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Life got in the way (broken promises)

The promises we make

are the promises we should keep

but somewhere somehow life can intervene

making it not possible

to stand by the promise we made… 214 more words



Given that the EPA wants to control just about every aspect of your life, We here at Vermont Loon Watch believe they should have the best tools available at the lowest cost to the American taxpayer. 203 more words


Dirty energy, Dirty coal

Dirty energy,

dirty coal,

no future in this industry,

it’s time to stop denying climate change

and move forward in a greener way,

dirty energy, 103 more words


Casting blame

When we look to others to cast blame

when things go wrong and when things fail,

stop and take another look check out as see the truth… 162 more words


Some kids are gifted

You have to believe she didn’t get this way by sitting in Mom’s basement playing Nintendo or fooling around with some dumbass iPhone. She puts any Millennial to shane. 6 more words