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Outside Influences

FROM THE MOMENT WE ARE BORN, we as human beings begin the lifelong process of establishing our own unique sense of self. It starts when we are very young and hardly aware of anything, but as we grow, the external world begins to literary define us. 363 more words

Conscious Awareness

A reason an purpose for all things

All thing exist for reasons

All things have a purpose

All things are energy

Flowing in this quantum place we live

You don’t use your eyes to see… 80 more words


(Enlightenment)The Sun Will Shine on You - YouTube

I left the audio on as I went to the San Francisco Bay at sunrise and recorded the uplifting conversation I had. The sun does have a happy face. 6 more words

Nothing New Here and other Earth Day Miracles

Today I have a choice. I can sit “still” and be in the moment. I can observe. Or, I can frenetically figure out what is the best use of my time right now and forever. 289 more words

Truth is within reach

One step from the truth

One step closer within you

The sum of all our fears

The totality of our love

The aspects of our beings… 50 more words


Discussion: Shaming and making amends

In a time before social media, if, in your life, you did something you weren’t proud of.  Say perhaps over several years.  Maybe you were a bully in school, maybe you made some bad mistakes in how you treated women or men and you came to realize at some point how wrong your behavior was.  453 more words


April 20th Energy Forecast  - Your Home, Your Castle

Good morning I hope you are well, so today we feel a shift in the energy and your focus once more as you turn your attention to the home. 470 more words