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Music is Maths and Ennio Morricone is a giant

I’ve just listened to Ennio Morricone’s Il Clan dei Siciliani and I’m blown away by the sheer beauty of this composition. If you want to try something cool, listen to the strings, the melody and then the bass individually by focusing on that part while hearing everything else in the background and you will get an idea of perfect geometry, harmony and rhythm. This is awesome!

Artist Interview: Simon Hanes (of Tredici Bacci)

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak with Simon Hanes, composer for and conductor of the fourteen piece Italo-pop ensemble Tredici Bacci… 4,146 more words

Boston Hassle

required listening: the good, the bad and the ugly soundtrack

is there an album that makes you feel more like a badass than this album? the answer is no. i had surgery a month ago and was laid up for almost a week. 191 more words


Mike's Favorite Soundtracks

  1. The Mission (Morricone) — Excerpt, Morricone conducts the Mission main theme. Goosebumps. Every time.
  2. For a Few Dollars More (Morricone) — Final duel
  3. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…
  4. 113 more words

(Feb. 23, 2015): Yo Yo Ma - Once Upon A Time in the West

From the 2004 album, Yo Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone.  This is the main theme the Sergio Leone Suite.

Yo Yo Ma – Once Upon A Time in the West (Main Theme) 124 more words


ENNIO MORRICONE and his 'Absolute' Music ...

World-famous for his film scores, Ennio Morricone (@MEnnioMorricone) stated in a recent magazine interview that he wishes his more obscure and avant-garde music was better known. 399 more words

ENNIO MORRICONE - Polish Film Posters ...

Original Title (English/Italian Language Title, Year of Film Release)


I Basilischi” (aka The Basilisks; aka The Lizards; 1963) Poster from 1965… 314 more words