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descriptive writing

We were sat just where the river meets the salmon jump and the small kiosk sits. The day was pleasant so therefore everyone was out making the most of the sun. 38 more words


Persuasive writing room 101

People who leave their packed dog poo bags on the path or just thrown into the hedge. What’s the point? Why just not pick it up and leave it for the rain to wash away? 222 more words



A red faced builder stood looking at his master piece, sweat running down his forehead, he sighed. A brief grin turned into a frowned. There was a fault in his masterpiece. 50 more words


Leonardo Dicaprio Speech On Climate Change

leonardo dicaprio climate change

  • very truthful
  • passionate
  • slow pace
  • easy to follow
  • a problem we are all facing
  • very debatable subject
  • positive body language
  • dressing the audience
  •  good command of the room

Rhythm & Language


How happy some o’er other some can be!

                                        Through Athens I am thought as fair as she.  < Rhyming couplets 

                                          But what of that? Demetrius thinks not so.      123 more words


Language Features

Metaphor –  A word or phrase used to imply figurative, not literal or ‘actual’, resemblance; he flew into the room.

Simile – A phrase which establishes similarity between two things to emphasise the point being made. 409 more words


The Principal Dimensions of English

I want to talk about the principal dimensions of theories of art, but to do that, I must explain what I mean by “principal dimensions”. Besides, you should learn this stuff anyway. 2,191 more words