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French Materialists

A product of the French Enlightenment, mechanism (or materialism) was a philosophy that centered around the idea that man was simply a machine, incapable of being held morally accountable for his actions. 126 more words



I’m not sure what to think today. I had a day at work that meant staying out of the rare sunshine wrecking my brain with unnecessary website thingies, which included managing to eradicate a whole section of code and images (thus, rightly, justifying the office staff’s probable opinion of gardeners as being untrustworthy tech fuckwits). 433 more words

Waking Up

What is this waking up people talk about. A huge majority of people think it is consuming truthful knowledge about how the establishment abuses you. 94 more words


Knowledge v Enlightenment

This is the only battle-ground. The only benefit knowledge has, is to show you what enlightenment is! The removal of dual-thinking. It is your life-challenge to let it go. 35 more words


Christ, his Sword and the Ego

All people will be judged by Christ’s sword. No, I don’t mean the Christian lord will come down and mow us all down with a cleaver. 47 more words



Each time I come to doubt what I do here, I say to myself “get behind me”. Doubt and confidence are side-effects of the Ego. 116 more words



Once we’ve transcended Ego, how do we know if others haven’t yet woken? Simple, they keep hitting “Like/Follow/Join”. It isn’t insulting. It just shows how attached you are to your point of view. 46 more words