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Leonardo Dicaprio Speech On Climate Change

leonardo dicaprio climate change

  • very truthful
  • passionate
  • slow pace
  • easy to follow
  • a problem we are all facing
  • very debatable subject
  • positive body language
  • dressing the audience
  •  good command of the room

Rhythm & Language


How happy some o’er other some can be!

                                        Through Athens I am thought as fair as she.  < Rhyming couplets 

                                          But what of that? Demetrius thinks not so.      123 more words


Language Features

Metaphor –  A word or phrase used to imply figurative, not literal or ‘actual’, resemblance; he flew into the room.

Simile – A phrase which establishes similarity between two things to emphasise the point being made. 409 more words


The Principal Dimensions of English

I want to talk about the principal dimensions of theories of art, but to do that, I must explain what I mean by “principal dimensions”. Besides, you should learn this stuff anyway. 2,191 more words


Note to self

“Inspirational” stories that paint you to be an honourable and influential person – You’re on a roll all right. But lets honestly ask ourselves, are we really deserving of that thing called “honour”? 27 more words

Enlish - Slumdog Hundredaire (Review)

Enlish is a well-known, well-respected figure in the productive Brighton hip-hop scene. He’s had some quality mixtape, EP and album releases over the past decade, and his stature in the battle-rap scene a few years ago will have certainly gained him some fans too. 433 more words


Slip Jam Tonight! With Prince Kong & Parallax

Tonight’s Slip Jam was set to feature a headline set from Brighton legend Enlish promoting his new album Slumdog Hundredaire and here at The273 we’d prepared well in advance with an epic appreciation of his brilliance when news came in that the great man has been laid low with flu. 40 more words

Live From The UK