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Enlish - Slumdog Hundredaire (Review)

Enlish is a well-known, well-respected figure in the productive Brighton hip-hop scene. He’s had some quality mixtape, EP and album releases over the past decade, and his stature in the battle-rap scene a few years ago will have certainly gained him some fans too. 433 more words


Slip Jam Tonight! With Prince Kong & Parallax

Tonight’s Slip Jam was set to feature a headline set from Brighton legend Enlish promoting his new album Slumdog Hundredaire and here at The273 we’d prepared well in advance with an epic appreciation of his brilliance when news came in that the great man has been laid low with flu. 40 more words

Live From The UK

Enlish | Ten Tens/Slumdog Hundredaire

Yo I’m a little bit late putting this one up, but you can’t miss out on Big Dave aka Enlish and his new video. Ten Tens sees Dave on top form “ 44 more words

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6 Facts About Queen Elizabeth I We Didn't Know Before We Wrote This Article

“ St.Dunstan

EC4, Fleet street.”

The address I couldn’t stop looking for. What it had treasured was an epitome of vim, dynamism and undaunted soul. Entry in the church brought me closer to the phrases in my book. 834 more words


Starting IELTS preparation course..

Decided to start IELTS preparation course and then pass IELTS test. It all was born in my head not so long ago, I think the test is a great motivation to learn this language till the very end, to move closer to native speakers… Motivation is all about money here) If you pay amount of money just to pass a test, you should pass it and get a good mark just because you don’t want to throw away money! 231 more words

Young Adult Dystopian Novels........How Do I Analyze them??

Who doesn’t love dystopian novels?? At least, I know that I do. These novels are full of action and are so addictive. They benefit us in ways that we can’t imagine. 549 more words