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God Help Me! I Think I Have Fallen Off My Rocker!

So I pretty much think that everyone has heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat” …but I don’t think it did . it’s more like “curiosity killed the kitten” & by kitten I mean… 722 more words

Quality over Quantity

Let’s talk about friendship. Humans, who we are and what makes us us is all by association. We learn by association. We are creatures of association. 437 more words

What Do You Love to Do?

What do you love to do?

This really is a simple question. One that should have a natural and easy answer. But well, I’m really struggling with it… 378 more words

Self Help

I truth you truth we all truth 

The truth eludes me. I am searching and as soon as I think I’ve found it then another truth emerges. People pull me in a million directions and I see validity in them all. 399 more words


Self-Awareness - And Happiness at Work

The people we work with can be great sources of happiness within our lives, but also sometimes even bigger sources of unhappiness. And because we spend so much of our daily life in our workplace the more “negative” relationships have a tremendous affect upon us and upon our ability to be happy. 729 more words

Attack of the Paleosaurs.

I have no special attachment to the label “white nationalist,” which I think a clumsy term that should not be necessary to describe people who are doing the most natural thing in the world, viz., resisting their own dispossession. 322 more words