reach a higher form of consciousness.  104 more words


HGS43QQE Sci Rev and Enlightenment Presentation Project

Mind Mirror Instructions E

Students…These are is your instructions for your class project and Presentation..be ready to present Wed the 14th.  GOOD LUCK!


Practice 1: Clear Sky Eyes

On a clear day,

Go somewhere high with an unobstructed view and sit in whatever fashion is most comfortable for you. Look forward and slightly up resting your sight lightly upon the sky, it does not matter where. 370 more words


Find Your Passion, Change The World

Writing/storytelling gives us the ability to discover the magic of the Universe.  By that, I mean the ability to discover the type of life we want to live.  633 more words




Under horizons of palm trees,
Black against glowing moons and bursting stars that draw the heart into a bow that quivers and soars.

In white and blue snow storms, 62 more words


Twin Flame Course: Navigating Highly Conscious Relationships Series

I am pleased to invite each of you to my new series entitled: “Navigating Highly Conscious Relationships.” As the name implies, we will delve deeply into what it means to relate with another highly conscious being. 165 more words